Show me your lesbians!

Posted 10 months, 3 hours ago by Sinder Blepsbian

I'm a lesbian and I wanna see some fellow lesbians! ovo

Sinder was my first lesbian oc I think, but I've never actually paired her up with anyone since... She's a punk demigod with little life experience who grew up in the afterlife, with her dad being the grim reaper and she sometimes filled in for him.

haha oh boy i have so many

i'm also a lesbian so i'm very much biased towards my characters being LGBT

here's just a wee smattering of my lesbians, lol...
viatrix, violet, bella, kseniya, kamala, alex, bluebird

elle loves her women a whole lot ! but then again most of my girls are either gay or asexual so yeee

Yaaaaas, Lesbeans!!!! 

Here are mine:

Minerva - Beefy Demon Lesbian
Cadence - Shrinekeeper Centaur Lesbian
Primrose - Hairmonster Heroine Lesbian
Velia  - Fashionable Snake Snesbian (Snake Lesbian)
Nagendra - Demonic Seamstress Lesbian
Padma - Grumpy Mage Lesbian
Last but not least - Pancake - Furry Doggo Lesbian

I need more.

That good ol' WLW solidarity. I've got a handful!

Peach Honey


galaxy's fav mute lesbian 

Aaah, yes! These are really cool and stylish! :3

Keep em coming!

Esmeralda and Arianna are happily married and have two kids ♥ 

(basically all my other characters are ace/aro) 

ITS TIME! ITS TIME! ITS TIME! i myself am dfab male, but i can't help my former identity of hardcore lesbian and my ADORATION of girls cannot be contained!!

heres ein, who i call homocha, Alpha Lesbian whose dating a weedie gal!

and then of my UPLOADED lesbians... koi, chiasa, firebird, aixe, ambrosia, flikwer, prelude & minuet, bell & briar, shes gay for her princess, sleeps around with all the cute girls, niahm, valkyrie, and october!

Hnnnnng this character is


she keeps a catalog of drawings of beautiful girls she sees.... she even took art classes just to improve her sketches

that's how gay she is


if those dogs hadn't attacked her at age 8

((sobs)) she had a great life ahead of her.. taken away just because she pet a dog in the wrong place....

She's a mom but she's super punk/a rocker I love her.