Show me your white haired Oc's

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Show me your white haired characters!

Idk man, I just LOVE white hair on characters !!

If you don't have a white haired character you're welcome to show me a black character with white clothes on, I am absolutely in love with that <3

03. Tinifera Esodra

Can start off with my own character Tinifera !!

Lilia Dolce

I think Lilia is my only char with white hair haha

Dietrich aska-ray

So how many posts can I feasibly make here........................................

Lewis Lumière clefvondanger

Here is Lewis! Also got Dawn.

Lilith chiliechii

I have a lot of white hair characters //weeps

But here's Lilith

Riy Veilheart HeroofEnelios

I have a few... like Riy here for instance.

$1 - $5 Peridotite

Jae-joong has white hair, but he is also a Pancham gijinka. 

Salvatrice Altamura Chichi


Salvatrice is my white-haired band manager who loves quick flings and will do anything stupid for a dare.

Chihaya has platinum hair and so does her fantasy version Chilalei.

Sumire and Toshiaki are Chihaya's children who have white to red/pink gradient hair. 

Sumire's fantasy au version also has white to red hair.

 Cliodna of Ziara Cliodna

Cliodna of Ziara, who's basically a character based on my Subeta HA. 

As for stuff that have no character sheets but do have a bunch of art of them:

Nelvanniss Ihhario, the drow summoner (formerly "Nepthys Nemesis Ihhario", she was originally made a very long time ago): Picture

Her siblings, semi-benevolent demonologist Seth Ihhario and scheming backstabber Horos Ihhario: Picture (arbitrary egyptian theme naming FTW)

Milgam, The Lady of the Forest. A sidevillain in a roleplay series I GM'd - a personification of the forest who'd turned bitter and villainous due to a mortal promise broken to her: Picture

Aradian Chadyl, the...mute albino thief with massive intimacy issues? Who was turned into a vampire in his respective roleplay. My favorite character back in 2008-09. Can't stand him anymore due to his absolutely over-the-top tragic backstory but his design is still cool. :D : Picture1 Picture2 Picture3

Avala Hibernis galaxycreations

Wildlife conservationist Avala, they have a hard time walking through doors and have to turn sideways to do things.

Decibel Melia

my baby boy decibel here has white hair! 

i have another white haired boy here but he doesn't have much on him

Demarcus jev

white haired smuggler <3