Characters more well-liked than you expected?

Posted 1 year, 14 days ago (Edited 7 months, 1 day ago) by hedgemaze

Judas-la-Carotte's thread about underrated characters made me think about the opposite! I'm not going to use the word "overrated" because I certainly don't mean that any OCs deserve less love, but do you have any characters whom you're surprised get more attention than you expected they would, among your characters?

Maybe people pick them more often in forum games or art trades than other characters, they have more faves than you expected, or they're just the ones your friends have gravitated towards for whatever reason-- but maybe they aren't among your own favorites, or they're just not the OCs you expected would be popular.

And has that character's popularity inspired you to use or develop them more, or give them a bigger role in whatever story or project they may be in?

There are no particular rules for this thread; just be nice and don't try to make people feel bad about their taste or anything like that.

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Vincent AniMajiku

I really didn't expect him to get as much love as he did! 

I honestly though he was just a typically run of the mill edgy boy but people really seemed to like him and I?? I'm happy cx

Nick alliegunther

I was afraid that Nick would be hard to sell as a detective because he's too wholesome for the Hardboiled Noir vibe but also not wholesome enough for the Village Cozy type. Not to mention him being divorced and, well, kind of impulsive. And it's not like he has the IQ of Sherlock Holmes.

But people see him for the fun, big-hearted dad that he tries to be and that really warms my heart. c:

Saber Gipsy_Danger

This idiot.

Why? Just why?


Pickles the Clown Beefy

It warms my heart when people give pickles a like but also FREAKS ME OUT since I always assumed clown phobia was a big thing but some how he's my most favorited original design? I've also gotten fan art of him which is just... spooky because I never thought i'd receive that.

Angela Zhu Akeya

i dont understand why people like my kpop stan... She cries so much...

Barış Gökbakar zoryanny

I wasn't expecting an intimidating, middle-aged human to get the most attention out of my characters (it's not a lot by any means but eyyy). It might be because I've developed him a lot that it has happened? Or people just like Hot Dad™ lol

I won't complain! I'm glad one of the characters I've spent a lot of time on has gotten some love.

JANICE. Almondlover

This is more of an IRL liking, but like??? i made janice in art class and suddenly everyone at my table wanted to own her and i was like??? wha??

Quincy Kenmai

HONESTLY???? This bruh

like..... he has so many favorites its just baffling, and its not like his design is super complicated yknow? Quincy is just a dirty knife man why do yall like him fhdks

Holland Martin aurum

holland often gets faves where no other characters do...i love u so, so much holland but i cannot figure out why this is. his concept is no funkier than any other of mine and i cant imagine its his personality

Aiko FurryFoxy64

so many people want her, i don't really know why though?

Naoya CatalystAristarkh

Naoya is currently the most faved bae designed by me.

Originally I kinda lost hope in my steampunk ocs after someone (politely) told me their palette is boring. Which I understand - I mean, the thirty shades of brown! 

But it makes me so happy that some people do like him and would pick him for art freebies! <3