Show me your upper class OCs

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You know the fancy OCs,whether they are rich or royalty post em,and let their egos swell (if they are cocky).

Sage Zu,is an heir and market graphic designer for a hotel their parents own. They come off very distant especially around humans (not just the ones at work) due to previous problems. They prefer to be to themself unless their friend/fiancee comes by work. They have a TERRIBLE relationship with their parents and was under the trope of 'latchkey kid' when younger. They prefer to avoid fancy events because they can't stand other upper class and he lives a pretty decent lifestyle on a middle class scale because upper class are nosy. They are actually engaged to their friend, Spirus to anyone who would see them together would do a double take. They seem like polar opposites ,only Spirus knows Umbris' name is Sage as the alias name has been with them for a good 50-60 years. His favorite thing to do is spend downtime with Spirus sometimes in silence,  reading or going to Spirus' hometown,Pinesborough and learning about their culture. Something he doesn't know living among more humans than Detorans.

I have an embarrassing amount of wealthy characters OTL
Let's see if I can get them all...

  • Sekkan is the ruler of their territory. They came into power under some weird circumstances, not involving heritage or anything, but they've pretty much been treated like royalty their whole life regardless. They're on the modest, almost 'humble' side and are generally unconcerned with living lavishly (with the exception of their taste in desserts, of course)
  • Suni is Sekkan's sibling and, although they have some responsibilities, they reap the benefits of it for sure. They have more of the typical aristocrat in them than their brother, to the point that they have a bit of 'rebellious royal syndrome'... wearing scruffy clothes on purpose, leaving the property without security, etc.
  • Both of Rowan's parents are business executive types, with old money in the family as well. His parents were always careful with the money when it came to their son, not really wanting him to somehow be messed up by having things easy, but he's definitely no stranger to extravagant vacations and inheritance talk. He finds it a bit stuffy and annoying but doesn't have any objections to following in their footsteps either.
  • Vivian is also a rich only child. Her parents are not as upper class as the other characters but definitely wealthy enough for Vivi to grow up not understanding some of the "commoner" problems her friends have. She's no snob, but it's still painfully obvious that her parents spoiled her, lmao. She has a lot of brand clothing, drives a new car, etc.

I HAVE SO MANY I have such a weakness for nobles/royalties/upper class in general, most likely because I come from a very much opposite household so it's nice to get in the shoes of someone else

Claude here is from a higher class family, not from the very top but high enough to be considered rich and influencial within the upper class circles. Claude is kind of hard to pinpoint because he is very calculating and careful with his actions most of the time and he normally let's people see what he wants them to see about him. He is simultaneously really loved by others of his school due to his looks and witty and strong personality, but at the same time he is also known as fickle, cold and unpredictable at times. He is for a vn so I can't really go in depth about him but yeah he is generally polite and not like downright nasty or anything but people know Claude is intelligent and calculating in his actions. 

Walter is also from a upper class family, not as high as Claude though. Walter is all about words and speaking and he is very articulate and good at talking himself in and out of things + he is very witty and always has something funny and/or witty to say. He can be really merciless though and tends to be kind of cruel to people who who hates or who have done him wrong, but he is generally a really fair dude and doesn't intentionally cause harm to people he cares about. Gossiping is his guilty pleasure and he loves to share drama and be informed about what's going on, and he knows a little about everyone at school. His other hobbies are playing piano and trash talking about Claude.

Alois was ranked count when he was still alive, but I focus on the times when he is a ghost wandering around his mansion. He is very melancholic by nature and prefers observing people over actively encaging into conversations or socializing, and he is known to be kind of stiff and overly polite especially around new people. He gets along with others easily though and he is overall really well-mannered and kind and probably doesn't even KNOW how to insult people. 

Tiera was adopted to an upper class family as they were his only living relatives capable of taking an orphan child in. Having grown up in the north to a simpe hunter family Tiera found it really difficult to get adjusted to the life of nobles and he honestly never gets used to it. Thankfully he is able to roam the forests and hunt most of his time since he has other siblings too to take over the family name + he is respected and renowed especially for his spear skills. Tiera is very silent and prefers to be alone and finds it very hard to stay in one place for long. He enjoys nature the most and can get talkative when the topic switches to hunting/trapping/fishing/surviving in the nature. He is very loving and caring especially towards his adopted family and an excellent listener! 

