Show me your pretty boys!

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ughghg i used the search tool w a few terms and couldnt find anything specifically like this but if its too similar to something else tell me n ill take it down!! ^^;;

basically im a useless gay and i like seeing cute boys. when i say pretty boy (since i guess 'pretty' is sorta subjective) i basically mean any character that fits this/this! no other qualifications (ex. they dont need to be effeminate or anything), they just gotta be designed to be pretty and be a boy.

(edit: accidentally posted IC fuck)

Michael littlelapin

people Really fall for this asshat don't they LMAO

Shawn kkromao

Some of my friend told me that he looks pretty jshsjs

Dragu Erin pechhi

Heres my boy, and he is quite pretty if I do say so... i also draw him WAY too much! despite him being a fairly recent character of mine qjhwsbhwdnjdjkwel

Faustus Steampunk

Is this boy pretty enough??

Ictinus Twocue

I've got three haha... 

Ictinus, Richmond, and Killi.

Ictinus travels all over the world. While he's out he is kind of a man whore haha. He loves to find cute guys and gals to be friendly with. It's so lonely being away from home ;D... 

Richmond is a monster king.

Killi is a prince :D 

🌙 (2. 风眠 (Fēng Mián)) puhlizzyy

He's both pretty and handsome uhjdsh what a dream

Samael Nefere

Samael certainly considers himself pretty~

Geno YaraDB

He's a real pretty boy. And I think he fits as a Bishonen.

Malka aaawhyme

Malka is supposed to be a prettyboi