Show me your body horror/horror characters!

Posted 3 months, 2 hours ago (Edited 1 month, 30 days ago) by Lazarus EmptyProxy

Hey there! I adoooore creepy spooky body horror characters. Babs with eyes all over their arms, ones that just have a random arm poking out of a hole in their head, etc.

I really want to see more spooky babs and know that I'm not the only one with them as OCs so feel free to show off your babs and talk all about them! >w<

Linked above is my newest addition, Lazarus, a living gateway to hell with a bunch of holes in his chest that arms can come out of to drag people into hell.

I imagine Cassie here qualifies for this? Her mouth-arm basically spits out napalm. Other than that, decently well-adjusted person.

he counts, right??? damien's body will seem humane everytime he ages, since he's a homo revenio (aka google translated returning man) and he'll gradually return his, mostly physical, humanity and soon be a beast once he 'passes' away

he's in 12% of the process, so he's still sane even though he has a body capable of bioluminescence, one mutated hand, horns, and a big tail

it may not be seen but portions of his skin are scaly and has somewhat sharp teeth, so he always wear a mask to hide them

also, i have a thread that is similar to this ù v ú)9

/slamdunks this living mistake into every thread with this theme possible/

How's this dude for Body Horror?

lif is p body horror-y and whisper has a bunch of eyes

Big STRONG spine monster who guards the only exist to a hellish otherworld.