Characters more well-liked than you expected?

Posted 8 months, 15 days ago (Edited 3 months, 2 days ago) by hedgemaze

Judas-la-Carotte's thread about underrated characters made me think about the opposite! I'm not going to use the word "overrated" because I certainly don't mean that any OCs deserve less love, but do you have any characters whom you're surprised get more attention than you expected they would, among your characters?

Maybe people pick them more often in forum games or art trades than other characters, they have more faves than you expected, or they're just the ones your friends have gravitated towards for whatever reason-- but maybe they aren't among your own favorites, or they're just not the OCs you expected would be popular.

And has that character's popularity inspired you to use or develop them more, or give them a bigger role in whatever story or project they may be in?

There are no particular rules for this thread; just be nice and don't try to make people feel bad about their taste or anything like that.

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Steve AeroHail

Steve was created to play the role of "first non humanoid character MainCharacter encounters". I grew attached to him but I'm aware how odd he looks so I wasnt expecting much attention on him but on dA people really really liked him!! So he's gotten a little bit more of a role in the story hahah.

Anselm von Werther Judas-la-Carotte

Oh my, Anselm. Where do I even start? I didn't plan him to be so important at first, but the positive feedback on him made me want to make him matter more and more! At first I was just doodling him in boring classes lmao, and I quickly started to develop him a bit out of boredom (+ found him a role in one of my stories), but... yeah, when I first uploaded him I had no idea he would become one of my characters with the best feedback! ;o; It seriously encouraged to develop him even more and for some reason he's now one of my mains... and comfort characters, ha

All of this because I lowkey wanted a German historical OC... And finally he isn't even that historical

Diàn📼 Sevenlole

Diàn ! Lately I've been on an OC designing craze and I came up with a totally random design idea, it started out with a color palette, I generally pick it first before designing, I didn't have any characters with that kind of design before and I also felt like having another fashionable bab >:D But I broke the long haired / pretty boyo trope by giving him short hair, but I kept his bangs and long sidelocks because I'm a huge sucker for those.

Backstory aside, many people got immediately attracted by his fashion sense and I was (and still am) surprised by how fast he became liked among mine, he isn't that much different from my other OCs but I think that the fact I gave him short hair made a nice change and everything worked well together.


Shade and Aris actually. I thought Shade would be too annoying for some and Aris is just... Aris. 

Rontao is also liked over on Wattpad and Amino so....

Allan Voss Phantasmal


I'm just really confused why this energy drink vampire hell man has gotten more favs than most other characters I've uploaded. He's a fave among a lot of my friends too.

Ramon Cortez Kirbygal

He has the shortest profile (or most non existant one) out of the others in this folder but he's pretty popular (?) for others to draw in my art trades XD

Zeth PineTreePixie

Zeth started out as a more or less joke chara (really, I just wanted to draw some over-the-top 80s glam metal clothing (see his initial form on his profile)), but I ended up giving him a backstory and personality, and now he's somehow my most-liked character on TH!