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Not to be confused with my OC question of the day or Papes' OC question of the day! Or my other Shindan thread!

Running an OC question of the day thread is rough because you always want to answer your own questions, but by the time you have the time it's been a week and you have a bunch of other questions! Not to mention that your questions always have to be pretty general: "what's your OCs' favorite colors" is easy enough for someone with 10 OCs, but there are loads of people who have OCs in the triple digits and beyond!

But y'know what's awesome? Shindan is awesome. I spent last night working on a bunch of options and whipped up a Shindan that will ask you a question to a specific OC every day!

> > >  < < <

Here's how it works! You plug in your username, and you'll be given an OC and a question! Here's an example of what the results look like:

Hey there, Toyhouse! This question is for your OC with the biggest family.
Q: How easily are they embarrassed?

You can answer your questions privately, on an OC blog, wherever you'd like! It'd be rad if you posted your results here, though, so we can all learn about your OCs! Some other notes:

  • Please let me know if you find any typos or other errors! There are over 500 items in [LIST1] and over 200 in [LIST2] as of posting and I finished this at 3:30 in the morning, so... needless to say, I didn't do much proofreading.

  • Don't like your question, aren't comfortable with it, just want to answer more questions, or can't answer it because one or both items don't apply to any of your OCs? Tweak the name you enter to get a new one! Change the capitalization, use some nicknames, add some numbers... Shindan will consider them all new names that you can use daily!

  • Many questions suggest a modern Earth setting, asking about things like the Internet, video games, cars, etc. Just answer them as thought your character existed in such a setting, like what kind of TV shows WOULD they watch if TV existed in their universe? Likewise, if you get a question like "what was your youngest OC like as a kid?," you can reverse it and answer what they'd be like as an adult and vice versa.

  • The questions vary a lot. Some are comedic, some are serious, some are kind of bummers, some can be answered in one word, and some require a bit of thought. If you got a really short/easy question and you're not satisfied, you're always welcome to try out a different name and go again! The initial batch of items allows for 115,486 different combinations, so you probably won't run out too fast.

  • If either item seems ambiguous, feel free to answer it in multiple ways or however you first interpreted it. Likewise, if LIST1 applies to multiple OCs of yours, you can answer for every OC that applies to or just pick one of them.

  • There are no questions involving sexual content, but there are some questions that involve alcohol and violence.

  • If any of your answers involve detailed violence/gore, abuse, sexual content, etc., put it under a spoiler tag! Basically just spoiler tag anything you'd spoiler tag in other threads.

  • I'll try to add more items to each list as time goes on! I like to make them relatively unique/interesting and make them things you wouldn't think about (c;mon, did you know which OC was most broken up about the Pluto debacle before this? or what their favorite kind of noodle was?,) but I'm open to suggestions! Just note that unlike the OC question of the day thread, I can't really credit you for your additions!
Bonnie Isoprene

Looks like things got refreshed between 4 AM and now?? So my results are different now for various names, but for the first post here's what I got last night!

Hey there, Isoprene! This question is for the OC who's gotten into the most accidents.
Q: How do they cut their sandwiches, if at all? How many sections do they cut it into?

Bonnie gets into no less than 3 car accidents during the span of his story, so I'm rolling with that definition. Bonnie is a terrifying person with no limits. He cuts all of his sandwiches into a circle, pinches the sides, and throws away the excess. Fear him.

Felicity is particularly accident-prone, so I'll mention her as well. She can't be trusted with knives, so she doesn't cut her sandwiches. Not after what happened last time... *shudders*

Aestatis Timoris Isoprene

ALRIGHT refreshed questions time:

Hey there, Iso! This question is for your most immature (for their age) OC.
Q: Is there anyone they tend to treat drastically different than they normally treat others?

Aesie is over 100 years old and is in her late teens-early 20s in terms of demon years, but she still tends to act like a little kid. There are probably loads of children more mature than her, honestly.

