✖️ Show Me Your Main Sona! ✖️

Posted 10 months, 23 days ago (Edited 4 months, 17 days ago) by GeckoSauce

✖️ I'm interested in seeing everyone's main sona! ✖️

Of course, we all have multiple main characters etc, but I only want to see your 'ultimate' main!

Why are they your main? Do they represent something about you or do they have another meaning behind them? 

Also, is there anything you would want to change or maybe you have a love hate relationship with them?

Post your characters down below and say why that one is more important to you than your others! 


Vikrolomen because he's like an escape from reality to me (in a good way). I use him for almost every video game I play. 

🌘 Kroj Jolly

Even tho he’s not the sona I actually made for myself, he’s by one of my fave designers, and he really fulfills the whole fantasy empowerment role I love in videogame PCs and such. (Also the whole Kaiju thing meshes well with both my interests and what I actually enjoy drawing!)

Hyacinth OverTheHorizon

He's my kit kat boyo - and one of the few characters that I use rather frequently (mainly in traditional, at-home, never posted sketches/doodles), and while I did not design him myself, I am v, v fond of his design, as I love the overall purpley-pink hues.--

(I also have another main, collo, but i haven't used him v often lately, - and i likewise feel bad for not doing so - which is why i didn't insert him here.)

Gidget grawolfquinn

My main sona right now, but I've been feeling unconnected to her lately :'/ I also have Cuddlebunny, who's KIND OF my alternate sona because I'm really connected to my character he derives from, Sam!

Null MiniatureCat

null was literally based on my weird and often crazy ideas, I tried to "personify" it. 

Mecha Jayeagle

my girl :P

j - my persona lordsatin

i only have one sona but i love her!