Show me your dragon characters!

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Dragon-themed.  Dragon-inspired.  Humanoid Dragons.  Actual Dragons.  Has Dragon powers?  As long as it has dragon in it, literally anything goes.  I love dragons (as evidenced by my slowly growing tag of characters here) and I want to see more!  Tell me about yours!  How/where do they fit in your worlds?  <3

PSA:  I probably won't be able to get to some of these until tomorrow since I'm going to a birthday party in a couple of hours but I promise I'll look at as many as I can until then :)

Ahh I just posted this guy in another thread, he's a gijinka dragon, the youngest prince among his siblings and part of the royal guard, to protect his family.

Does a leviathan count? It kinda is like a dragon. Nome is one and because leviathans are terrible monsters, but it's too hard to kill them, a warlock cursed him, so he took on human appearrance.

Awhhh what a sweetheart!  His design is precious and I like the backstory... I have a weak spot for royalty-related characters, haha.

Yup, a leviathan definitely counts!  Him being cursed by a warlock is pretty interesting :O

One sexy sunrise desert dragon here!

I also have a ice dragon too but she needs a ton of work :x

I have a dragon boy right heeeere :D
He's sorta clumsy and a lil sad usually but he's still a nice dude
I do love him a lot, I'd probably draw him more but dragon wings are so hard to draw oh jeez LOL

Tristan is a dragon, who takes on human form to hide. Once dragons were only fought by humans, who mostly did this for protection, but also their treasure. But then came the demons, slaughtering almost every dragon there is. And for no real reason. Tristan was one of the very few survivors.


Ah thanks for the fave! He's my only royalty character, at the moment.

HELLO YES I AM IN LOVE WOW.  tashtumar's colours and design and EVERYTHING REALLY are my new favourite thing <33  i also like that she's a merchant/messenger?  it seems somewhat unexpected from a dragon character but it fits in so well with her! :D
on a side note fiorlen is such a good name :O

I love that he's clumsy, it makes him sound like so much of a sweetheart?  Like knocking things with his tail by accident, oh boy.  I'm sure he tries his best ;u;
I feel you on the drawing wings part though.  They're very time-consuming for one :\

Oooh, I love the colour palette!  They are used very well on him ^o^

No problem!  I liked him so much, I couldn't help myself.  c:

In my story, dragons count as beast people who walk upright and who are hybrids between humans and reptiles. Alexander is the adoptive father of my main character, and he adopted him because he wanted to prove to his elitist society that people from his species weren't lower than dragons were. 

Ayla could also be considered to be a dragon because she sure looks the part, but she's human + rat + reptile so strictly speaking she doesn't count c': Her people are more nomadic but she was left behind in a big city and had to adapt to survive. She's the assistant of one of my characters now.

Then there's also Mr Snuggles, who is a hybrid between a dog and a dragon (so that's dog + human + reptile!), with the largest part being dog. Where he comes from, they're often used as sheep dogs for their fierce barks and their strength to take down other predators. Markus bought him as a sheep dog but when he left home he took the doggo along with him on his travels!

Unfortunately I only have one dragon oc atm :'') This is Castile! I haven't posted his info yet and I have to kinda tweak his design, but he's a dragon king! He hoards anything rose related. So not just the flowers but items with rose designs and even creatures who are rose themed (in which he recruits them as his servants). His castle is pretty much littered with rose motifs and such. Honestly he's my excuse to hoard rose themed characters/adoptables because that is one of my fave aesthetics, ajbdsf. :''''>

//gently drops my dragon son off

Has an actual dragon for a long-ago ancestor, and is part dragonborn as well thanks to one making its way into the family tree a few generations back! It's a mess. Tfw he's a dnd character, and the scales on his body and dragon-like eyes make him stand out a bit in a crowd of average people... i gotta draw his new (and way comfier) outfit sometime aaaaa

forgive me for the in-advance nsfw warning but that's mostly jic bc of a now-former occupation ngbkdjghb

He does't really have fire bolt atm, just fireball and burning hands. He does use fireball a lot though! especially on gigantic golem spiders. god help this poor dragon.

the bios were a blast to read through, especially alexander's.  you've clearly put a lot of thought into this!  even though she doesn't exactly count, i think Ayla was my favourite, though.  not because of the bio, but because the design is so interesting!
ALSO.  Mr Snuggles is a just such a quirky name, I love it.

oooo i feel you rose-themed characters can be soooo pretty!  I love how you tweaked him as an excuse for hoarding these adoptables though, it's just such a cute idea for such a cute adopt???  Also, props to you for the great name, Castile is just perfect! <3

Ooo it's always great to see another draconic sorcerer!  I have one too, and ironically she's chaotic neutral.  (does he like spamming fire bolt too, judging by that flame in his palm in a few pictures?)  I also dig that design, damn.  They are definitely a good dragon son.  *o*

Edelmira is a dragon that's accidentally disguising as a human! I don't have any refs for her dragon form, but she has human and half dragon forms that are allowed on the real world. She's all for dragon pride! Very egocentric as a result, but also is bound to realize how oppressive the system turns to dragons!

Also Malmal over here is supposed to be part of a demon species which have a strong connection with dragons and dragon forms. I have to fill out her info soon, but as for the dragon part, they can shapeshift into one! It varies, she can shapeshift into a drake which doesn't allow her to fly but it's pretty badass anyway