Show Me Your Scientists~!

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can be mad scientists, bioligists, chemists, ANYTHING!! i just adore scientists so much!

heres my mad scientist girlie Rosie. shes a few crumpets short of a tea party oops 

sorry if somebody has done this before ;u; lmk!

Lord Prykopys Mencius Shadum vampyric

here he is. here is my dysfunctional wreck of a traumatized scientist man.
he's a psychotic gay trans man (who self-administered his world's equivalent of hrt after researching it), has 2 alters, an ex-husband that tried to murder him, several genetic experiments on the loose, and a tyrannical dictator that exiled him from his race's society for his Dangerous Research (that would completely invalidate said tyrannical dictator's means of control over the populace)... the whole package,,,
also latin is his first language and he speaks Very Choppy, Halting, Common Language.
thankfully, after a lifetime of suffering, he acquired a husband that Actually Loves Him, adopted a child off the streets, and is now a proud grandfather and breeder of exotic monsters.

(im sorry his profile is barren i have almost no energy to write in these things aaAAAAA)

Mellis Nork

hehe smellis

((Chemist. analyzes materials from different dimensions for the black market. Is actually way more boring than it sounds))

Florence Rosenblade

Depressed science boi that plays god with genetics and ends up making horrible eldritch abominations!

please save him

Damien Rivera Cordeeceps

Here you go, have a mad scientist boy with a penchant for "fixing" things...after yanking them apart to see how they work. Also has an identity crisis but that's a story for another day. 

...And by things I typically mean innocent bystanders. 

Dr. Augie - Scientist FlyingHybrid

I could’ve sworn I’ve posted here before but, since I hadn’t, here’s my boi Augie ;00

Ohpi moryonenn

Ohpi is a molecular biologist, which might seem odd for a quadrupedal griffin, but he has hands so it's fine...

Isaac Kazetatsu

Isaac is a young scientist who toys with the supernatural. almost everyone he meets is both a friend and a disposable test subject. He follows no ethical code and may not inform his subjects of his experiments or even that an experiment is going on. He’s very persistent and tends to get results regardless of his methods. 

The Doctor MalaTale

Not really a scientist, but is still something related!

Ptio TheStrayCat

This guy impliments all of his experiments and inventions on himself :3

💉Ava💉 MissPeaches


Shes researching a corruption within her species

Dr. Nguyet Obuo Jovian

She's technically human, she just made herself furry for SCIENCE