Show me your characters with No Faves!

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago by Fvhn

I know some people don't like faves, but when I upload a character and someone adds them to their faves I get butterflies <3

So show me all of your babes that don't have even one favorite.... Post IC, and maybe say a little something about them!

Then go look through and give some of the other characters in this thread the faves they deserve!

Ruru derisyan

Got a plot seed I would like to explore more, hopefully within rp.

Reid BroodyPrince

this manses

Lux leon071

My jerky son...I love him so much!

Lysa Nelauk

a young peasant girl who's the star of what is essentially a Russian version of 'orpheus and eurydice' 

her profile is still kinda under construction, lol

Вадим Романович Ethereum

Here's one of my baby boys!! I just finished him so that might explain it, but.. he can also be kinda hard to love lmao.

 MYO Hoshi-Fawn Jules

My MYo Hoshi custom got finished 2 days ago, so he has no faves XwX. Dude is hardcore and broke his own legs so he can ride a horse and have a better balance.

Mathias Peony

this child that i got as a christmas gift to myself lol ; v ; he still needs some art that i;m planning to commission eventually >:c

i don't usually fav stuff anymore though unless it's a character ufs/uft :c