Show me horns and demons

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Another feature thread because these are fun c:

We all know that there currently isn't a way to efficiently browse characters on TH, and since there are over 100k characters on here most go unnoticed. I really love me some demon characters and horned humanoids, so feature any characters you have that fit those two terms and tell me about them and I'll go check them out. No limit on how many characters you feature, I love 'em all!


  Man, your oc looks so cool! Mine isn't as demonic as yours (she's a little more humanoid)

Sadly, I don't have a lot of information on her due to losing interest in the rp-group I was going to use her for 

Liv She's a pretty cool looking one! I get a real harpy vibe from her, probably is the hair and the wings c: Those branching horns are pretty interesting too! Are those petals coming out of them?

Most of my demons are actually very human in appearance, change for a few extra features. I decided to feature Deimos here to get a 'real' demon to kick off the thread xD


Yup! The horns are technically branches since she was "born" from a tree (I might change this due to not entering to rp group) and flowers grew on them
I'm planning on redesigning her some time so I might make her into a harpy like you suggest ^ ^

Ah, gotcha - It does suit the first post 
He's a very interesting character - I love the detailed profile you made him (it was fun to read ^ ^)

Liv Ah, you don't see tree branch based horns that often! It's a nice design element c:

Thank you! Reminds me that it badly needs to be updated. This is the closest I have *sadface* a human with a dragon soul so he has wings, markings, and 2 sets of horns.

 Man, I tell you, I've been waiting for this thread. I love me some demons. Even if I've only got like... nine? of them or so, haha. Only two of them are up on right now, Sam and Sihlaon, but I'm planning to add Destrogus, a lil' explosive-loving angry squirrel man, and some others later on! 

ElithianFox I've been reading and enjoying yours already, since I've seen you around, but I haven't gotten through many. I must admit your collection is admirable :P

Liv Eonis Their designs look awesome! Do you have any more info on them? o:

5inthemorning I noticed a shocking lack of threads like this, so I plomped one down myself! And it looks like I've attracted other interested people.

Oh man, nothing wrong with having only 9 demons, there's always room for more xD
I do like your Sihlaon, something about their design is really pleasant! Must be the horns and tail, I'm a real sucker for those. If you upload more of your demon bbies you can always ping me here and show them c:

Oh, thanks, that's pretty cool actually! I have the habit of creating larger and more complete profiles for characters, but some are so outdated that it hurts. I should start adding dates to them just to let people know that they're not how the characters are today. 

Eonis Ah, intriguing character! He has one nice set of horns c: I do like the web-like markings under the eye, do they have any significance?

 ElithianFox Visumarx Inherited the Dracoryuu Laigon Soul at the same time as another character of mine so the power was split. Visumarx lacks any tails, but is more adept to dark magic than his counterpart and had more prominent horns. One thing that was split was the Mark of the Dracoryuu Laigon, It is supposed to be under both eyes but as the power was split at birth, he only bears half the marking.


I love to see what kind of horn variations people come up with for their demons! I based Daniel's on a few different goat species and then gave him a little bit of a curve near the end. I haven't found any real life pictures of animals that looked similar to the horn style I gave him so I guess it's a little unique in that fashion. ^_^ It's specifically a goat because the horns sit near the top of his head instead of near his ears like rams/sheep. I also made them red because I liked the look of them being kinda burned or looking "red hot". I tried giving him brown or black horns and it didn't really suit him. He used to have a more spiral horn but this was mostly the lack of communication/understanding between a lot of artists and me, but Naitmaere and I figured it out and he finally drew up what they look like now and this is accurate to what they look like (he draws Daniel like 100% accurate among those that do draw him). vvv Rigid, bumpy, and curve high up, then curl back. It makes it difficult to lay on pillows so he sleeps on his side or back against a bunch of pillows with his head down. XD






Eonis That's a cool spin :D I've a love for that type of 'power split' story element, visually representing it with a marking is awesome c:

loveparody Yeah, I remember you said earlier that you care tremendously about the way Daniel's horns are drawn and that it's something you point out to people you commission! I'm no fan of red coloured horns but they sure do work on him BECAUSE HE HOT

