Show me horns and demons

Posted 2 years, 3 months ago (Edited 6 months, 16 days ago) by ElithianFox

Another feature thread because these are fun c:

We all know that there currently isn't a way to efficiently browse characters on TH, and since there are over 100k characters on here most go unnoticed. I really love me some demon characters and horned humanoids, so feature any characters you have that fit those two terms and tell me about them and I'll go check them out. No limit on how many characters you feature, I love 'em all!

I have a ton of horned, demon, or both ocs but heres one of my children :> He's an INKcubus~

My dude Wren has horns :D He's a demon.

a good mercenary child

Would a tiefling for D&D count? :3c


I just joined up, and my demon's "name" is Hank - he's right here! o wo /

StarlightDrifter: My demon tends to play poker a lot too. Clearly, these two should meet up. I love Crysalia's design so much!!

yes hello here she is