Show me your musically talented characters!

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I'm a sucker for anything related to music, so are any of your characters in a band? Do they like to sing (whether they're any good or not)? Can they play an instrument? Lay 'em on me. :) 

I'll start off-- most of my characters are musicians, because they're from a story about a battle of the bands contest, but this guy is Izzy, the lead singer/lead guitar in a punk band in the contest. He's more loud and enthusiastic than he is good, but that's all you need to be punk, right?

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I've got 3! Amvira's a DJ and electronic music composer. Her best friend Ed used to do the same, but he went mostly deaf a while back so now he just works tech. Finally, Maria has her own metal band!

scarlet alpheratz

i have a couple of characters (not as many as i'd like, thanks for this thread for reminding me i want more musician characters!) who are casually musicians or not very good but scarlet is definitely my big Music character! she's an awful person but she plays the violin so well it could break your heart. she loves classical music more than anything else and styles herself as a conductor or a drum major. other than her, dia is primarily a viola player in college majoring in music performance

Claude Lovelace Caine

OH BOY HOWDY I'm actually really surprised nobody has called me out yet about the fact almost ALL my characters are musical in some way or another, and it has a whole lot to do with the fact I grew up pretty involved with music (which might seem funny now because I'm fully occupied by writing and drawing instead). 

Claude is one of my most music-oriented characters with a long history in a choir. He also used to play a piano for a few years out of his parents' pressure but then moved on to flute and got very serious about it, aiming to pursue it further. He also likes composing but is very critical about his own works and tends to destroy them the moment he grows irritated with them. As an adult I imagine him making his way to a proper and renowned orchestra as a flutist and some time after that making name as a composer as well. 

Here is the rest of my oc band lmao this is a direct callout for myself

  • Agnes is a bird demon and their kind are naturally talented singers. Her preferred way of doing word magic is by casting spells through singing, as songs are easy to remember and feel natural for her
  • Alois can play piano and viola but he showed the most interest in being a conductor while still alive. He plays the piano to pass time as a ghost and I like to play with the idea he becomes a conductor for a ghost orchestra after some folks of the demon realm discover him and make him join so he wouldn't be lonely anyore
  • Amor loves to sing and has a high and pretty singing voice
  • Cau is another bird demon with a natural talent for singing, although he is pretty average compared to others of his kind. He is a countertenor singer!
  • Cyrus is a moderately good piano player and a singer, but usually the only times he sings are when he is singing some crude joke song that is hip and cool with the teens 
  • Hymnos' magic relies entirely on singing because his original form is that of a heavenly trumpet. His singing makes plants and flowers grow and can revive even dead crops. Soprano
  • Ivan used to be in a choir as a child and has an almost perfect pitch! He has a natural ear for sounds in general and lives by them and music strongly  
  • Julius is more of a dancer, but most likely because of his affinity to birds, Julius has learned to sing very well and also enjoys doing it
  • Kielo has a pretty singing voice and sings to both pass time and lure people to her so she can eat them 
  • Knut plays kantele and can sing but isn't very into it, especially given he wants to be a knight and not a troubadour. He can hit male soprano range despite the fact his voice has already changed, indicating he is more than likely a beast tamer: their vocal chords are much more flexible and different from normal humans. 
  • Laurel wants to perform on the Broadway one day, and he definitely has the skill and talent to - if only he wasn't stuck to performing in a bar/cabaret 
  • Leon has a good and low but still youhful singing voice to the point the school choir constantly tries to recruit him (to the point Leon has sometimes escaped from the second floor's window) but he isn't about that singer life
  • Marion is a renowned violinist 
  • Mikael is the mythic true boy soprano 
  • Miles knows the basics of piano playing and can read notes as a result of his past teaching. He is an alright singer too, but has little to no interest in doing it. Tenor voice in singing but purposefully tends to force his voice lower both in singing and speaking out of embarrassment for his high, childlike voice.
  • Walter plays the piano despite being unable to see he notes due to his blindness - he plays by ear and relies on hard practice and muscle memory 
Also characters who are kind of musical but also no

  • Harmonia is musical in a sense she gets incredibly into the music she hears and she reacts very strongly to music
  • Henri is a werewolf and they love to sing! He isn't all that good though or even particularly passionate 
  • Karl is that OC who has a perfect pitch, but unfortunately he isn't able to use it for singing or musical things per se, instead using it as a way to navigate around clockworks and hear whether there is something wrong with them
  • Rose is in an eternal state of early voice breaking so he simply hums and whistles 
  • Teru is basically an idol in the demon realm lmao except not really it was just one time. His nature as a shapeshifter has kind of taught him to be a jack of all trades and singing is no exception 
 Ivan Raddishes

Well, I've got one! Ivan travels around a lot and can play any instrument thanks to his powers, although he prefers playing the violin and cello. He uses it to conjure stuff!