Gimme some very accurate and bumpy horns, though! Those are my favourites. And yeah, I've always wondered how some of my demons sleep too, especially tjose with horns that bend more backwards xD Those that have horns going backwards are okay, but some of my characters with ram-like horns curled around the ears wouldn't even be capable of lying on the side of their head! I have yet to figure out how those work ;v;

ElithianFox omg I'm such an annoying client because I am so so so picky about how the horns are drawn. I like a lot of my old art but I don't really show it off anymore because it is inaccurate. I care about accuracy a lot. I know not all people do, but for me it's important. I don't want someone to grab the wrong picture and use it for a drawing reference, yanno? I love love red horns.  A lot of my very old (long dead/abandoned) demon characters had red horns so I kind of kept up the trait when I made Daniel. Since his hair is a warm black, I decided on red horns to separate them from his hair and to make him stand out. A lot of characters have gray/black/brown horns of some sort so I thought giving him red horns would help him stick out I guess...

Haha, as far as sleeping goes, I only started thinking about that recently when I was RPing a lot of bed/sleeping scenes with my partner. I tried to figure out how he and Sage would sleep in bed and I decided that, since his horns are a big problem, he wouldn't be able to be comfortable on his back, so they'd spoon instead. XD And Sage would be in front of him because Daniel wouldn't want to poke his eyes out so. That's when I started thinking about his sleep habits. We also had some good laughs about horns getting stuck in pillows and sheets. 

Oh, neato! o A o I have a fella named Deimos, too, but he's not as cool looking as your's.
I have three demons.

My first demon isn't very demonic looking at all. xD; She's really ridiculous, honestly-- Her story's ridiculous and she herself is ridiculous... her entire character is like a terrible romantic comedy, basically. But she goes by the name Estelle, and she's a young succubus... in training. She's very cutesy looking and doesn't seem to fit the whole "demonic look" bill...

My second demon goes by the name Silas-- it's just an alias. This is just his human form, but I liked the idea of being a prince of the underworld... He's also a newer character of mine, so I don't have much detail on him just yet. . A . I'm still deciding on what his horn structure would be like...

And then my Deimos is also pretty new, as well. xD; I got the idea of him from a dream I randomly had, actually. I really need to work on their pages, good grief dsksajjdhas 

I HAVE many demons with horns! It's an addiction. He's a hellhound, so I guess that sort of counts? not sure if a direct link will work for this guy because he's under private, but! she's a sheep faun but hey, she has horns

I just really like horns, haha. 


*flies in* UGH I love horned characters/demon characters. I don't have nearly enough of them.

My main oc Cephalus starts off a just a horned humanoid, but during the events of his story (I wrote it for nanowrimo a few years ago), he unlocks his powers and end up looking like this :

I also have Taz, Lianna, Vix and Virgil.

loveparody I think that if you're giving people money to draw your character, the least you can expect is that they draw him correctly :'D And it's a thing I really have too, I've so many demon OCs whose horns aren't just straight up or slightly bent, so when people start ignoring the reference I made of them and draw the horns incorrectly I can get so annoyed lmao

Ah, that's cool! The colour does work well on him. The sleeping thing, I've had to break my head over it so long because it would mean demons' beds would be slightly longer to fit in the horns and spooning would be out of the question because of eye poking horns :'D


LeJeuneMaitre Deimos is a pretty common name I've noticed. Probably because it has Greek roots and Greek names are pretty popular among characters.

I like reversed stereotypes and tropes, so seeing a pastel demon is pretty cool, and she's one of the only ones I've seen pulled off in a way that actually makes me like her :'D

Ahhh, the importance of horn structure comes back! He does look cool, nice amount of potential c:

Yooo, you'll do fine, don't worry! Your Deimos is pretty cool looking as well.


Witch Oh, such a great collection of horned characters! Himiko and Isaac are my favourites from that list, they look so great c: I've always had something for goat legged characters too, and white skin is pretty dang cool on characters c:


Blaziken Excuse me but HOLY SHIT that guy looks good in his powerful form, hot damn! Also, a Solar-paragon design? I really enjoy their designs c:

And Tazaroth is a cool looking character too! Loving the hair-skin colour combination.