Show me your musically talented characters!

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago (Edited 5 months, 2 days ago) by Izzy hedgemaze

I'm a sucker for anything related to music, so are any of your characters in a band? Do they like to sing (whether they're any good or not)? Can they play an instrument? Lay 'em on me. :) 

I'll start off-- most of my characters are musicians, because they're from a story about a battle of the bands contest, but this guy is Izzy, the lead singer/lead guitar in a punk band in the contest. He's more loud and enthusiastic than he is good, but that's all you need to be punk, right?

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 Lin Kazetatsu

Lin is a drummer, and she makes electronic music with some kind motion sensitive tech that turns kinesthetic movement into sounds  

Mariana Cassius Octavius Serva Cliodna

Mariana is proficient in the lute and a few other roman string istruments. She's also got a good voice.

Ceinios MagicaeDraco

Ceinios uses a special harp that only he can use, since it's attuned to his magic levels.

Navy Sapphire softy-soft

She can sing gorgeously, it’s one of her most favorite things about herself! She can also play harp but she’s honestly not great at it sksk

Heron Aarix

nyeh here's Heron, a newer addition to my ever-increasing collection of guitar men of noticeable height and questionable moniker

✧ Inari「稲荷」 Hanae

Inari can play the shakuhachi, a Japanese bamboo flute! It's something he learned in his past time because he was entranced when he heard a human playing it.

Cas gummywyrm

Cas is the guitarist in a garage rock band! They can also play the drums, but they just started so they aren’t great at it yet.

Cas gummywyrm

Cas is the guitarist in a garage rock band! They can also play the drums, but they just started so they aren’t great at it yet.

Blare coffeehaus

Blare was a character I made for a D&D campaign and then got really attached to. They're a Kenku (read: big crow person) who, for lack of actual turntables, mimics and manipulates sounds they've heard from others. They're primarily interested in having a good time, and they certainly know how to get a party started, but they're an atrocious communicator. They also form the group Grand Imperial with their buddy Grand: Blare's the DJ, and Grand's the MC. Blare's pretty directly based off of turntable-heavy musical acts I've heard, especially DJ Qbert and some of the stuff on the Return Of The DJ compilation albums (and maybe some of the mixes from DJ Hero, too).

Bianca Blossomfall

Bianca's my personal favourite out of my musically-inclined characters!  She's a broadway-themed character whose design is inspired off of Heather Chandler's from Heathers: The Musical.  I use her in an Art RP group, and she's essentially done a lot of musicals in a theatre troupe before she arrived at the setting of the roleplay, so you can bet she loves to sing!  I even made her a list of musical songs she loves listening to on her MP3!