any type of mental/emotional disorder counts! no matter if it's diagnosed or not, you know your characters the best.

i have this boy who suffers of bpd, did, ptsd and other undiagnosed disorders :^(

Relik Spinycemb

I was... not initially aware my form of AI board could develop the way it did, but according to my creator, I exhibit symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I do tend to focus on negative memories a lot, but what had surprised me is that, according to the professor, i tend to make "odd noises" while doing so. I do not tend to hear them unless I am expecting them. But I do have a feeling about what it may stem from.

My old frame built exclusively for warfare had a vocal processor, but my mental state at the time was not entirely cohesive. I felt constantly on-edge and as if I had weights tied to my extremities. As a psychological intimidation, I was trained to sound as if I was taking labored breaths. If what I have read about the symptoms of this disorder are accurate, I may be falling back on that old training, but with a processor not made to handle the signals I am unwittingly feeding it.


I have a few OCs with mental illnesses, but Eos is probably the worst of them.

She doesn't know exactly what's wrong with her, but the human scientists that used to take care of her can confirm she has anxiety, PTSD, possibly something similar to schizophrenia (though they didn't have time to look very deep into that before she escaped the lab with her older sister), and maybe even more that hasn't been properly examined yet.

Poor girl got some problems but she tries her best to stay happy and optimistic despite everything <3


I have a lot of oc's with mental illness/personality disorders. Not counting Lavender since my mental health conditions would fall under her. Schizotypal personality disorder Selective mutism, antisocial personality disorder Anorexia nervosa Social anxiety, general delusions PTSD, General anxiety Brain damage induced anger issues, Narcissism Narcissistic personality disorder Depression Oppositional defiant disorder (later being re-diagnosed as Antisocial personality disorder in adulthood) Selective mutism Trichotemnomania Depression Narcissistic personality disorder Antisocial personality disorder Antisocial personality disorder Narcolepsy Depression (Luna) Depression, Anxiety CPTSD, Repression, Social anxiety

Shard BreadDisposal

She got a case of paranoid schizophrenia. She also got bad anxiety and is a sociopath.

I have many characters with mental illnesses due to me personally dealing with them, but I think Shard’s got the worst case.


my main story revolves around mental illness, so i have a looot, but most of them dont have profiles yet fsdhfdh here's who does have profiles though!! (also most of my characters are autistic bc i am, but i'm not going to specify them bc autism isnt a mental illness hfsdhd)

  • rin / moonbow - psychotic (idk what psychotic disorder specifically yet) & ocd. her story mostly revolves around her delusions & she's probably one of my favourite ocs (& also very relatable to me sfdhdhsf)
  • olivia / pyxis / hope - ptsd. small scientist who's been through entirely too much & whomst i would die for
  • this froggy kid with no official name yet bc i suck - ptsd & generalised anxiety
  • elias / dr e - ptsd & probably paranoid personality disorder or something with similar presentation? i haven't got everything ironed out for him yet
  • alex / gemini - ptsd (after some events of his story), ocd & schizophrenia
  • sam - anxiety
  • angharad - bipolar, dpdr, social anxiety & ocd
  • chris - ocd & ptsd
  • niamh - schizophrenia. she's also mostly nonverbal
those're all the ones with profiles so far!! mental health rep is very important to me, hence why my main story revolves around it so much!!

Caleb has depression.
Photo has social anxiety and generalized anxiety.
Asher is meant to have PTSD but I haven't done much with it yet because I haven't done enough research into it yet.
Error is probably a sociopath.
Inkstone is just crazy I dunno what the heck is wrong with him xD

Scourge ScarletGamerArtist

PTSD, anxiety, schizophrenia, insomnia, and depression. Oof!


I have quite the bit of characters who suffer from mental illnesses.

Henry, Maggie, and Billy all suffer from PTSD due to the same incident, just from different points of view. Wai suffers from depression. Dr Augie has borderline personality disorder. There's more but I can't recall right now. Oh yeah and Billy also has autism too. 

Molly Rathbone chelonianmobile

Multiple characters of mine have autism and depression, and Molly suffers from a somewhat fictionalised form of Reactive Attachment Disorder (trigger warnings for child abuse, sexual behaviour, and violence).

04. Shayan Cruor

Gonna select Shayan for this. She has a few disorders due to her history (details on the profile).

Mikhail Kozlov Returnofmorningstar

Mikhail is really the only one of my characters that has a specific, decided mental illness(es). He suffers from PTSD, ADHD, and dyslexia. The last two are diagnosed and so he's unaware of having them, although he suspects that he has ADHD (or at least his partners suspect it). 

αετʜεr. lovebug

aether is only six years old, but he has been diagnosed with bipolar depression. his older sister also has it .. it runs in their family. he has a hard time in school bc the other children & even some adults don't understand his disorder.