In total, how many OCs do y'all have?

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let's be honest, we have all pushed some of our own personality traits onto some (or all) of our OCs... which character of urs is guilty of being the one that's most like u? for me, it's one of my fantrolls krypt'n (, who's most like me - ignoring the fact that he's got a lot more confidence than i do and is nowhere near as anxious and shy as i am, haha

Bozard Orca

I have made a lot of designs, but only a handful have been given any kind of bio or even a name, and only a handful of those are being actively used.

I could go with the easy answer,  my sona; she IS me, just as a character. It's for that reason that she has no bio.

But besides her, I made Bozard a lot like me and never even realized it, to the point where I almost consider him a second sona. Almost. Except obviously, I don't have wings. I'd still be bummed out if I did have weak wings, though.

Xaanik Aarix

hahah woops xaanik is me but hot & terrifying
Like, i'm kidding, i mean he's his own person, but we have quite a bit in common... which is what u get for keeping a character since u were an edgy teen :')


It's a tie between Katrica and Cybil... Hmmm!

Name setsuu

This girl. Still developing her, but s he  i s m eeeee <3 :)

Takumi Kyosuga Revontulet1982

This guy likely more so than many others, but each OC has some elements of me :D

Crystalline (ZLixue Meiling Hua) MoonLotus-Hime

Her and Crystalline. They both have my personality but two of them are bipolar. Thus one take after positive and other negative side of me.

Regulus (Luz) Caine

I actually try my hardest to separate my characters from me since I already have a fursona, and I enjoy taking roles of other type of people, but similarities are unavoidable because every person only has themselves to use when it comes to understanding and portraying others lol.

Anyway Regulus is directly based on my astrological chart and I'm SUCH a typical Leo and even my rising and moon signs are a perfect match with me, so he is obviously super similar to me! He is tad more flirty than I am though and way more physical, and doesn't have the more reserved and aloof exterior I have. 

The Green Writer Renigee

I'd say Greenie is like me the most, because of her reluctance to make bad things happen in her world, knowing that these things are real and have feelings and conciousnesses. (I, however, put my OC's through a fair bit, only because I know they're fictional.)


Raizou is me when was 13/14 except minus dead parent and horrific accident

i didn't do that on purpose but. oops...

Tim tim-in-a-box

they each reperesent  certain part of me, but tim is the one who is tim so :'D

Nyx Nighticrawler

as weird as it's sounds.. it's this guy, even thought we have some big differences in how we view fires. 

but yeah.. the fact that he doesn't really know how to show emotions and has a hard time understanding others is something we have in common

Alice Somnificus reinapepiada

oh shit it's hard to say BUT overall I guess it's this guy! He's literally based on me when I was a wee lil kid (I didn't make him back then jic) and a weirdo lol and I guess he would be me if I never dared to change that.... But honestly... Have I changed that?     

He also has all my afflictions amplified plus more, and his interests are things I don't really care much about (except food. good lord)

Rufus Clockwork

a socially awkward anxious bag filled with sadness that keeps fucking up everything they do no matter how hard they try

yep sounds like me alright

Lucian Black RU-HX

It's a close tie between Lucian and Hendrix.

I didn't realize how much of myself I'd written into Lucian until I recently updated him and read through his old profiles for a starting point. Nowadays my temper isn't half as bad as Lucian's - that was something I chose to exaggerate since I made him aged 13 and teen me had a TERRIBLE temper.

Hendrix is the more withdrawn and not so confident part of me. I view work and handle emotions in a very similar manner to how he does. Hendrix helped me through a rough patch after I quit a toxic job 3 years ago - I frequently vented through him so it was easy to write a big chunk of my personality into him. 

I tend to make characters that represent different bits of me rather than me as a whole person but these two are the closest things I have to a persona.