Rosemarie is something like... the lowest possible rank to be considered upper class, I guess? She has a disposition of a leader and usually drags people with her into all sort of adventures (and misadventures) and she has a very rebellious nature. She is super passionate about the topics of equality and freedom of speech and wishes to become involved with both politics and content creating (mostly writing + she prefers being predominantly an artist over a politician as she finds that too restricting). Rosemarie is really confident and kind to people, but can also be too harsh and rough around them, and is also very, very impulsiveand sometimes her friends have to hold her back (sometimes even physically!)

Marion is from a very typical upper class family. His blood pressure issues have made him very weak physically and he can come across as a little odd to people as he grew up surrounded by adults rather than his peers + he was ostriched by other boys for his meek and feminine disposition. He is meek, careful and very polite around people as is expected of him, but he also has a lot of frustration and insecurities in him as a result of his childood + the fact he has trouble really expressing his feelings to other people. He was a renowed violinist but against all odds chose the life of travel to find his first love andthe person who taught him how to express himself through his music. 

ghh I have more but I'm too tired to type them all up + I tried to avoid straight up royalties here since I consider them like... next level entirely 

Oh gosh do I love me some upper class characters :''D

Also rip, I'm putting my blurb as a spoiler so a giant mass of text just doesn't float in people's faces =w=;;

Vex is a rich girl, she comes from a very wealthy family so she's fairly prim and proper. Not necessarily spoiled, she doesn't have bratty tendencies. Her mother is actually rather strict when it comes to etiquette and manners so she was raised to be very lady like and reserved. So she's actually easily flustered.

Belle, Gingi and their mother Lilith are also a wealthy family as Lilith is a CEO of a highly successful fashion company. Gingi very much enjoys the finer things in life just like her mother, quite frankly she adores her status of being a wealthy daughter. She's rather superficial and materialistic because of this. Belle, however, is far from the case. But she does like expensive clothing which is really a result of how she was raised. 

Amaranth, her wife Ebony and two kids Celeste and Miru are another wealthy family. Amaranth and Ebony are pretty much co-mob bosses that's fairly well known in their world. They run an establishment that has a nightclub and a casino (Amaranth manages the nightclub and Ebony the casino). Celeste, the first born, was lavishly spoiled as a kid. Miru was also spoiled, but Ebony (realizing her mistake) tried to hold back. Amaranth just loves spoiling her kids, so Miru is pretty bratty as well as Celeste. Amaranth likes the glamourous, high class aesthetic typical of a rich woman whereas Ebony and Miru like the antique, vintage aesthetic. Celeste is more of a chic, modern type of guy-- honestly he is your average f*** boy who thinks he can get away with anything. 

Lifen,  Mariano and Yoko are also in the wealthy, crime syndicate area. Lifen is a triad boss, Mariano a mob boss and Yoko a yakuza boss. All have rather refined tastes and more often than not use their power to get what they want or keep things in order. 

Étoile is the daughter of a duke and her fiancé, Luka, is a count.  Luka is just marrying her for power, being your stereotypical 'I'm better than the common folk, I deserve more money and power' kinda guy. Whereas Étoile is a sweet girl who just wants to be with the person she does love. 

Then there's my dragon king, Castile, whose kingdom is just themed around roses-- which is actually what he hoardes. All his servants are rose themed creatures even, lol. He's more flamboyant and overdramatic than cocky, like he's a really laid back king but obviously can wreck shit when he wants to or if he has to.

And finally Diva is technically an aristocratic gem since she is a sapphire. But due to her abnormalities she was always shunned in the noble circle. But that doesn't stop her from loving the princess aesthetic and being a brat. Honestly it's her way of coping with how bad she was treated back in homeworld because now being in a place where she can be who she is without ridicule just allows her to love the things she always liked without worry. 

