Show me your pretty boys!

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ughghg i used the search tool w a few terms and couldnt find anything specifically like this but if its too similar to something else tell me n ill take it down!! ^^;;

basically im a useless gay and i like seeing cute boys. when i say pretty boy (since i guess 'pretty' is sorta subjective) i basically mean any character that fits this/this! no other qualifications (ex. they dont need to be effeminate or anything), they just gotta be designed to be pretty and be a boy.

(edit: accidentally posted IC fuck)

Claude Trinidad Blais Beefy

Claude was designed to be a pretty boy! He has long ringlets, full lips and a delicate chin. I also exclusively draw him in crop tops because I like drawing his abs too much to let them hide under a shirt RIP

I also want to do an... honorable mention... to Rose. He's actually designed to be quite ugly but he dresses like he's cute/people have called him pretty in the past so ??? Hooray?


m m m yes i got a few : Caviar, Florian, Helix (he more cute than pretty though owo), I guess Saccharin too lol (i think he cute>pretty too o o p s)


krypt'n is in the sense that he's feminine
nemura, phoenicis, xenneth are in the sense that they're just pretty
and eoryth and takaio are in the sense that they've got nice faces (like the masculine pretty boys w/ the nice jawline? u know?)

Kiwi Gif

Tbh i think kiwi is my cutest boy on this account so far and i love him, he's the most "unusual" design i made bc I'm usually doing human looking people sidjbosdkgds

Nix Andromeda Adelis butterfly

Story is my feminine and delicate nb boy . . . I love him lots . . .

Azrael Vogel Corbin

Azrael probably fits the bishounen look more ;w;

Claude Lovelace Caine

Basically all my male OCs are pretty boys, Claude being the worst offender probably haha 

Koray Dolce

not sure if you would consider them pretty boys but I've got Koray and Cassius :'D

  • Haggis wasn't really supposed to be pretty when I first made him but he just gets prettier every time I draw him lmao. at this point it's a thing people comment on in the comic he's from
  • Mephisto is pretty and he knows it. also no one ever seems to draw him wearing a shirt
  • Santiago... has art of him as a dating sim candidate because that is who he is
  • Roger is cute
  • Nash has the angelic blond thing going on
  • Igor doesn't really have great art but he's supposed to be pretty

Not sure if you'd count any of my others, but here's my male character tag

Reimfred Waltz

Ooh, I've got quite a few of these, but Reimfred is the quintessential princely bishounen!

Some other top contenders:
- Caile
- Lagarth
- Nysaela
- Maestero
- Dagim
- Sarin
- Arkaid
- Cente

And a fair few scattered others!

Atrofiel Wonderland

Tofi is anime boy-pretty boy esque :0

Most of my boyos are gruff disasters but I also have; - Leave room for dragon Jesus - SWIPER NO SWIPING - I LOVE YOUR ACCENT, I’m Liberian, oh shi sorry *whispers* I love your accent - I’m sorry I can’t hear you over my anime sparkles? - it’s a spooooky ghooost - burn baby burn - did it hurt when you fell from heaven? - *hiccup* i enjoy both types of six pack!

I have more but I’m running out of memes :’)

Angelo HeartlessSpade

Hmm well I think Angelo is definitely the most bishounen of all my boys??

But I also have:








And Takahashi

Dane Lauzet 💖 birthday

almost all of my male ocs are pretty boys but dane is the one consistently drawn as the prettiest kvhfkfb... personality wise he also tends to be the most graceful, and he loves poetry