Show me your dragon characters!

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Dragon-themed.  Dragon-inspired.  Humanoid Dragons.  Actual Dragons.  Has Dragon powers?  As long as it has dragon in it, literally anything goes.  I love dragons (as evidenced by my slowly growing tag of characters here) and I want to see more!  Tell me about yours!  How/where do they fit in your worlds?  <3

PSA:  I probably won't be able to get to some of these until tomorrow since I'm going to a birthday party in a couple of hours but I promise I'll look at as many as I can until then :)

My weeb dragon

She's not a "true" dragon (she's a wyvern) and she's heavily inspired by monster hunter wyverns, but my sona CytricAcid is pretty dragony B)))) I also played as her in a D&D campaign but she died.

Updated my dragon Curium to look more like a sea dragon :'>

I had so much fun reading their bio - it's so silly, I love it!!  All of his art is in a style that's so fitting to his character too - HE IS A GOOD WEEB DRAGON <33  (and deserves more faves!!)

dragon enough for me!  I adore the colour palette most of all and the style of her face/body in general? I adore all of the spikes and how she has dark sclera - and i feel like the design compliments her personality, too! BONUS POINTS FOR HAVING PLAYED HER IN A DND CAMPAIGN IM VERY SAD SHE DIED BUT I LOVE THAT THIS WAS A THING <3

Oooo loving the change, she definitely looks more like a sea dragon now :)

Haha! This kiddo!

Sorry for the late reply, I was a little overwhelmed this week with three papers, two midterms and now a sprained ankle :'D

First of all, I love the colours!!  The teal is so perfect with the black without making it look too edgy.  I also love how all the art they have is very characteristic to the fandom from where they come from??  Lastly, I particularly like the name?  Blitz is just so fitting!  c:


Ahh, thank you so much!! 

Don't worry, I've had a dragon obsession in the past as well. I have several dragon characters. James is one of them.

I have Bozard, too:

Two of my elemental dinosaurs have been mistaken for dragons:

...Why the hell not, I'll throw my other two elemental dinosaurs in here. They're not as dragon-like, but there are similarities:

Ah she's an odd dragon, doesn't have wings, but she is a dragon indeed! Though, a bit of a monstrous dragon!

She lives on my headcannon world Caevis, where her sister reigns as queen in a city called Imethas ;w;

I have two dragons right now! Tiny Dragon, and my other boy, Koirin!

I do love me some dragons. I need more of them. c: 

I got a few dragon people, including this old sona I used ages ago!

she got kiddos although I only ever bothered to dump her youngest son on here, I should really upload his twin one day as well as properly write out their characters ahahahaha