pointy, round, curvy, show all the big noses!! i'll start with mine huhu, camellia has round but pointed down nose! it's longer at the tip than the bridge <3

Who has the biggest nose ?

Nobody nose >:3c

Here's another oc of mine with a pretty large nose!

honestly big noses are the best!!! i have several ocs with big noses <3333 

big nose u say?

Parah or my guy Fabian probably have the biggest noses of my OCs

So, I really like noses and they run kind of large in my characters usually........ Mal has the largest nose, but Oliv has the most notable nose I think.

James here has a big nose! The largest out of all my OCs I'd say!

Edward here has a pretty big nose. On the pictures I've uploaded is not very clear but his nose is pretty long

eoryth flies into this thread real fast

Most of my characters have big noses because its one of my favorite types of noses to draw however i'll post as tabitha cus she probably has the biggest nose of all my characters!

I LOVE A GOOD SCHNOZ!!!!! most of my characters have big round noses, but micah's is definitely the biggest.... mostly because i end up drawing them with wildly out of proportion noses on accident ;;