Characters more well-liked than you expected?

Posted 1 year, 14 days ago (Edited 7 months, 1 day ago) by hedgemaze

Judas-la-Carotte's thread about underrated characters made me think about the opposite! I'm not going to use the word "overrated" because I certainly don't mean that any OCs deserve less love, but do you have any characters whom you're surprised get more attention than you expected they would, among your characters?

Maybe people pick them more often in forum games or art trades than other characters, they have more faves than you expected, or they're just the ones your friends have gravitated towards for whatever reason-- but maybe they aren't among your own favorites, or they're just not the OCs you expected would be popular.

And has that character's popularity inspired you to use or develop them more, or give them a bigger role in whatever story or project they may be in?

There are no particular rules for this thread; just be nice and don't try to make people feel bad about their taste or anything like that.

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Wesley Mézilune Judas-la-Carotte

Ooh that's such a great idea :D Glad my thread inspired you lmao

Well, I may come back later with other characters, but the first character I can think of is Wesley! He is a super secondary character of mine, I got him from a trade, so all his art was actually drawn or commissioned by his original owner, haha! But people seem to really like his design and concept, I've seen many people pick him in "fav OC of the person above" threads, so that's cool I guess c:

ASTROBOT hedgemaze


I'll probably come back with others later, but the most obvious one is ASTROBOT, who dwarfs all my other characters in faves, and always gets picked as my "most iconic" character. I'm really glad people love him but... lmao

I originally just uploaded him to TH as kind of an inside joke for my friends! I didn't expect strangers would love him too!

Vantablack clockwork

W H Y   V A N T A

I'm never going to understand this. Her design is lazy, the profile is garbage, she's a terrible person. I just uploaded her because she seemed like a fun character for random doodles, she developed into a full a character only because people like her. TH people please lmao

Nitrous Kirbygal

I didn't expect ppl to like Nitrous XD He has the most faves out of all so far (isn't a lot though but still xD) but I do admit he does look pretty cool lol that's probably why.

Smiley PicklePantry

Honestly, I was hesitant to upload any of my characters purely because I wasn't used to sharing them, and I didn't think they would be received well. Of all of them, Smiley was the biggest surprise. When I went lurking through art threads for him, there were all sorts of people posting cute pastel types of characters, then you have this creepy guy covered in blood with a weird mask on his face. And strangely enough, he was loved by a lot of people! A lot of friends I've made are because they thought Smiley was unique and cool!

I used to always DREAM of what it would be like to have a character people liked. One that people WANTED to draw, or even dressed up as. And Smiley's become just that. I'm so so SO happy with him, and with how people have taken to him. 

Lucifer Aarix

I feel like Lucifer & your ASTROBOT have a similar knnd of unexpected popularity :'v Luci was honestly a throwaway joke character I put about 3 minutes total thought into but apparently a lot more people than I was expecting found him funny too :p

Camilla VincentVanGoat

Camilla isn't my best performing here, but instead everywhere else. Of course some of the circles I kick it in focus on two reasons and nothing else, and well she's gifted there. Only one or two people actually like her character from outside this site. I should have expected it, but well I never did.

My best performers on this site are all ones I love and put the most into for the most part, so you all are fantastic~

Alistair McLain AlleycatIrony

not so much here, but i'm surprised ppl like actino as much as they do - maybe it's bc he's funny but i'm still honestly amazed that he's most ppl's favourite on other sites esp bc i don't really talk abt him as much as others

ART Beefy

Def jasper. Not my most liked character by any means but occasionally someone will give him a like and i'm always left wondering why? He's a stereotypical edgy teenager with some weird super natural shit and average (if not ugly clothing) no offense to the original creator I love his aesthetic which is why I own him but i'm surprised he's popular with people in a site filled with so many beautiful thought provoking characters.

Germ weltschmerz-drachen

Definitely Germ! I thought when writing her that she would come off as a cliche baby-mindset-animal character, but it turns out people love her story and design and think she’s adorable!

bean crowy

beans original design (shes been an inactive character for some time now and i think im gonna delete her current redesign) got so much love and attention i was so suprised cause she was going to be my persona and it just made me happy that one of my characters were loved by others and not just me. earlier on in 2017 i put her into a 'meme animation meme' that has 2.1k+ views (i havent checked in awhile so it might not be accurate) and she got some recognition from people so i was really surprised

Chima ethanol

I genuinely do not understand why people like Chima so much?  I mean at least for my two other most favourited characters (.exe and Techno) I can think of some reasons why people like them; they have fairly unique designs, I use both of them in forum games quite a bit, they have some semblance of character development even if minimal.

But Chima?  She's just a random standard dog design.  She has no character traits really.  I don't think I've ever mentioned her in the forums.  Yet she keeps randomly getting favourites.

My only guess is that she was designed by a VERY popular designer, but still.  I don't get it. and honestly wish some of my more developed OC's would get this sort of attention

FLOPPY petzcatz2

when i first made her two years ago she was a super self indulgent design i didnt think anyone would like except for me, but shes been the most popular character ive ever made! i mean thats not saying much since im not a very popular artist but having a lot of people go up to you and say "hey i like this thing you made!" is a very nice feeling i appreciate a lot... especially since i didnt think that would happen at all!

Ambrosius Caine

I'm honestly really floored by how popular Ambrosius has become among my OCs! I certainly liked his design and character when I made him for sure but I never like... expected people to like him as much as they did? I don't know if his popularity has really made me develop him more but I feel like I might be more inclined to include him in my stories as a result? Like I just generally feel positive about him and his appearances across my works haha 

Fenwick Grey PyxisNoir

H-he was a joke...