Anyway, she definitely treats her sister, Hiemalis, different than everyone else. Aesie is extremely protective of Hiemalis and will do absolutely anything for her sake and in her name. Even though Hiemalis blatantly manipulates and uses her, Aesie loves her nonetheless and would never dream of fighting her, pulling a prank on her, etc. Hiemalis is the only one who's ever been there for her (though Hiemalis' shows of kindness and familial love really aren't enough to warrant that statement,) so Aesie is extremely loyal to her and holds her above all others.

Hey there, Isoprene! This question is for your OC with the most OCs.
Q: Are they willing to ask for help when they need it?

I just established last night that Dicro has a bunch of OCs, rambled about them and everything... I'm developing my OCs' OCs please send help

Dicro is... terrible at asking for help. It's not a pride thing at all - he has approximately 0 pride - but he hates burdening others. Even when people offer him help he's likely to turn it down and insist he doesn't need the help even when he very obviously does. He feels bad when he takes time from others, especially for things that aren't fun, but this has the consequence of making things worse for himself and him needing more help later on than he would've earlier.

Hey there, Tayl! This question is for your most blunt OC.
Q: How are they at work/school? Are they enthusiastic? Do they slack off? Etc.

Man, I have a lot of really blunt OCs... Hattie's one of the bluntest, I'd say, and she's an extremely reliable worker. Probably the most reliable worker out of all of my OCs, honestly. She doesn't talk much at work (nor in general, really,) and just minds her own business getting things done. Though it doesn't look like it given her perpetually disgruntled expression, she enjoys being kept busy and getting things done. Doing boring housework is far more fun than exerting her power as a Demon Lord, apparently.

Istra is also super duper blunt, though they don't have a job and only go to school to follow around Dicro. They're extremely lazy and hedonistic, so there's no way they'd ever be able to hold a job if they somehow got one in the first place. If you're not giving them food, pleasure, praise, and/or luxury (usually and) for their services and ensuring the work they have to do won't take long enough for them to get bored, you're not getting them to work.

Whenever they do attend Hell College's classes, it's usually just to take naps and distract Dicro from taking notes. If the classwork/homework doesn't involve eating things or something fun, they're not interested. Hell College's faculty has made an effort to get them to enroll in classes to make them a knowledge repository (they're indesctructible and only lose memories, not knowledge, when they "die,") but they haven't really succeeded. Istra just doesn't care.

yeah that's right, i triple-posted in my own thread. fight me about it

Cybil Crapsman CrappyBlue

let's do this

Hey there, CrappyBlue! This question is for your character with the widest frame.
Q: Are they a sore loser or a graceful loser?

i've got at least one wider character kicking around somewhere, but until i fix him up and make him... not racist? (good job 17-year-old me) he's not gonna show up here for a while. so that leave cybil as my character with the widest frame, and she is definitely a sore loser... which is why she doesn't engage in competitive stuff very often. BUT OH BOY WHEN SHE DOES

Hey there, Crepe! This question is for your OC who's the most self-loathing.
Q: Do they prefer smooth peanut butter or chunky peanut butter?

i haven't thought about how self-loathing any of my characters are (yet), but osvan is probably the best fit here. they've never had peanut butter, unfortunately...

Hey there, Crappy! This question is for your OC who falls asleep the fastest.
Q: What's their ideal party? A lot of food, party games, dancing, karaoke, mostly talking, movies?

also something i've never thought about! but i have arbitrarily decided it's brea. and they don't like socializing that much? they've been to parties, and they'll still go to parties, but they don't do a whole lot there. not in an "anxiety has overtaken me and i cannot interact with anyone for beans" way, or even an "ugghh why did i come here, everything about this sucks" way; it's more like "yep. i sure am here. there are also lots of people here. that chair seems like a nice place to sit and reflect on things."

but uh, to actually answer the question, their ideal party would be one not a whole lot of people (8-10 maybe), everyone knows each other, and there's something for everyone to do without everyone having to talk with each other the whole time. people are allowed to bring their own entertainment/work/distractions. it's kinda like when people talk on social media about how nice it is to have friendships where you can hang out with someone and be really passive with it, not talking that often and keeping to yourselves (drawing, browsing the internet) and that being an acceptable and enjoyable thing; it's like that but with several people.


