OC Headcanon Voices

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Show me your headcanon voices for anyone of your OCs! A thread to help others who may have issues finding headcanon voices or for those who just want to share their headcanons. Post about your character and ask others who they see voicing your OC.

Can be a YouTube link to a voice acting reel, a song, or anything else that can be thought of.

Yukima's headcanon voice would have to be Yoshitsugu Matsuoka.

Here's a clip of what he sounds like. He plays Kirito from Sword Art Online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n2-gHc3ScQ

Nine often compares Lithe to Machigerita, mostly this song in particular and this one!
Theres just something in his voice that reminds Nine of Lithe alot. Theres also the fact that oddly enough, Machigerita sorta looked lithe Lithe at one point. o.o Or atleast is avatar anyway!
Dark purple hair, purple clothes and glasses.
That probably didn't help either and now is just stuck with Lithe.

Funnily enough, Zalmir, another oc, has a similar voice to Konori! (Nine isn't sure if he has a site or anything he uploads too.)
And Konori has done covers of Machigerita's work in the past/sung with him a few times, Nine believes.
She finds it funny cause Lithe and Zalmir are pretty much best friends.

She has other voices in mind for other OCs but these are like the only for sure ones. o.o

When I think Arcus I think about Romanthony,he was a singer/DJ . I have for a long time struggled with a voice. I chose Romanthony because he sung in the first movie I think about with singing aliens and that is Interstella:5555 with the song,One More Time . Being that it's a House song and Arcus has a strong for House music based from myself I decided to mash these together.

With Thane, I always wanted him to have a very baritone but slightly whispery voice. I prefer it to be low key frighetning, and at think at first I settled on the Candyman's voice (Tony Todd)... y'know.. from the old movie? Either than or that or Michael Clarke Duncan, the actor who played the really huge dude from The Green Mile. I still sorta want his voice to be a bit deeper than either though.

new order would definitely sound like a murloc

This one is kind of hard for me. I imagine it to be like the lead singer from Rammstein as that's the guy who sings most of the songs that inspired his character, especially when he sings the whispery growly bits, but not exactly like Til Lindemann because my character is older and I wanted him to have a bassy voice.

Oh, Joe's voice is simple!

He'd have Takumi's voice!

Sometimes when i listen to music or someone talking i'm like woah this would fit my character perfectly.
And yeah i think the voice of Taeyeon from SNSD, Melonie Mac (although Ashe is physically also kind of looking like her) and Lindsey Stirling.

Here are some examples if you were wondering yeah:


Drake sounds like Matthew Tyler Musto (blackbear)

Katrica sounds like Osha from Game of Thrones.

Vaxir sounds like Moro from Princess Mononoke.

All I have so far.

I imagine Toshiyuki Morikawa (Yoshikage Kira / Sephiroth) for Damien tbh :') I have no knowledge in Eng VAS outside Yuri Lowenthal, JYB, Laura Bailey, Karen Straussman, and Troy Baker

I think Julia (not Henry) would sound quite similar to the singer of Cigarettes After Sex. Lower side of the female spectrum, with a calming rhythm and a slight breathlesness in it. However it wouldn't really be her "singing voice" because she can't hold a tune for her life. And yes , I am aware that the singer of "Cigarettes after sex" is in fact a man. I kinda feel that it only adds to the fact that I feel he's the best voiceclaim for a character who can effortlessly cross genderlines. XD

Henry, for what it matters, doesn't really have a proper voiceclaim yet. Needs to be on the higher side of the male spectrum. The speaking voice of the singer of "Cigarettes after sex" is way too low for that and no-one else has yet to step forth. I've found plenty of men succeeding in sounding like women but have yet to manage to dig up any case of it working the other way around. I feel the pitch of Henry's voice might not even be all that much lower than Julia's, it's probably more about pronounciation and "flattening out the words" (female voices are said to be more fluctuating and melodious) to make it sound believably male.