Show me your upper class OCs

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You know the fancy OCs,whether they are rich or royalty post em,and let their egos swell (if they are cocky).

Sage Zu,is an heir and market graphic designer for a hotel their parents own. They come off very distant especially around humans (not just the ones at work) due to previous problems. They prefer to be to themself unless their friend/fiancee comes by work. They have a TERRIBLE relationship with their parents and was under the trope of 'latchkey kid' when younger. They prefer to avoid fancy events because they can't stand other upper class and he lives a pretty decent lifestyle on a middle class scale because upper class are nosy. They are actually engaged to their friend, Spirus to anyone who would see them together would do a double take. They seem like polar opposites ,only Spirus knows Umbris' name is Sage as the alias name has been with them for a good 50-60 years. His favorite thing to do is spend downtime with Spirus sometimes in silence,  reading or going to Spirus' hometown,Pinesborough and learning about their culture. Something he doesn't know living among more humans than Detorans.

Joy started off living in poverty, but she went to live with and married Ragnarok, who had a rich family before but has earned his own wealth due to being a highly ranked assassin for a large mafia-like organization. They lived in their fancy schmanzy beachside estate and due to their ownership of the largest trade cartel on their planet, they basically own most of their region. All their kids were born into this wealth too, although not all of them still live in the high rolling life all the time now that they're grown up. 

Lancer and Marquis have taken over the family business with the cartel following their father's death, so they're rich CEOs/executives. Cyan is well off on her own since she's a well-performing surgeon. Argent is a Lieutenant Commander in their world's Navy, so he earns quite a bit too. Cornell is a pirate captain and ends up taking a lot of loot, although since his family is already rich and he can just ask mama for anything in an emergency, he tends to donate his excess treasures/wealth to their community. Shrike doesn't bother with any of that and just lives a solitary life on an island with his birds, but he visits home regularly and can get anything he needs from mama as well if necessary. Turul and Tilia live a pretty simple life, although they earn quite a bit of winnings from their success in an underground fight ring. And Freyr and Shakuru live at home still to help mama take care of their large estate, although Shakuru also has a job as a marine biologist and could probably provide for himself if he wanted to. The only one who hasn't grown up in this wealth is Fathom, since he ran away from home as a child. ^^; After making amends with his family though, mama insists he can ask for monetary help whenever he needs it though, but he's hesitant to mooch off them after all this time away.

I return with more upper class characters 

Nicholas here is from a noble family, their rank not the highest possible, but his family is trying their BEST to get as far as just possible, regardless of the means of doing so. As a result of this ruthless ambition, Nicholas was disinherited by his family and casted aside from the family records because of the state of his body: they didn't want to risk anyone using that as a way to blackmail or use it against them, so they basically got rid of him. Nicholas lives in the family library, locked up and usually forced to eat etc alone rather than with their family, but at least Nicholas still receives good clothes, gets to eat good food and has some sort of access to the luxury, even if not completely on his own. While Nicholas doesn't consider themself a noble anymore and knows they'll be treated as a pretty ordinary person once they leave, the undeniable fact is he was raised to be one and it definitely influences him and his thinking. 

Julius is actually a relative to Nicholas, but their main stories are in different worldsettings, whoops. Cursed since birth, Julius’ arms are covered in small white-and-blue feathers, as well as his lower back with a long bird tail growing out of it. Originally his parents hid him from the public in order to keep their good reputation, but soon everyone came to know Julius as the “beautiful bird boy” and his relatives made him a public attraction to save face. Until turning 18, Julius lived in the large family garden in a small hut built for him, and although he was pampered and spoiled and he received education, he was ultimately a prisoner in his own home with no friends of his own. Currently he is on the run and lives as a traveler, so his noble status has basically been nullified, even if some of the things he has learned don't disappear fast - he still is a big spender and likes luxuries and elegance, even when he can't actually afford them. 

Henri - A sophisticated young man from an old line of werewolves, Henri knows the proper etiquette of a gentleman like the back of his hand. As Henri is to become the head of the werewolf family at the age of 21, he has been taught to be calm, collected and diplomatic since childhood, and due to this Henri usually doesn’t do things in a hurry or with haste. Instead he usually takes his time to carry on with his plans, and he finds it important to prepare things in advance. In turn, hasty or fast decisions make him uneasy and tend to blur his better judgement. Living on the lap of luxury has, however, made Henri a little haughty and arrogant when with his peers, and he has the tendency to talk very highly of himself, as well as putting more effort into his looks than is often necessary. Due to his fashion taste and general disposition, people often mistake Henri for a vampire if they don’t see his ears - something the boy finds amusing, albeit a little insulting as well.

When he realized people are worshipping him as a god he completelly abused this power and became the richest demon ever known to man

God this is like my 3rd post wth this b r a t but he's loaded. He and his butler p much run an entire town and college and you KNOW that tuition money adds up. Not to mention he got one hell of an inheritance after he killed his parents were murdered. Devil child tbh. I love him so much.

Blanche and Faan are princesses!

Nocturni is the ruler of a forest community, which makes their son, Actaeon, a prince, I guess?

Pallas is just from a hella rich upper-class family. Cosmos' family is also well-off.

Rosaria is an heiress of sorts from a rich family, although she doesn't really talk about it or herself in great detail. She has a lot of money to throw around if she'd like to, and she lives in a nice coastal home where she doesn't have to lift a finger if she doesn't feel like it.

aube is super rich, her mom is some kind of plant scientist (she never really went into details) and she gets a lot of money with her work