Show me your characters with No Faves!

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago by Fvhn

I know some people don't like faves, but when I upload a character and someone adds them to their faves I get butterflies <3

So show me all of your babes that don't have even one favorite.... Post IC, and maybe say a little something about them!

Then go look through and give some of the other characters in this thread the faves they deserve!


My old and very first "sona" - as well as the username I went by for many many years. She's such a cute little foxy, and even though I don't use her anymore, I love her all the same :3

đ Clover Fvhn

Clover, my studious witch boy determined to learn all the things. //pets him

❀ Marceline Fvhn

MARCELINE my green scene haired cutie pie. She and her twin Riley were the first two characters in my story verse that now has the most characters! They started a really big thing owo


Shuichi is my grumpy little kid. One of my many characters. He can mime abilities.

(Sorry, can't post IC)

Trade NotDamien



Here's my boi, Marvin. I really love him though he's fairly recent, so no one's favorited him yet

Still love him tho ;w;

 X Howell 5inthemorning

X doesn't have any faves despite his twin brother having two? Freaky, man...

Ako Kaoward

Ako the little wolf girl and my icon! I've only join the site recently so I dont have any favs yet 

Enna Nakamura Phreinne

One of my recent adopts that I'd really like to develop!

Momori Phreinne

Another one, she's super fluffy and sweet <3

trade Phreinne

Demon bby :0

Gustav Alkaev PicklePantry

My jerk pencil pusher. He's more there to explain plotholes in the background

Shade ethanol

Most of my characters don't have any favourites, haha.  But this dude is probably the one I've put the most effort into (even if his TH bio doesn't reflect that) so I do feel a bit sad that he doesn't even have one favourite.

He's just a goofy drug addict who wants people to like him.

 Fen bedbug

omg i bought this design from someone else and she had no favorites! she still doesn't! shes so cute what a shame

ғᴀʙɪᴇɴɴᴇ Stareater

This girl of mine has no faves ; u ; 

I really should write my ideas down for her sometime but she's basically a fancy noble. xD