Show me your characters with No Faves!

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago by Fvhn

I know some people don't like faves, but when I upload a character and someone adds them to their faves I get butterflies <3

So show me all of your babes that don't have even one favorite.... Post IC, and maybe say a little something about them!

Then go look through and give some of the other characters in this thread the faves they deserve!

♡Jisha♡ TheStrayCat

I am so excited to get art of her after so long ;w;

Melody Skykristal

My beautiful melody.  She used to have 2 favs if I remember right but they all unfaved.. 

Ivory LillianaTheArtist

Ivory has no faves, but that's fine, I still like them a whole bunch, even if they were the cause of me finding out something not good and leaving a server because of it...BUT THATS FIIINE.

Aka Kasedori

Most of mine don't have favs, but Aka here is one of my absolute favorite characters, even if his design is quite simple.

Bubble pearl Kill3r-Qu33n

This gal has no favs

Damian TurnipChair

i need to get art of him whoops but this dude is a kid of satan himself and obsessed with hotdogs, gambling, and doing whatever the hell he wants and he's the textbook definition of chaotic neutral

Echo Llew

My little Echo has trouble making friends x'D

Bryce Finches

New baby no favorites T.T


ah, I've got a couple! But I guess my favourite ones without faves would have to be these guys! They're some of the first characters I ever created, and they mean a lot to me!

Blanc mintymichi

Blanc is a good boi and he needs more appreciation. I love him lots and I've recently redesigned him too ♥

Birgi zoryanny

He's pretty new and doesn't really have a lot of art, but Birgi is my sweet dwarf child <3