Hey there, chiliechii! This question is for the last OC you RPed as.
Q: How well do they feel they understand themself?

//SWEATS WELL-- not entirely sure how to answer that considering the current OC I'm rping is in a...nsfw predicament. |''''D Not much thought outside...what's going on, so =w=;; But I guess Iruka fully understands himself quite well to begin with, ehe. 

Hey there, chilie! This question is for the OC who thinks things through the least often.
Q: Do they keep a lot of secrets or are they an open book?

This was hard because I'm not entirely sure which of my OCs thinks through things the least...but I'd say Bashi is pretty high on the list. Honestly, it's kind of in the middle? It's pretty obvious she has an obsession over Hyou and hates pretty much anyone who isn't him, especially his crush Digi. She isn't one to shy away from revealing her thoughts and opinions. But she does keep some things quiet and to herself. Like the fact that she can use her mirror-traveling abilities to sneak into Hyou's foster home to spy on him. 

Hey there, chii! This question is for your most evil OC.
Q: Do they have anyone to vent to, or do they tend to bottle things up?

Winter is hands down my most evilest OC I have uploaded. There's probably only a couple others, but they're not on TH yet. Like Bashi, it's both? Winter is possessing a human body, therefore her soul resides with the original soul of the body. She does bottle up her vents and frustrations, but in the sense that she takes it out on the human soul. And she's not nice about it either. She'll physically and sexually assault the human soul to vent out her frustrations.

Yenzhal Isoprene

Changed the title to match the Shindan's, plus I felt like it kinda sounded like a thread that collects OC Shindans or something...

Hey there, Iso! This question is for your OC who hates anime the most.
Q: How easily do they do favors for others? Do they make people pay them back later?

Took a while to decide, but I'd say Yenzhal would probably hate anime. Too cutesy and colorful for him, not to mention all of the fanservice, absurdity, emphasis on the power of friendship, etc. Anyway, there's no way he'd ever do someone a favor. You couldn't even pry selflessness from his cold, dead hands because his hands are already cold and dead and also he hates you personally.

I think the only way he'd do things for others is if they benefitted him directly or it was something he enjoys doing (like exerting power and raising fell armies.) Even then, he'd have to be asked by someone he had respect for, and that's an extremely small pool of people. He probably wouldn't demand recompense afterward, because the cases in which he'd service others are cases in which he wouldn't feel burdened in the first place.

Hey there, Isoprene! This question is for your OC who's sought out by the most other people for whatever reason.
Q: If they woke up and were the only person left in the universe, how would they respond?

Hm!! My obvious choice doesn't have a Toyhouse profile yet, but Dicro's got a pretty desirable soul that often attracts people to him. If he were to be the only one left in the universe, he'd be seriously bummed out. He loves people a lot, and although he loves exploration and abandoned places it would be difficult for him to cope with losing everyone he's ever known.

He's effectively immortal, so with enough time I think he'd be able to get accustomed to it and find ways to explore Entirety. I don't think he'd ever really be free from grief and would always be searching for answers, but travel and discovery does bring him a lot of peace.

Istra also has some parties who are after them due to some valuable abilities of theirs. Before meeting Dicro they wouldn't have minded, but they'd run out of easy food access eventually and end up consuming all Entirety. For them, that's a pretty good ending!

Assuming this happened after they had met Dicro, however, that would pretty much be a living hell for them considering he's the only thing they can remember whenever they're "reborn," meaning that their existence would be a futile timed search for him before losing control of themself and eventually consuming all of Entirety again - though, this time, unsatisfied and starved for all of eternity. That's not a very good ending!