//weeps I honestly have more but these are just the ones I have uploaded :''''D

royalty and nobility is my aesthetic tbh (not really bUT)

  • Camila was born into a wealthy politician family, but her family fell from grace after some scandalous things were exposed so she's not exactly upper class anymore.
  • Callia is a princess and the heir-apparent to her kingdom; she has an older brother, but he abandoned the throne to go on a journey. She would have become the queen, but dies in her story.
  • Lilia is also of nobility and basically a debutante ;; she doesn't really like the strict etiquette and chivalry she is expected to live with though, and often rebels against it. The kingdom she lives in was eventually conquered by another kingdom, so her family's status afterwards is rather unknown.
  • Lunete comes from a wealthy family involved in the kingdom's court and whatnot, so she has experience in attending galas and parties to socialize.

Adrien is almost a prince - he's technically a lord right now but he's from the main branch of the royal family.
Amets is also a royal boy - he's an heir to an important (culturally, not politically - they set the standard for what's fashionable and proper) family.
Astrid is a noble as well! She's at odds with her father a lot but she's still his only heir.
Farah and Vahid are married merchants that mingle in high society. They're extremely wealthy and high class.
Fayal is a wealthy, popular stage actor.
Kieron and Lydi ere both high class escorts - Lydi started as one and ended up as Amets' personal consort and confidant. Kieron still serves any upper class person with enough money.

Shizuka is an empress with a kingdom flourishing in wealth.

Runa's father is a world-renowned bandit, so their wealth had not necessarily been honestly earned. She's really into designer brand fashion and cosmetics.

I have a bunch, but I'm gonna post them gradually because trying to do them all at once is stressful XD

Lee along with his mother, Victoria, and his father (who doesn't have a profile yet) are aristocratic zombies who live in this opulent mansion and own a bunch of land. The "people" who "live" on their land are mostly mindless "low-class" zombies that they've animated with their necromancy, and they tend to take care of the land somehow in their shambling state. The Schmedrick family is a type of "elite-class" zombies who are able to animate themselves with their own power, and their family has been wealthy for generations (obviously by necromancy, because zombies can't breed XP), primarily through various exports from their land that are unique to the region.

Ritz was rich from birth and inherited his father's huge business. He's pretty full of himself but doesnt like to show it, because he doesn't wanna get people upset. In general hes pretty kind (mostly for the purpose of keeping a good public image), he even donates to charity sometimes! Because of how rich he is he is also super famous. He's been in tv shows, movies, commercials, even wrote his own book, which became a best seller. Of course being popular comes with rumors and rumors about rich CEOs like him often involve some type of gang activity, and Ritz is no different. Did famous billionaire Ritz collaborate with a local gang to murder a rival? He says no, and that the rumors are silly and all made up, but who knows...

Although all of my gang lords are rich/famous/all that jazz, Dreamcatcher here's the one that flaunts his wealth. In actuality, he isn't very rich, but his lack of money is more than made up for by his excess of ego.

Let's just say that he can confidently say he hasn't worn "commoner's clothes" since the fall of Ceasar.

I got actually more, but I locked most of my characters, so I'll go with Alpha only.

Alpha was born into a noble family. They were the feudal family of this district. Anyway Alpha, who is actually called Shinichi Nagasawa, was always a curious person, so he eventually joined the research institute and then a research squad, that should research a comet that collided with earth not long ago. And so they went, but something from the comet caused serious mutations and some of the squad members were infected too. Then there was a war, but Alpha wasn't a fighter or anything, so he went hiding and ended up in a small town inhabited by creatures called Abnormals. He lived there and helped to make the town bigger and bigger until it became a city. More and more people went there, bc the war destroyed many houses, but on the other side the Abnormals left. Now as his parents already were noble he could become feudal lord of that district. Well, then he became the most powerful man in the eastern districts. Later his oldest son got his post and eventually someday his grandson will.

Midorima is disgustingly rich, mostly from growing up in an upper-class family. Apart from his ordinary childhood, Midorima was also the only son of a wealthy stockbroker father. Attending University in business and commerce due to his high marking placements in school, It was there where he found the love of design and decided to go into design management, later working his way up a design company to be appointed a manager in one of the sectors. He loves work like a mother would love its own child and hardly leaves the office to return home, making his high-rise cityscape apartment almost look untouched most of the time. Midorima isn't much of a gloater and prefers to keep his head down and keep tracking forward, but he knows his place above others and won't hesitate to let it be known. 