Oh this is a thread for me~ I love having music characters.

Alice the guitarist tigress, she can also sing as she's been practicing more and more, but only her girlfriend has gotten her to do more than backing vocals. Lead Guitarist of a band some of my characters got going, as well as working with another band with a friend's group of characters.

Fancy the Keyboardist Horse. But she's also probably one of the more versatile ones I have. She's good on guitars and vocals as well, even if she only really does covers of songs on guitar. She and Meros both take turns as the lead vocalist, too. She's the leader of the aforementioned band. She also has a solo project on the side, where Violette helps out with drums.

Gardenia the bassist Tigress, sister of Alice. She's pretty dang great on her bass, and is the bassist of the band. As well as the dedicated stylist for them. She does good work there too! Writes most if not all the bass parts of their original songs.

Harmony Fancy's mother. she's quite skilled in a variety of instruments and works primarily as a composer of many different genres and for various things like movies and such. Is a very well known name in my universe. Lends a hand in the studio for when the band needs a unique sound from an instrument she can play.

Meros the vocalist and guitarist Dragon, Fancy's brother. He's the usual vocalist for the band, but as mentioned before, sometimes Fancy takes over. Usually writes both guitar parts in original songs, but works with Alice when she can, given she is in two bands, it's not too often, but she does help out as best she can!

Not yet named, but she's a Goddess of Music. Pretty much capable of playing any instrument, and learning any song with ease. Though she's more about taking in the sounds than performing for crowds.

Violette the drumming goat. She's a ghost too, so that really helps her go totally all out on drums. She can drum pretty damn fast, but usually doesn't go full force. Lately has been working with Gardenia to write the drum parts of the band's songs. Helps Fancy out in her solo project.

Vincent here isn't too good at any instrument but well he does really well at karaoke at this place downtown in the city, though it's not the most crowded place or anything. Still, I figure he'd fit for that. Probably wouldn't do so good with a bigger crowd, however.


Got a whole group full on em :D 

Lucien is a manager of a band but he himself like to sing opera.

Petras is the above's stepbro and likes to sing and play guitar. 

Kyouya, Florian, and Mikail are band members managed by Lucien. They're all singers.

Vincent is a well known opera singer.

Sigmund is the above's manager. He rather sing in karaoke lol

Nico is a huge fan of Vincent, and he himself is a pianist.

Alaire Rorichi

Omg i have only one atm but i'm working on a bunch of other ones too(they are the members of Alaire's band, seriously, i wanna finish them so much, but i have absolutely no freet ime >-< it makes me wanna cry tbh ;;)~!

So Alaire is really good at screamo stuff and she just can sing really well?

Basil zinnia

this is basil they have rich dads and and super spoiled and they wanna be a famous dj

their room is like.. a huge mess of instruments but they have one of those launchpad things which is their main thing
they usually do hardcore/noise/speedcore or really loud dnb 

their 'friend' kaguya is really experienced playing the koto and basil like annoying her so they can record samples from it
(kaguya only really tolerates basil cuz theyre polar opposites)

Kiyung Cha AlleycatIrony

kryp here plays the flute! he's also an incredibly talented singer

Alistair McLain AlleycatIrony

actino does electric guitar and acoustic, he's also an alright singer

Lachlan Au Yeung AlleycatIrony

lakkie's a famous singer/DJ so that's self explanatory


I don't have a lot of musically inclined characters.  I have Tit, who loves music and Kpop but can't sing worth nothing.  Then I have my little K-pop group just formed today from my three new Marighouls.  BaBa, J-B and Jin-e. They are very talented and are getting back into the music scene after the unfortunate accident that killed them prior to their previous debut. (Marighouls are a species of dead so...)  Still working on some details but they have their basic roles down.


Hooo boy well a lot of characters I made/have were kinda based on songs or just have been listening to certain ones the most with certain ocs so they end up musicians/singers but anyhoo

I have my robotic singers Static and Scratch and basically they're like Vocaloids and they need each other to make music, Static focusing more on singing while Scratch is a DJ

My Sirens, Maurice and Octiva, Mar being a Rocker and Octi being hip-hop/R&B. Octi is more into singing while Mar is of course more into making the music

Oleander is my most fav. She's a singer and does mostly chill/jazzy songs

And then my smooth jazz lads: Val on sax, Eris on singing and piano, Mr. Smile on violin, Count FurFur on cello, and surprisingly Boss on piano



well, there is the band Metal Sheep with Cereal Killer, Tim, Tina, Tadej, Jure and Nina but they go back and forth a lot on who does what in the band and music genres

/but they are right now working on a new song about doing drugs and having sex with unicorn corpses cuz you see cereal killer likes drugs, tadej likes sex with corpses and jure likes unicorns O_O/