Hey there, Tayl! This question is for your OC who likes country music the most.
Q: If they were Flanderized, which traits of theirs would get blown out of proportion?

god... i guess.... yuudai maybe??? this is an established fact now. alright.

Yuudai's already a pretty extreme character, but I guess if he was Flanderized in Hell College's controversial later seasons he'd probably be turned into an ultra-violent person with no sympathy. He'd just yell at everything and hate everything, lashing out at everyone and everything that comes even slightly near him.

Hey there, lsoprene! This question is for your OC with the weakest magical powers.
Q: How willing would they be to eat something unusual to them?

Out of the characters I have up here who have magical abilities, Angele's powers are definitely the weakest. She's not a picky eater, though, and as long as she knows something isn't going to poison her she'll try pretty much whatever. As long as it's not eggs, anyway, so no thousand-year-eggs for her. Otherwise she'll try just about anything once!

casually answers multiple questions all the dang time


Hey there, lunaastar! This question is for your most cold-hearted OC.

Q: Are they willing to ask for help when they need it?

hmm... tbh i'm not really sure who my most cold-hearted oc would be, but i think generally none of my cold-hearted characters would be willing to ask for help when they need it. blacked out bc spoilers: especially not winter, since the reason she's cold in the first place is because of something that happened years ago that she STILL hasn't gotten over. also if what's happened in the miitopia demo is anything to go by, sora (who doesn't have a profile on here yet) tends to not ask for help when he needs it either - he once refused to be healed when he was low on health bc he thought he didn't need healing.

Fawna FizzGryphon

Hey there, FizzGryphon! This question is for the OC of yours you find the most attractive.

Q: How do they feel about hotels?

I can't say I personally find any of my OCs 'attractive', but Fawna is one of mine that in her world tends to turn the most heads.

Fawna would much rather sleep in her own bed... but she's also used to traveling, being a commercial starship pilot.  She won't hesitate to kick her feet back and relax at a hotel when she's not flying or exploring new destinations.

Muri Isoprene

Hey there, lsoprene! This question is for your most flexible OC.
Q: How easily does jealousy come to them?

Muri is made of weird liquid shadow, so she's definitely the most flexible! She's really just a weird mass of corrupted soul disguised as a somewhat humanish lady, so she can easily manipulate her size and shape to suit any situation.

Despite her nature as a very demonic demon, jealousy actually doesn't come all too naturally to her. She's so confident in herself that when someone has what she doesn't or succeeds in something she failed at, she's simply driven more to take those victories away from others. She enjoys a little competition, even when it comes to things that most people don't consider a competition. The way she sees it, she's immortal, so why rush? She's got all of the time in the world to wrest things away from others! That's the joy of being a demon!

Hey there, Iso! This question is for your OC who likes soup the most.
Q: Do they have any interest in marriage? What would their wedding be like?

Agatha loves soup! It's one of her favorite foods, and probably her favorite food that isn't some kind of pastry or beverage. She just really digs warm stuff.

Agatha isn't sure about marriage. It's a big commitment, and she's never met anyone she'd be willing to devote herself to like that. It's an intimidating thought! She does wish she could have a wedding, though, just because she loves the aesthetics of them. Maybe just a small, quiet wedding in a little library or cafe somewhere... something warm and simple but on the unique side... and maybe a honeymoon in a snowy cabin with a crackling fireplace... she's planned things out more than she'd care to admit.

Hey there, Tayl! This question is for your most extroverted OC.
Q: What are their dreams like?

GOD I have so many super extroverted OCs... good thing I keep restricting my answers to people I have finished profiles for! Even then, that's a tough choice. Guess I'll multi-answer!

Aedi's dreams tend to be pretty ordinary with a surreal backdrop, if that makes sense. She'll have an ordinary dream about running late for things, but for some reason everything will be underwater and she won't blink twice at a major obstacle being an angry piece of bread refusing to be toasted. To be fair, though, she works for an evil overlord, so if those things happened in reality it wouldn't be that weird...

