Show me your pretty boys!

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ughghg i used the search tool w a few terms and couldnt find anything specifically like this but if its too similar to something else tell me n ill take it down!! ^^;;

basically im a useless gay and i like seeing cute boys. when i say pretty boy (since i guess 'pretty' is sorta subjective) i basically mean any character that fits this/this! no other qualifications (ex. they dont need to be effeminate or anything), they just gotta be designed to be pretty and be a boy.

(edit: accidentally posted IC fuck)

Arrow Finches

Arrow is a pretty boy for sure ♡

Florent Brier butterfly

Florent is a very pretty boy whom I love . . .

Norio CatalystAristarkh

He only has chibi arts for now, but this baby is supposed to be a pretty fashion model.

One day, one day I shall get an adult reference pic for him so he could flourish that inner pretty-ness in him.

- Llew

I could put all my boys here xD 

Kuro Candyrose

He's one of many pretty boys, but.. ✧( •˓◞•̀ )


Definitely Link! He's the prettiest lil boy I have, and man do I love him! *coughcoughifanyonewantedtodrawhimithinkiwouldfallinlovethankscoughcough*

also ha,,, his name is a link to his profile,, im so funny