Show me your characters with No Faves!

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by Fvhn

I know some people don't like faves, but when I upload a character and someone adds them to their faves I get butterflies <3

So show me all of your babes that don't have even one favorite.... Post IC, and maybe say a little something about them!

Then go look through and give some of the other characters in this thread the faves they deserve!

Rhia De'rahel CordycepsChowder

For some reason my sweet kiddo Rhia has no favs. She's one of my oldest ocs; a half drow who loves animals and weirdo monsters, is terrible at magic, and works far harder than her adopted brothers.

Valerie kittyee

I've drawn her 6 times not a  lot xD but more than any of my other unfaved OCs and she still has no love I cri

Jesmaine shibeboi

Jesmaine has no faves currently!

Abigail Castillo Jules

My newest OC, a MYO Delight, has no faves, uwu.

Lazarus daenoki

My newest child, I'm working on his story and full reference sheet. He doesn't have faves yet uwu

Sigurd Peony

My newest birb child doesn't have favs yet ; w ; (though i haven't written much in his profile either)

Gaea lophiusdragon

shes the goddess of life

she doesnt really have a bio yet tho


So there is Hazel. I've posted her yesterday and didn't started her profile yet... And Salem :( Who didn't get a proper profile yet either (': So yeah... it's kinda my fault, I guess TwT If they didn't get any love for now I mean...

SO ! Salem is kinda sorta a vilain, as it's actualy hard to say as no one ever know what's in his mind and what he's planning. But let me tell you a little and totaly unexpected secret : he IS a bad guy actualy. What a surprise, uh ? Ik, ik... So he's a demon witch, a maniac, a sadist and a real bitch (I use to call him the bitchy witch). Even if he will be a huge ennemy on my story (jeez, is that a spoiler ?), he won't be THE antagonist. Well at least for now he isn't. And as for Hazel, she's his complete opposite >> She's an angel or some sort. She rarely present herself in her pure form (which I haven't draw yet). She is of kind and calm nature, some sort of voice of reason and all. If her name has to qualify her then it should have been empathy, compassion or mercy idk. But is she really an ally ? We can't say for sure. Her face is always half hidden behind a flame and her left eye cries constantly. Aaaaand idk what more I can say about them >>

Leon Gorshkov popuko

99% of my ocs have no favs but here is one of my favorite ocs of all time (that's not even an exaggeration lmao)
his name is mr gorshkov and hes a -inhales- lawful evil russian high school orchestra teacher
he always drinks his coffee black and would drop your grade if you tick him off
he can also play the bassoon, violin, and piano
he's about 30 on the inside but 200 on the outside 

Faylen Telethsyr trashremastered

This is my baby Faylen. Constructive criticism is always appreciated as well!