Show me your white haired Oc's

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago (Edited 1 year, 1 month ago) by Esodra

Show me your white haired characters!

Idk man, I just LOVE white hair on characters !!

If you don't have a white haired character you're welcome to show me a black character with white clothes on, I am absolutely in love with that <3

Well, here's a white haired boy that I love very much lol


This is my albino werewolf Boris, I love him too X3


I mean he technically has white hair! More like half-white hair... it counts to me because I love my confused amnesic cinnamon roll


I know what you're thinking, she can't possibly count! But she has a white tuft of fur on her head that looks like hair, so I'm just gonna throw her in here anyway shrugs

his hair has a bit of a blue tint to it - but i'd still consider it white!

both of my nosferatu (grau and raime) are white-haired !
raime gets bonus points because their mane is white too n _n

my flower child has white hair!!!

ayyyyy what uuuuuuuup

we love a problematic meme doctor

i have very few but heres one of them!! haha

My character Luci 

Devil - cat who lives under ground in endless tunnels