Alister was born into a very wealthy family and lived a pretty easy and spoiled life, although he did get bored with it pretty often. He's not exactly in the wealthy upper class anymore though since his parents were killed and their manor got looted, but he's chilling with a weird deity now, so he still is pretty high up on the social ladder in a strange way.

Sylveste was born into nobility. I wouldn't say he's extremely wealthy or anything like that. He uses his family's name to net him favors mostly. He was given a trustfund and collected on it when he became of age but most of his wealth comes from a vineyard that he co-owns with his ex-husband.

I suppose Atlas would also count as nobility. He's one of the Triumvir's of a magical university, but they've become so big that they're a political power in itself. Funny thing though is he isn't rich. If he were to be impeached he would lose everything. 

Ah upper class chars, I probably have far more then is healthy, lol. 

Argent is the son and future heir of a giant fashion empire. Born with a silver spoon and parents that were emotionally distant he's grown to understand that he can have pretty much anything he wants (except what he really needs, which is love, poor thing) and because of that he's a somewaht cold and distant person himself, who doesn't really know how emotions works and tends to just throw his money at things to fix whatever issues he may come across. 

Bellemoira is the mayor of Haven Cove and as such is afforded some pretty high status in the city, obviously. She was pretty wealthy in general before that, though, due to having lived a very long time and knowing her way around a lot of things. 

Cassandria is not only a council member in the city she resides in, but also the head of a magic school and as such has made quite a lot of money running it over the years, as well as coming from a wealthy family in general. She exudes elegance and high society, honestly. 

Claudette is a goldigger whose found pretty great success in it. Poor thing, though, her husbands always seem to turn up missing and nobody can find out why ~

Cricket runs a very successful chain of clubs and various other buildings as well as has his hands in a lot of different areas that makes him a whole hell of a lot of money. He's incredibly wealthy, I don't even think he knows how wealthy he is at ths point. He has people for that.

Diadana is the head of a large bank corporation, so it's pretty obvious how she fits in, lol. 

Falcon is the rich heir to his father's fortune, as well as the leader of an underground group called the Monochrome Group (think mafia-esque type stuff) and makes a lot of money in many different areas. Probably best to not pry what those areas are, if you like staying alive, anyway.

Ianos is wealthy, as to why he's wealthy is kind of a mystery. He just is. Probably because he's a child of Aphrodite, being the child of a god tends to get you places, haha.

June has wealth due to running the 'legit' side of her and her brother's organization, the KGB. While he runs the more underground and illegal side of things she runs the aboveground and more public eye type stuff which makes a lot of money in it's own right. 

Lifen married into wealth, plain and simple. Her now husband met her when she was working as a maid for June's household and it was pretty much lust at first sight which eventually led to love and now she has everything she could ever dream of.

Maria is a strong willed bitch of a demon who has no qualms to do what's needed to get money.  Take that as you will.

Nolan is the son of a rich family. He was going to a big fancy boarding school due to his wealth, under his younger brother decided he wanted to go to public school among hte commoners and Nolan decided to follow along to make sure the impulsive younger siblings didn't get himself into too much trouble.

Paiaya is the 'princess' of her island nation. While they aren't a wealthy nation, technically, I think she still counts since she's nobility of sorts?

Quixotica is the daughter of an intergalatic ambasaddor and is from a planet whose currency is worth a whole ton of a lot more then any earthen currency so when they moved to Earth they went from already rich to insanely rich.  

Sir Dappington is a noble in the sense he was a noble before he died a long long time ago, haha. Now he just haunts a really expernsive and high class mansion. He's a high society ghost!

Solis is Cricket's younger brother, and lived with him, so as such he benefits from his brother's wealth greatly. He's also an insanely talented musician and has made a bit of his own fortune playing private concerts and the like.

Talko is both a council member in his city as well as the leader of the business district of the city, and as such has made quite a living for himself. He's known far and wide for the extravagant parties he throws.

Vanessa runs one of the most profitable and popular goth clubs in the city, as such she's made a killing off of it. 

Vilandria is literally a queen. need I say more?

might have missed a couple, but, I think that's enough to show I have far too many, lol. I guess I like my power fantasies?