Lf: ocs to ship with mine

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So I got a lot of single ocs. I mean a lot. Lmao. 

These are the links to my single ocs. Some have bios and some don't. If you want more info about them don't be afraid to ask I'm always up to post some info. 


Some are apart of a story, a kingdom, or a pirate crew. Those I will label ofc, but if you're wanting to ship with them you have to be okay with being apart of the story, kingdom, or crew. There are not many like this I promise. 

And yes I'm down to role play and headcanon the ships. NSFW I'm down for as long as you and a the character are 18. Ship art is like my fave so I'll be doing it when I have time and feel up to it haha. If you want to break of the relationship please message me. If you're selling the character please message me I may want to buy them. <3

And now the characters :



http://toyhou.se/816921.aurora <-- story 

http://toyhou.se/1297387.ace-merre <-- story (main character) 


http://toyhou.se/1302033.angela <-- story 








https://sta.sh/249wsz6n069?edit=1 <-- pirate crew also trigger warning in bio





https://sta.sh/24zyfoicnvu?edit=1 <-- kingdom

https://sta.sh/2wyiyxjmxke?edit=1 <-- kingdom


http://toyhou.se/456839.lydia-baker <-- story (main character) 



Hey! Do you think you could tell me more about this character https://sta.sh/2wyiyxjmxke ? I have a character who may work? ( there not on my TH Right now so don't bother looking XD ). 




He's 23, a warrior in a fantasy kingdom. Bisexual but leans more towards males. Tua is his adoptive brother. 

He is a rather nice guy and always trying to help others as much as possible. Although he is a warrior he tries to avoid conflicts unless it's absolutely necessary ehim to get involved. He can be quite talkative and a bit clingy. He has a bit of anxiety and is always seeking approval from Tua. 

Bio is a work in progress but here's what I have for him. 

Maleko and Tua where orphans abandoned at birth. They met in a small orphanage in a rather large kingdom and have been together since. Maleko is the younger of the two and was always getting into trouble. Tua followed gladly so the boy wouldn't hurt himself. Growing up they were taught basic reading and writing until about 16 when they we're taken to the king to be trained as warriors. They are what is considered special forces and chosen because of their sneak abilities and uniqueness. They are legally the kings children but not given the title of prince. Although the king cherishes their well being more so than his own children.