Seems has more nightmares than she'd let on. She tends to bottle up her emotions, so they all spill out in her dreams. She always just tells people she doesn't remember her dreams that often, though, and only relays the good ones.

Finally, Thyx has awesome dreams about going on epic adventures with all of his favorite characters. He keeps a thorough dream journal, often has dreams that continue off of each other, and he's even capable of lucid dreaming (though he doesn't actually know what that means.) I'm totally jealous. ;_;

Hey there, Isoprene! This question is for your most mysterious OC.
Q: What kind of people do they admire?

Euphesme is one mysterious mystery miss. Her opinions on things are also very mysterious, but fortunately I'm her creator and not a character in her setting and know the answer to this question! Euphesme admires people who are fearless, crafty, merciless, and persistent. She loathes cowards and the weak-willed, as well as those who rely on brute force for everything they do. Essentially, she admires people who are exactly like herself. Not exactly a shocker despite her secretive mannerisms and ethereal aura.


Hey there, nonny! This question is for your least-developed OC.

Q: How do they feel about killing? Are there situations that would affect their opinion?

Mage is probably my least developed, but I think she's very morally ambiguous about killing. She'd never kill a human or an innocent creature- considering humans have treated her so well and innocent creatures never harmed anyone so why should she? But she'd have no issue putting down a creature that is causing problems- something rampaging through her town, or a pest of some kind in a friend's home. But if she found the same pest in her own home she'd probably find some kind of way to keep it rather than kill it.

❀ Nina Fvhn

Wow.... you must have put a lot of work into that o.o thanks for making this, it seems really cool!

Hey there, Fehnryr! This question is for your OC who's helped the most people.
Q: What similarities do you share with that OC?

I don't have nearly all my OC's up yet, so going just from the ones I have on TH... I guess Nina? 

Though I couldn't pull it off the way she does, we do enjoy similar looking outfits and styles... we both like knitting and crocheting, and we both like Earl Grey Tea :3

man I'm kinda bummed that its only one a day lol


I see some people are using the name spelling to do another one... just one more today yeah?

Hey there, Fehn! This question is for your politest OC.
Q: How would they react to being insulted by a stranger?

Politest OC..... pfft. Rin. 

Her wings would probably puff up a little bit in defense, but she would just bite her lip and try not to cry until they've gone away. (She really takes insults to heart, because she has a hard time understanding that not everybody is nice)


hello i am back again

Hey there, lunaastar! This question is for your cutest OC.

Q: What do they do with their spare time?

i have quite a few adorable cinnamon rolls, so i'm gonna list 'em here:

  • this smol child here just spends their time... well, sleeping. and cuddling their 'dad' (who im not sure is their actual dad or if he just ended up 'adopting' them). and also sleeping whilst cuddling their 'dad'.
  • westley (who doesn't have a profile on here yet) is even smoller and also loves hugs... tbh im not really sure what else he does... just Cute Kid StuffTM i guess
  • then there's jasper, who is even smoller than westley and also doesn't have a profile on here yet. im not really sure what he does in his spare time either, aside from playing w/ toys and basically other stuff that kids his age would do
  • rain spends her spare time bein a cute lil robot friend for flora... which means she often ends up playing with flora's dolls (and poor flora often has to stop her from playing with any expensive ones), as well as doing some of the stuff flora likes doing, like... uh, staying in the house all day because flora's a vampire
  • as for some older cuties... hanna spends a lot of her time watching anime. she probably watches all the super cute ones like... uh... i actually don't know, i don't watch anime lmao
  • bianca (who doesn't have a profile on here yet) doesn't really have any spare time because she has to save the world from the dark lord in miitopia... but if she didn't have to do that, she'd probably spend her spare time looking after animals, and maybe reading too. 

it's that time again

Hey there, lunaastar! This question is for the OC you've written the most about.

