Show me your musically talented characters!

Posted 1 year, 11 days ago (Edited 3 months, 2 days ago) by Izzy hedgemaze

I'm a sucker for anything related to music, so are any of your characters in a band? Do they like to sing (whether they're any good or not)? Can they play an instrument? Lay 'em on me. :) 

I'll start off-- most of my characters are musicians, because they're from a story about a battle of the bands contest, but this guy is Izzy, the lead singer/lead guitar in a punk band in the contest. He's more loud and enthusiastic than he is good, but that's all you need to be punk, right?

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i have a Whole Band 

🎧Harvey🎧 beenz

harvey is musically inclined and has a love for freestyle/ rapping

Peight AeroHail

Peight can play the accordion and guitar! He grew up in a very musical family! (I need to draw him playing his accordion at somepoint!)

Castle Finches

Castle is the lead singer in a Jrock band. 

Felix circlejourney

For someone who really likes music, I don't mention it in relation to my OCs much (or really think about it). Anyway I always pictured Felix being a really good classical singer; he was in the school choir because look at him, how could he not be, and noted for his voice though it doesn't have that flashy vocal quality prized in opera leads of the time. I don't know why but I also picture him being good with the clarinet or flute? He's my most musical OC, in the way someone from the 1890s would be.

Avalon Aarix

dear sweet Avalon can lay down a bassline that does not so much walk as it does canter

Iraris Hearthrob (WIP) Rubybeam

Iraris here enjoys gracefully plucking at piano ivories when he has the free time to- he actually tries to make most of his money off playing piano 

seth . lovebug

seth has a really nice singing voice & plays the guitar.

Pippin SoulLugia11

Pippin is really good at playing the piano! Although he doesn't play it nearly as much as he used to, his skill is still there. He pretty much stopped after members of his adoptive family besides his parents continuously mocked him for it, but deep inside, he still knows that he is skilled and that he enjoys it. He's just afraid that someone else who hears it might not think it's good.

Boris can play the flute, and enjoys playing it outside on a nice day. He also likes playing it when his crush/future girlfriend, Gwen, is around.

Vasilis can play virtually any musical instrument, but the one he enjoys playing the most is the piano! He often plays for his boyfriend, Seth.

Louise Marcus pax

Oh boy, I love this thread.

I have this on-going project where I actually create music for some of my characters. Not as in theme songs, but songs credited to their name.

Pretty much everyone in my 愛DOLLS folder is part of a band or is a solo-act with at least one song. I've yet to upload the other songs, because I'm saving them for "albums" and next year's "music festival interactive story" where I will be featuring more bands or more of the existing bands' songs.

I'm almost ready to release Louise's album, too -- it's an instrumental album, all in piano -- I just need to refine the current songs a bit and maybe make one or two songs to add variety?