Show me your white haired Oc's

Posted 10 months, 13 days ago (Edited 10 months, 13 days ago) by Esodra

Show me your white haired characters!

Idk man, I just LOVE white hair on characters !!

If you don't have a white haired character you're welcome to show me a black character with white clothes on, I am absolutely in love with that <3

my witch boi

i have evrim!~

I love elves with white hair! Started off with my WoW NE character but my fave is Angharad.


my characters are private, but i love my white haired baby boy: kai. >w< so enjoy his icon LOL.

My baby DJ here!!

and also my baby fish girl Umi has some fab long white hair!!

White haired beast-human boy! 

hollywood here has white hair !! <3

hideki here has (off) white hair! angel baby,,,,

i also have a number of characters with 2 toned hair ft. white!

I've got my trash son Kannon 

I have this ho and then sahara there's so many white haired fellas on toyhouse woah

My fav tho I have a lot.
Kazimierz, Hemlock ( and Cairon by extension ), Toni and The Director.

here is evangeline who has vERY white hair!!!