✖️ Show Me Your Main Sona! ✖️

Posted 1 year, 22 days ago (Edited 6 months, 14 days ago) by GeckoSauce

✖️ I'm interested in seeing everyone's main sona! ✖️

Of course, we all have multiple main characters etc, but I only want to see your 'ultimate' main!

Why are they your main? Do they represent something about you or do they have another meaning behind them? 

Also, is there anything you would want to change or maybe you have a love hate relationship with them?

Post your characters down below and say why that one is more important to you than your others! 

Sara sunshineem

I would like to believe it's Sara. I've based a lot of things on her about myself and it's just a better version I guess.

 Myra Kudryavka

Myra. I had a tremendous amount of identity and sense of self issues in the past, to the point I thought I had BPD.

My sona used to be first a character named Trinidad (that I haven't posted on TH yet), then Sanzu (who "became" Galina) and I also had Assam as a secondary, then Klee.
But actually, I find that I'm more of a feline personality than a canine. And I wanted either a snow leopard or a lynx as a sona. As I'm very white and European, I figured out an Eurasian lynx would be a better fit. And that's how I came up with Myra. At first she was a random lynx girl I was drawing, but I decided to make her my sona.

She doesn't share all my characteristics, for example she's converted to Sikhism. I took this decision while I thought of converting myself to Sikhism, but later thought "ok, you're not making any decisions until medicated", and I also prefer not to be affiliated to any religion so I can keep my freedom. I'm medicated now, and not converting myself. But my sona is. On the inside, I have a shard of me (probably from a past life) that has something to do with Sikhism. It's complicated.


Lazarus is my main because he's the first character I've ever bought. He also represents my darker side, the more emotionless side, and how I think.

I dislike Lazarus' colours because they're hard to see, but I love the design. It gives off a "creepy" look. In the future, I think I'll redesign him.

❤ Joey Ettner ninjagadoa

joey isn't an actual sona or anything, but he's definitely the character that i'm most connected to, and he's probably my oldest human oc. there are a few very minor things about myself that i've placed within joey's character, but i tend to do that with most of my characters so that bit doesn't matter much. 

he's gone through a massive revamp recently, design and lore wise, which has only made me love him more. joey's also the one i draw when i have no inspiration, or when i'm way too inspired ♥ im honestly gushing with love for my sweet baby child and i can't contain it ehgh

Lσɯ-Kҽყ 🔒 low-keyfur

Just.. basically me. I don't claim her as my main so much, but she is the one that is LITERALLY me. Nothing removed or added.

I honestly find her pretty unlikable because I have a low self esteem, and am kind of snippety IRL, so I prefer claiming Beetle.

♡ 1 || Hawk ♡ hawksbluevibes

hawk is my main! she's literally me just w different outfits and hair color aksflafa

tbh i dont rly feel as attached to her as i do some of my other characters, she's kinda just a self insert lol ;;

Ruby Colten Little-GrAve

Here is my boy Ruby