Show me your DanganRonpa OC's!

Posted 1 year, 25 days ago (Edited 1 year, 25 days ago) by Miyuki Noto Princesse-Meduses

Post IC so I can check out your talented babies! DR is one of my passions, so I'd love to see what people have out here!

Taro Tick

SHSL Stage Actor

Kichiro Tick

SHSL Game Master

manako asteism

i don't have sprite edits of her or anything, but here's manako! shsl magician's assistant. she has a brother, kunpei, played by my friend nemi (who isn't on TH) and he's the shsl magician! i had someone else around here with a sprite and i'll repost with them too if i can find it ^^

Ayako Adachi Cryingbluebear

Ahh i love DR! I love creating DR Ocs. So far i only have this bab on TH. I havent put anything on her B.I.O but you have reminded me i should!. Oh and shes the SHSL Mathematician.


@Maretack omg, I love that you have siblings are ultimates! It's always super neat seeing that, especially when they don't have similar ults that would compliment each other!


asteism Ooh, I totally dig her hair, the colors are so so nice, her design looks so gentle. I love sibling oc's, it's always super cute to see how their personalities differ!


Cryingbluebear Ooh, do you mind telling me about her personality?

Aiko Nishikawa Princesse-Meduses

Here are some of my kids.
This is Aiko, she's the ultimate meteorologist! She's pretty.. iffy! She's not all that sweet, but when favoritism comes into play, all eyes on you honestly, she'll devote herself to only one single person at a time, since she doesn't like to stick to permanent friendships. They're currently in a killing game group, but so far she's still alive!

Ana MarĂ­a Montoya Princesse-Meduses

Ana is my ultimate lepidopterist! They're Mexican and love to bake and cook to destress and believe its a good way to bond with people! I've had them in a killing game group before and they were chosen as victim! They really admire butterflies and moths, and will only collect the ones that have died of natural causes!

Miyuki Noto Princesse-Meduses

Miyuki is my current obsession at the moment as I'm sprucing up her history and how she attained her talent! She's the ultimate wardrobe supervisor!
Miyuki is basically like the kid of the JP version of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt before they separated, lots of siblings and overall wealthy! She's spoiled and secretly loves to watch soap operas and old school anime.

Anika Patel Princesse-Meduses

Anika is my artsy glass blowing kid, she has elective mutism and will only speak when introducing herself or for a yes or no answer. I haven't developed her much, but I plan to this summer.

Ikari Athora

SHSL Illusionist. Not quite done in the style that people normally do, but still there. #TeamDespair

Theo velvet_taku

SHSL Hacker.

But I prefer the term Ultimate Hacker c:

And I don't really hack to hurt anyone, (at least I hope I'm not,) more to fix or help what shouldn't be that way.

Euphoria totokatokako

Euforia is the shsl hacker! though i have a whole class sob


Athora Ahh! I love illusionists! I love the color choices for this cutie!