Weekly "show me a character"

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I have been thinking of making a thread like this for a while now, and since we're still at the beginning of the week I figured I should do one now! Basically this sort of combines the "show me a character who" thread and the general concept of "show off your characters who are X" threads into one that changes weekly, so it should give people plenty of chances to participate. The point of this thread is also not to nullify the already existing ones, people are more than free to make more of those and I super support them! 

I'll post a new prompt each week both on this starter thread and on comment section! Feel free to post multiple characters or combine all into one post - whichever feels the best for you. 

Week 7: Show me your characters in need of an update or redesign (suggested by circlejourney)

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Rikk RadiantRaindragon

I recently decided I wanted to change Rikk's mask design so it only covered the upper side of his head instead of his whole head like... a helmet... But I haven't gotten around to drawing him a new ref sheet yet, and I think I've only drawn him with the new mask design once or twice as quick concept doodles.

Colin also needs some design changes and a new ref, even though he's probably my most frequently altered character (he's had his entire design changed at least twice and his backstory changed... four or five times? I don't remember).

Regulus (Luz) Caine

Here is another character from the unfinished folder! I have to check some lore related details etc to make sure I got them right but didn't get around to it. I really should because Luz is like the closest thing to a persona character who isn't a fursona solely because his personality is based on my astrological chart AND I'm the most basic sun leo / moon gemini / rising sagittarius combo there is 


Her character sheet is not on this site but I've got Christel Audursdöttir. She needs a bit of a redesign - I like the general idea of her i.e. a budding writer of a journalist who's icelandic and of a wealthy background, but she really does look too much like she fell out of my wardrobe.

Jorah Peach-Coke

I love him, but his outfit just screams "This gurl loved topless dudes a few years ago" about me LMAO

Perry wormancer

Perry needs an update and probably a redesign with it, right now he's kind of an unfortunate in-between of a couple other characters I like better but I'm so hesitant to let him go u.u

 Oltayba Vowltures

The only think I need to change is his anatomy to make him fit the species I want to make him part of.
I already did this to Alchemille, even I think she could be better than that ^^'
Also because Alchemille doesn't looks like the human looking bird I wanted to do :/

Jinju Pampö Beefy

She needs a new... everything. I recently redid her profile but her fullbody ref is so old and her outfit so weird? I need to sit down and redraw her ref + update her dnd info if nothing else!!

Emily MasterShortpants

Emily here is in the works for a revamp! I'm planning on slightly simplifying her design and making her an anthro, to fit in the world of a comic I'm working on as a side/background character :0

Aside from Emily, my old Espeon character, Twila, also has a revamp coming up! I need to adjust her design to fit her new backstory. Will probably keep her current one as an AU/alt design just because nostalgia, though :p Aaaaand most of my Vaikis need to be transferred to the new lines. Thinking I might clean up Reshiram's design a bit when I transfer him as well, since I made him myself and I've improved significantly since then.

Garanzo aaawhyme

Show me your characters in need of an update or redesign

Basically all my fire lord characters. In particular, Garanzo. He really needs an update in terms of profile description and bio. 

also Zerek - since he's the main character of one of the books... he's sorely in need of an update. ahaha

Zara Aarix

Zara... poor girl's been on the backburner for a couple of years now, she needs some attention from me, badly. Design-wise, story-wise, lore-wise. It's such a shame bc she has so much potential as a character & I've just shoved her into a corner all this time ORL don't worry babe this year's your year. I promise. Maybe.

🐉 (2 Zeal) glizzrybear

Him! I've already got a design ongoing but it's been a WIP for the longest time T0T