Q: How would they react to being insulted by a stranger?

yay, a question that i know most definitely applies to only one of my characters!

izzy would probably just ignore it because they're just a stranger - they most likely don't know anything about her whatsoever, so whatever nasty thing they've said about her might not even be true. and besides, she's not the kind of person to let things like that drag her down, at least not for long.

Alexyzandra FizzGryphon

Hey there, FizzGryphon! This question is for your most evil OC.
Q: Are they a "lol," "lmao," "rofl," "haha," "omfg," or "XD" kind of person? Or would they refuse to use any of those?

"Evil" is a term which could be applied to many of my characters - and most of them it's not exactly their fault they are who they are.  BUT Alexyzandra is probably the closest you could get to a soul just being absolutely wretched.  She'd probably be a more "lamo" kind of person if she did text, but ultimately she wouldn't as texting nor the internet exists in her world.

Lysis Persenche Isoprene

whoops forgot to do this yesterday and the day before because i was playin pokemon...

Hey there, Isoprene! This question is for your most stubborn OC.
Q: What were they like as a kid?

Lysis is probably the most stubborn OC I have up at the moment. He refuses to give up even when he should, and his defensive mechanisms are so intense that he refuses to see criticisms or suggestions as anything other than attacks. When he wants something done, it's gonna be done and it's gonna be done his way. The guy's about as stubborn as they come.

As a child, Lysis was a troublemaker with a massive inferiority complex. His family was disjointed and chaotic thanks to a deceased mother and a neglectful, perpetually grieving father, so he was "raised" by his brothers who hadn't been raised much themselves. He struggled to stand out and find himself in a family of hyperaggressive people with little understanding of themselves or each other, which led to him acting out, becoming frustrated at anything he couldn't succeed at immediately, and closing himself off to anyone who tried to help him. I could go on for years, but the gist of this is that the guy wasn't a happy kid.

Hey there, Iso! This question is for your OC who's the least likely to ever break a promise.
Q: Do they care more about lyrics, rhythm, or instrumentation when it comes to music?

Hal is a doggo through and through, meaning he happens to be doggedly loyal. Insert more dog puns here. Anyway, Hal cares most about the rhythm; nothing else really matters to him, in fact! He tends not to really comprehend lyrics and instruments don't change his opinion; all he cares about is the beat of a song and how much it instinctively makes his tail wag.

Jing values honor and honesty, and unless the person he made a promise to does a 180 and turns out to be a horrible person, he'll never break a promise. Jing is a person who gets lost in things like music, so overall composition and instrumentation is what matters most to him. He likes music he can turn on and zone out to, so lyrics can prove distracting and a rhythm that's too quick or aggressive can bring him out of the trance he seeks music to get into.

Hey there, lsoprene! This question is for the OC you've RPed with the most.
Q: What's their favorite kind of cake?

Man... that's a tough one. I'd say the people I've RPed with the most have been Larya, Bunny, and Dicro? There's another that might be a contender, but I don't have a profile for her yet.

Larya's favorite kind of cake is probably just normal yellow cake, though she's also partial to cakes with ludicrously expensive ingredients like gold shavings. She gets her jollies by thinking about how much money was wasted to make this cake she's not sharing with anyone, and that's what really counts for her.

Bunny likes strawberry cakes simply because he always seems to be around people who make a lot of food with strawberries in them. He also likes white cake with loads of whipped cream, and any cake shaped to resemble non-cake foods.

Dicro doesn't eat all too often since he doesn't need to, but he really likes mint and chocolate (especially dark) together. He'd probably die for a mint chocolate chip cake, but then he'd die for most things.

Hey there, Tayl! This question is for your OC with the most purple color scheme.
Q: How do they cut their sandwiches, if at all? How many sections do they cut it into?

It's hard to beat Porphyra's purpleness! Man, I can't believe I already got this question again, and for another purple character! Anyway, she cuts her sandwiches in four triangles. Small enough to be convenient, sharp enough to gut a criminal. Or so she says, anyway.