your patterns in character acquisition?

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i'm not necessarily talking about elements of designs that are appealing to you / design turn ons, but like those clusters of traits that you don't necessarily think about when you go looking for or design characters but wind up with anyways? for example i have a disproportionately high amount of males in low collar shirts and i'm not at all sure how it ended up this way

anyways tell me abt them, i'm interested in hearing

I have so many characters with right parted hair/bangs that cover most of the right side of their face. It's ridiculous but it always happens for like half the designs I create,  9 out of 13 of my characters have it bc I guess I have a thing for emo-ish hair lol


puppyhospital honestly side parted hair is kinda underused in my opinion, i guess because people have fallen unduly out of certain trends in character design that were Big Things a while back but received a lot of backlash? but i checked out your characters and while i see what you mean they seem to display it in a creative way and don't fall into all the stereotypes that can usually come with that kind of hair!! :'0

Pom Thank you so much :0 !!! I try to make it a little different for each character or avoid it now just bc so many of my characters have it but im glad!!

Blond boys are definitely my thing, although it's not my "type" in a way people tend to assume it (as in I'm not usually attracted by blond boys). I'm just really fond of the aesthetic lmao 

I also tend to give my OCs really long / strong eyelashes, partially because of my art style but I kind of do imagine most of them actually having really strong eyelashes as a part of the design too!

Also it's not something I paid attention to myself, but a lot of people especially on forum games have told me I have a really high amount of "really ordinary boys with ordinary designs" like no animal ears or wings or other traits that would really and clearly strike them apart from, like... people you see outside every day. I guess I just really like earthly designs even though I'm a sucker for paranormal! 

The amount of bored/angry/displeased looking characters is also high, which, again, isn't really intentional, more like a subconscious preference. I guess it has a lot to do with the fact I create most of my OCs while drawing and I love drawing displeased faces (could have sth to do with the fact I always look very cold irl by default) so it just kind of blends into that whole character personality lol


Caine oh i've noticed that blond motif in my notifications! in general i think it forms a really neat and cohesive aesthetic especially since i know the other colors you use tend to impart a sort of softness to your design or contrast nicely with the color of their hair. tbh i never thought of it as necessarily reflective of an attraction to a character, just the trait in character design, so hearing that people misconstrue it as otherwise is sort of a revelation for me :'0 and i honestly think the long eyelashes make your characters really distinct (your art style does too, of course, but design wise!) 

hmm, i'm actually not 100% sure i would call most of your non-supernatural boys "ordinary" but i imagine that's just the connotations that i personally give the term! i really like how most of them seem to be unique characters design-wise without necessarily having to rely on inhuman traits...honestly i just love the life you can give both natural and unnatural looking designs haha

i've heard before that artists' work tends to look like them in a way but that's a very interesting means of self-expression, if indeed it is one! it imbues their character with a kind of life that's often hard to find esp. in a character's gallery, in my opinion ///

with my characters (in FAV folder),i've noticed all of them have dark brown/black eyes,,i used to not like darker eye colors as much but then somehow it made a really quick turn & now I have no one with blue or any other eye color

another thing would be bangs ? 4/5 of my characters have such, and the characters themselves are either short or pretty tall, not sure if that detail can be seen on my current characters but I've always been making characters either very short or really tall,some people also have pointed out that my characters are mainly boys & idk why it's like that,,somehow i always manage to adopt/make characters that are boys :^)

Pom aaa I'm glad to hear that! Fun fact though it took me YEARS to start really making blond boy OCs because I always felt like they look too much like me since I, too, am a blond boy and very generic looking on top of that. Now I compensate that pause by making nothing BUT blond boys. Tbh I think most people make that mistake with me since I'm Known to basically have a phd in blond boys and I basically can recognize more blond anime boys than I absolutely should, but honestly it's less about attraction and more about me just being very self indulgent with who I relate to 

And aaa thank you ;;;; 

IT PROBABLY IS I express myself though 38290 ocs with displeased grumpy faces (I also express myself with those eyelashes totally since mine are long too)

I always end up with long/white hair (or a combination of both) on male characters and feminine males. I also have a huge amount of characters with heterochromia? I didn't really notice untile I looked at my main characters and my sonas.


alrozsk i checked out that folder and accidentally wound up faving everyone in the parent folder and tbh i see what you mean!! it's a very nice effect, it gives a lot of definition to the eyes and in general helps pull their designs together in a very aesthetically appealing way. it definitely feels like the kind of thing that one mightn't actually seek out initially but can easily get enthralled by all the same!! /// i actually don't tend to think about eye color when buying, but i think my tendency towards blue is on account of it being my favorite color, so...i've wound up with a lot of green eyed characters purely by accident?

as for the short/tall thing i personally think that making use of height extremes can really endow characters' designs with a certain personality, so i don't blame you for not making characters based on averages :'0!! bangs are really nice too tbh

i 100% feel you on the males thing, it's a situation i'm in as well lmao. i can find a lot of lovely feminine designs but somehow still gravitate towards the masculine ones...

edit: oh lol i knew i should have refreshed before posting. hang on

Caine aight but that also betrays a laudable ability for character recall tbh,,, i ll admit that out of the avatars you've had since i subbed i was only able to recognize oz! n you're perfectly allowed to be self indulgent, sometimes self indulgence makes for the best characters since i know that the most exemplary novels etc often have an autobiographical element B)

ChosenUndeaad okay, but white hair on males is honestly the best thing and when it's long there's more of it so //strutting leo emoticon!! long hair on males is an underused design choice too n i'm glad to see there's someone out there who's interested in it!

i don't blame you for that subliminal proclivity for heterochromia either, it really gives designs a sort of special quality that unfortunately isn't echoed very often in real life without health repercussions qvq