Weekly "show me a character" [W33]

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I have been thinking of making a thread like this for a while now, and since we're still at the beginning of the week I figured I should do one now! Basically this sort of combines the "show me a character who" thread and the general concept of "show off your characters who are X" threads into one that changes weekly, so it should give people plenty of chances to participate. The point of this thread is also not to nullify the already existing ones, people are more than free to make more of those and I super support them! 

I'll post a new prompt each week both on this starter thread and on comment section! Feel free to post multiple characters or combine all into one post - whichever feels the best for you. 

Week 33: Show me your characters with tattoos!

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Nimue Jakande Cliodna

Medfant!Nimue Jakande had a LOT of tattoos despite never getting an official tattoo map. The most visible ones of them were a pair of eyes tattooed on her eyelids, signifying her "sixth sense"/"second sight". The rest of her tattoos would spell out stories in pictograms, meant to either ward off evil or call a purpose upon her.

Parable of The Cave is another one who has an excess of tattoos. Hers are made with a magical material called "glow" or "pure essence" which is permanently warm and glows in the dark, thus identifying her in the low-light conditions of her subterraneal home. Each tattoo has a meaning and has to be earned, spelling out the wearers occupation, marital status, feats age and even personality traits.

Suri TheLadyAnatola

Suri’s got some rose tattoos on her chest, shoulders, and upper back. :3

Marce yenndou

Marce, Ezra, Keyne, Eddie, Coluna, and Colton all have tribal symbols/marking tattoos on their left shoulder to show which clan they belong to in their society.

Alder has runic tattos on his chest, shoulders, and back because the red skin and tail and horns isn't enough to show that you're a demonic creature from hell apparently.

Jace Crimson-Catalyst

someone's got a bit of an ink addiction (not really but we tease him about it). he's had it done in sections over the past five years or so; due to [redacted] he's able to trick himself and feel no pain at all during the actual tattooing so he's got very little stopping him from planning more


i have a few other characters with tattoos but most of them are small graphics, not full-body designs like jace's, so he wins.

Velembi Cliodna

Making another post as I only now finished her profile.

Velembi has two dots on her forehead, showing her societal caste and bloodline. The more dots, the higher standing you are in the society. "Two" means "normal genes, and bloodline, nothing remarkable".

Lindsey Rune ScaryGhosts

She has one tattoo. I hope that counts haha. Maybe she’ll end up with more in the future! 

Ophelia ToastGoblin

Her human form has a few tattoos- mainly on her upper torso and of flowers

Mar iyfrr

Mar has a boat tattoo on the back of her leg!!

 “A” de-mise

He’s got some tattoos on his right shoulder and upper arm!

nino lacaille

he does! just a small one. as does lotte

Turul Shank TheLadyAnatola

Turul probably has the most tattoos out of the characters I have up so far, and I can barely draw them. ^^; I've only sketched out clear references for the tattoos on his upper body so far. Still gotta work out the other half of him some time.

Dandelion Beefy

Dandy has some sick tattoos! Im super proud of their design as I usually suck at drawing tattoos. Theyre also easy to redraw which again is something I have trouble with lol

Gennadios Argyris Leviticus

Gen's got a fair few tats!

Mikhail Kozlov Returnofmorningstar

Does it still count if none of his art shows them? :> Technically he's covered in tattoos.