Show me your Centaurs!

Posted 1 year, 23 days ago by TinyCentaur

Because the world always needs more then. ;u; Any kind of Taurs will do too! Centaur, Deertaur, Goattaur... 

Show me your lovelies! <3 

Im on my phone right now but mine are (and still making more!)

Rose, Chiron, Jeanne, Cadence and I also have an unnamed “Watertaur” ! 

Cael jellolas

my centaur son



Aw c'mon y'all, you must have more Centaurs!!! ;u; 

( love him btwwww aaaaaa)

Nyx Nighticrawler

I have a few but Nyx is probably the most "Centaur" like out of all of them since he is an actual horse!

well.. Kelpie. he lifes underwater and eats humans sometimes. 

the other once are less.. Centaur, but still tarus:

Mer this one is a little asshole.. 

and then my little Diva Devia

If looked at all of you Taurs and every single one just has such a lovely design!  


Nighticrawler -- OOOO i love your kids so much!!! ;u; Especially Devia!! Tigertaurs are gorgeous omg. <3 

Trevor Xirdneh TheLadyAnatola

I currently have four, although only Trevor and Gage have profiles right now. Gotta actually draw Gage's parents a solid reference before I even think about making a profile for them. ^^; I'll probably end up making more since they have a tribe and will need others to interact with before I horrendously kill off all of them so Gage's tragic backstory is guaranteed. I also seem to have a weird habit of naming my centaur the most non-fantasy sounding names ever despite them totally being in a fantasy setting. Trevor the centaur in high fantasy world, heck yeah. XD