✖️ Show Me Your Main Sona! ✖️

Posted 1 year, 22 days ago (Edited 6 months, 14 days ago) by GeckoSauce

✖️ I'm interested in seeing everyone's main sona! ✖️

Of course, we all have multiple main characters etc, but I only want to see your 'ultimate' main!

Why are they your main? Do they represent something about you or do they have another meaning behind them? 

Also, is there anything you would want to change or maybe you have a love hate relationship with them?

Post your characters down below and say why that one is more important to you than your others! 

01. 🍄 SIENI hyrule

this is a really good thread idea! this is my main sona, sieni! it means mushroom NDNSH i still have to work on details of him thoo

Fursona Caine

tbh I only have one so here we go!! 

Hej hedgemaze

It's me, I am a hej

Liam AlleycatIrony

i only have two sonas but my main one is liam! i'm lazy and don't have any info up for him yet, he's got art tho

tho since u call them 'main characters' i'm thinking u might mean main OC? if u mean that then i've got kiyung who might as well be a sona anyway by this point bc he might as well be me so i guess it works either way

Guts Cloverleaf

This is my main guy, idk if he's quite a "sona" but he's as close as it gets for me

- Pistol - Butter_Dragon

my main gal is Pistol!

Osteon osteoh

osti's really my only sona! he has various AU versions for stuff like ARPGs, but other than that, it's just him. ^^

Oreo dogstarlite

bark bark

Wonder Wonderland

Wonder is mine! :3c

Judas Iscariote Judas-la-Carotte

Here's mine, I guess! Funnily enough, I updated his bio just yesterday, lmao. I feel kinda ashamed because he looks more like a vent character than anything tho :")

Kaito (comes with genderbend) orangedevilplanes

its actually him, rather the odds.

Yelisa ✨ birthday

heres mine! shes who i draw to represent myself + for fun and self insert stuff :D

・。゚☆ Urio ☆・。゚ Miumii

There's my girl! Her name is Urio and she's based off the things I like about myself ❤