Show me your white haired Oc's

Posted 4 months, 5 days ago (Edited 4 months, 5 days ago) by Esodra

Show me your white haired characters!

Idk man, I just LOVE white hair on characters !!

If you don't have a white haired character you're welcome to show me a black character with white clothes on, I am absolutely in love with that <3

This terrible elf man has white hair!

Did someone ask for white hair?

0011.Repira has white hair with colorful highlights, 0019.Kristoph Groz has white hair with a pink hue, Reaper has snow-white hair!

Lucius has long silky white hair ♥ He's really proud of his mane :)

i don't think i've posted him here yet but here's xen! his hair has light blue tips but is white nonetheless

One of three, but he is my most precious in terms of sweet personality. The other two [Nikolai and Kiel are their names] can be huge jerks.

asdfghjkl i dont have very many white haired ocs since i find white hair strangely difficult to color
but one of my oldest children has white hair ahh

dumb alien who streams video games for a living and is addicted to the modern, western lifestyle

Dakota naturally has black hair, but he’s most often drawn with white hair! Sometimes it’s a mix though, while his natural hair color grows back in. :9c