Show me your gay characters! <3

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago (Edited 1 year, 8 months ago) by LuciieSpirit

All my male characters are either gay or bi...

I have no idea why >.< I wondered who else has gay characters? I would love to see them!


Most of my character are lgbt+ the only mlm I have currently are Derek whos bi and my sona Mars who's a gay trans man!! Neither of them currently have boyfriends but id love to ship Derek with another guy :0


I have alot of characters but I'm not finished uploading them, my character Pindarus and Olcayto. Pindarus is gay and Olcayto is Biromantic.

Amba Cline AssassinPerson

Amba is secretly gay for her work partner, Ross, who just so happens to feel the same way (but Amba doesn't know yet).

I guess I have a bunch of other characters who are gay or bi in some way, but none of them actually have partners yet. It's only Amba and Ross who are actually together (in the future, at least).

Oleander HeartlessSpade

Pretty much all my ocs are LGBT+ and I love them so much!

Oleander is my most favorite tho cause she loves her wife so much that it hurts me. She's so happy and cute!

Arth Skar TheLadyAnatola

Here are my boys, Arth and Exodus. Oddly enough when I made them like a decade ago, they were just friends, but their relationship actually did develop over many years and only became romantic in the past couple. XD What an arc.


Jecht and Zincxer are partners


Jheran and Rhyn are partners :D

Kestejoo LitaRutherford


I legit would have to post the majority of my group and that is a lot. XD  So here is Kes, the original gay boi.

Laddie dogstarlite

Mark me down as one of the people with a bunch of LGBT babies, haha. I'll only post the one so not to spam, but Laddie here is bi and I love him


ha, most of my kiddos are lgbt, but Viv and Jay are just like....
notoriously gay.


Most of my characters are actually pan-sexuals.

Although I've mostly only played my male characters with only male characters... xD


I actually don't have many LGBT+ characters. Since I'm straight that's usually what I default to when making characters. I do have Andor, who is bi, and Ara is aro/ace. Those are my two LGBT+ characters. I'm hoping to make more in the future though. 


They're all gay

Lmao, because i'm gay, so they get to be gay too xD