Characters more well-liked than you expected?

Posted 10 months, 17 days ago (Edited 5 months, 4 days ago) by hedgemaze

Judas-la-Carotte's thread about underrated characters made me think about the opposite! I'm not going to use the word "overrated" because I certainly don't mean that any OCs deserve less love, but do you have any characters whom you're surprised get more attention than you expected they would, among your characters?

Maybe people pick them more often in forum games or art trades than other characters, they have more faves than you expected, or they're just the ones your friends have gravitated towards for whatever reason-- but maybe they aren't among your own favorites, or they're just not the OCs you expected would be popular.

And has that character's popularity inspired you to use or develop them more, or give them a bigger role in whatever story or project they may be in?

There are no particular rules for this thread; just be nice and don't try to make people feel bad about their taste or anything like that.

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Jean Lapin NihilisticTiger

the f r i ck 

why do you guys love this boy so much


i love that y'all love him

but i didn't even make him and he's one of my most well-recieved characters and


i just don't get it

Luke Reath TyrianCallows


ppl in the most f*ckable oc thread like to pick him from time to time and im like bro??? brooo???? bitch is a nasty boi who does not deserve love. 

Sensation Vinqou

This boyo, because he’s so heckling edgy I don’t understand what the appeal is


Maybe it's because people like getting stepped on by Disney mean girls but frankly I was p surprised by the amount of people that like Wed. She's not someone IRL any would associate with in the slightest and I often find it hard to do things with her since she's just so ... her and a menace to society and someone who puts people down simply because she can and is generally awful for her own entertainment.

But hey if people want her to crush their souls She's Here For You.