Is it just me? >.>

Show me the OC's that you are attracted to.


I got into auracorns because I fell with love with Aianna lol

All my bois are ripped af and I love their faces. Makes it even better because since I'm the creator I can stare at them all I want and be obsessed.

you are not alone =longing stare=

basically all of them but here's the Main Guy

if my ocs were real men i'd do with them what i do now and store them in my basement in a drawer and whisper sweet nothings to their butts

Eris, Boss (his humanoid form of course), and CENSORED

all my characters are hot i dont make the rules....

(and i dont even mean it to happen i just make em first and then grow attracted to them as i develop them...!)

I'mma build a nest on Nat's feets, homies.

my friend made this character to specifically be my boyfriend 

all the time lol. when im talking with my partners sometimes ill even refer to my ocs (and theirs) as my husbands/wives jokingly

i have an especially soft spot for dane though (with my oc roman being a super close second)... <3

I think in Quentin's case it's because all my friends kept saying he's attractive so I subconsciously started drawing him to be a bit more personally handsome and WELP

...I regret many things

im gonna be real i made this guy specifically to be really hot to me. and he is

Definitely! That's why you make certain OCs yo. Nothin wrong with that