any type of mental/emotional disorder counts! no matter if it's diagnosed or not, you know your characters the best.

i have this boy who suffers of bpd, did, ptsd and other undiagnosed disorders :^(


whisper has did (flora and jackie are xeir alters), tawn has ptsd, and newk, null, marmalade, razz, and my sonas are all autistic


oh boy where do i start (a lot of my characters are autistic bc i am, and my personality/behavioral traits seep into my characters and it's kinda like... ok i guess they're autistic too then)

kelion/rahart/seulkiDID, anxiety, manic depression, autism, PTSD - kelion has other alters besides rahart and seulki, but as of now they're all minor and unimportant, and i'm not making more than three characters here ;^^
krypt'nHPD, autism, PTSD
adrianautism, severe anxiety
actinosevere depression, PTSD
nemuramanic depression, NPD


just DID

Chris Jensen cyantrashcan

depression and anxiety

Njal Jansen Caine

For someone who is mentally ill I sure don't have all that many mentally ill characters. Njal has a pretty bad depression though and Nicholas definitely has some sort of anxiety + depression cocktail mix going on and same goes for Waltz. Rowan in turn suffers from a panic disorder, although as he gets older he gets it better in check 

Mina GormKitty

Mina has severe PTSD from something that happened in her childhood.

Jacob Jewelton Kirbygal

welp he's a poor depressed boi ;;

...also idk if this counts, but Sigmund has trust issues ? Anxiety, maybe......

Dr Joeseph Willheim thegrumpydruid

Joeseph has extremely severe PTSD from enduring the worst of WW2... his coping mechanisms are awful. He should see a therapist for immortals. His depression is really bad as well and has real bad paranoia. 

Cybil Sadismancer

This 'sona of mine has various disorders based on myself!

Peter tim-in-a-box

Peter is suffering from losing one of his inner fairies. it's a very damaging condition.

Yvonne pova

Yvonne is kind of my BPD projection oc : ( 

Ridley zinnia

i have Zero neurotypical ocs because i just kinda Project orz

ridley has bpd , avpd , depression , ptsd , and theyre autistic

they experienced an extremely traumatic event when they were 11 and was almost completely silent from then until they were 16, and locked themself in their room almost all the time

they also have an extreme dependency on one person, who seems to be the only person they truly care about

its me kinda projecting from a point in my life where things were really bad lol

Claude Trinidad Blais Beefy

Most of my characters are mentally ill in some aspect but claude is probably my most severe example in terms of depression? I dont really dip into the more extreme disorders (I have one oc with disorganzied schizophrenia but thats about it) so although he doesnt have a slew of mental illnesses or anything uncommon he still probably has it the worst.


I wouldn't lie most if not all of my OCs have ADHD because I am... Projecting(tm) pretty damn frequently. Pace and Storyteller being the most notable one, especially with Pace based on a personality aspect of me, and they're based on both what I want to be and what I fear to be. That reminds me I have to write down at least some trivias for them hkjhkjh.

Author (not uploaded yet) is dyslexic and also has ADHD.

Maes has ADHD too wow how surprising, he's diagnosed with PTSD after he's freed from capture and is also a kleptomaniac. He has a bad case of anxiety, too.


I have quite a number of mentally ill OC's from my story Kamikaze Fiesta.

Blanca - Anxiety

Cinnabun - ADHD and DID/Depersonalisation Disorder

Iroha - Severe BPD

Keiko - Depression, Agoraphobia, Anxiety, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Autism

Lars - Severe NPD and some level of Sadistic Personality Disorder

Layla - Anxiety and severe PTSD

Ringo - Anxiety and the beginnings of PTSD from enduring abusive levels of obsession towards her