Show me your musically talented characters!

Posted 1 year, 5 months ago (Edited 7 months, 28 days ago) by Izzy hedgemaze

I'm a sucker for anything related to music, so are any of your characters in a band? Do they like to sing (whether they're any good or not)? Can they play an instrument? Lay 'em on me. :) 

I'll start off-- most of my characters are musicians, because they're from a story about a battle of the bands contest, but this guy is Izzy, the lead singer/lead guitar in a punk band in the contest. He's more loud and enthusiastic than he is good, but that's all you need to be punk, right?

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Vincent Magniventris

He's a skilled violinist, and I am trying dESPERATELY to find a good way to integrate that into his story, haha.

Zamion Xen

This guy plays the guitar in his free time and he's very skilled in making music, but rarely finds time among all the chaos in his life. Pretty cliche but something I'm fond of his character.

Clio🎹 Sevenlole

Clio is a pianist and a singer but she never sings in public so nobody really knows how well she does. But I have a couple more OCs who play music:

Camille and Junko are violinists

Coralie is also a singer

Eva plays drums

Omega is a singer / choregraph and idol!

Abelino sterlinging

Yeah! Abelino is the main character of a universe which has one main plot of navigating the music indusry and musical development of sorts! He's a really versatile pop star that works in multiple genres!

I also have Jackal, who related to Abelino. He was a punk rock star.

Arthur Shyads

I'm still working on his bandmate's profiles, but Art here is one of my oldest ocs, and plays guitar pretty well! 

Azrael forumsdackel

He's the most musically talented character I have (I guess). He plays a lot of instruments (besides violin and guitar) and his whole life revolves around music.