Show Me Your Scientists~!

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can be mad scientists, bioligists, chemists, ANYTHING!! i just adore scientists so much!

heres my mad scientist girlie Rosie. shes a few crumpets short of a tea party oops 

sorry if somebody has done this before ;u; lmk!

Pazzia RadiantRaindragon

I have one. He's a mad scientist (sort of - he does more normal things too) who's become known as an eccentric loner. He lives alone, rarely leaves his house, and spends most of his time shut up in his basement, which he's turned into a makeshift laboratory.

He's incredibly short-tempered and antisocial, but it's been rumoured that there is more to him than meets the eye.

Phayne aaawhyme

okay, I'm really not sure if he's considered a scientist.

but he tends to experiment on things, trying to figure stuff out where the rest of the realm just accepts thats the way things are. 

He lives stashed away in a disgustingly messy boarded up old castle in Hell. His current project is 'creating an Angel' made out of demon parts. - so he's sort of like a doctor Frankenstein. 

not sure if it counts as a scientist, but hey, evil and demonic experimentation! 

Casanova Hutcherson Kirbygal

This guy and his bf Helix are astronomers ☆

Felix is kind of a scientist...? He works as a surgeon's assistant but not the kind that works in the room with him, rather he takes care of three other stuff behind the scenes to make sure things go smoothly. He specializes with the brain and the nervous system ^^;

Jacob is a pediatrician ^^;;; 

August is a pokemon professor XD His dad is one too so he's following his footsteps ^^

Machina VincentVanGoat

Well robotics and Ai are a science, she studies and makes them. But what really qualifies her?

That coat. It's the real scientist deal.

The Naturalist hedgemaze

Hey, I've never had a reason to post this guy on the forums before. He's the naturalist of an early-20th century Norwegian polar expedition that, after both poles have been conquered, is now seeking the legendary Kraken.

The captain convinced him to join the expedition on the basis of all the *~science~* of the potential discovery, but the whole thing has become way too real.

Avala Hibernis galaxycreations

Avala is a part-time conservationist ,their passion for helping the wildlife on their planet is a their passion . Avala often goes with to Earth for conferences to help both planets florish as well decide which things are invasive and whoch aren't and can grow on the planets.

Sakina Hana JaniToad

Sakina is an alien scientist who studies humans!

Manari Sue Judas-la-Carotte

Dunno if she counts, but Manari is a self-proclaimed scientist who creates robots and studies aliens, lmao

DJ_Databass (Nick) _exxus_

Weenus is a chemical and genetic engineer as well as an inventor, who has used his skills to revive extinct species and build illegal weapons such as rayguns, ion canons, and a sort of magic-infused brass knuckles. 


I have a few scientists, so posting OOC not IC lol Doctor Cassian is a mad geneticist and virologist, who works with volatile bioweapons, trying to create the most deadly diseases possible. They're not a great person 8I Orion is an engineer, who's realm of science revolves around bio-mechanical enhancements and prosthetics. He was also at one point a brilliant weapons maker as well! Seamus is also a scientist! He is a genius android creator, and also an android himself- he helped create his new body and transfer his consciousness into it. He helped to make my synth OC Ian! Ritz is a botanist, I'm not sure if that counts much or not, but he knows his plants!! Doctor Morrigan is a mad scientist, general asshole, and victim of Karma in the form of accidentally mindswapping with one of his experiments. He's not happy about it at all. 

Chris Jensen cyantrashcan

chris is a chemist!! he's v v passionate about science and may or may not hesitate to blab about it for hours. he's a grad student majoring in chemistry and works in a lab at the same time. chris also knows some things about other fields too, but he's mostly an expert in chemistry.

James kimodamari

This is James, he's the crew's inventor. He studied engineering later specialized in bio-engineering and now works with all kinds of technology on Ruby's ship. He works on their weaponry as well as little inventions to help with their endeavors. 

Porii poriidae

A dead one, but a scientist nonetheless.