show me fancy edgelords

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we all know that trope where the heroes encounter the villain and he is doing something fancy like playing the piano ominously

but what about ocs?

is ur edgelord oc one who would have an overly fancy home?

how do they merge their fanciness with edginess? are they pretentious and speak in a formal manner? do they reject non-beautiful aesthetics in a snarky manner?

do they actually like fancy things or is it just a facade?

Thanatos is an edgy death god who LOVES pretty things. He enjoys the finer things such as gothic aesthetics, classical music, the fine arts, etc


I dunno why but I /love/ the 'fancy edgelord' kinda character if done right??

I sadly don't have any fancy edgelords myself, but damn, now I want a fancy edgelord OC tbh

Elija Sideris Beefy

He has a big lavished castle and dresses like a rich boy but he will forever be an edgy 13 y/o spiting others to prove it's 'not a phase'.


hello yes im back bc i forgot one of my main OCs that ive had for years is a hUGE FUCKING FANCY EDGELORD HOW DID I FORGET THIS))

I don't have a profile on him on Toyhouse yet (man, I'm super behind) but I have a character who fits the 'fancy edgelord' description pretty well. He's... not really a demon, I'd say? More of an evil spirit of that previously living. 

(His female "co-worker" or "partner in crime" being Iceclaw, who I'd describe as an evil spirit representing something more metaphorical, like the past coming back to haunt the living or an aspect of a still living person being dead.)

His name is... well, he has a lot. I generally call him 'Mr. Wish', but his first name changes a lot (in life, his birth name was David but he insists on calling himself Dave even after death, and he has a few other names people call him sometimes), and his last name is either 'Wishgranter' or just 'Wish' for short.

Ok, well, I said he's a huge fancy edgelord but that's not 100% true. Yes, he likes his wine, fancy pianos, and is... well, an evil spirit that honestly hits on ladies way too much for a dead guy, so yeah, p edgelord-ish if you ask me. And if he had the choice he'd live in a damn luxurious mansion.

But he's not really pretentious. Got an ego, but he's anything but formal. YES, he /will appear formal as an act/. He's a VERY good actor, and his secondary magic power gives him the ability to be able to detect what a certain lady might be into, and if they're into formal men, he plays the part extremely well with his hair tied back w/ a suit n' all that shit (i dunno wtf fancy people do man). But when he's NOT doing that (which as an evil spirit is like lowkey his job bc he belongs in a lame horror movie tbh lmao), but to those who actually know him, he's vulgar, messy, and generally keeps his long-ass black hair down and messy and face unshaved (but no beard, just like, stubble).

basically he's an asshole but i love him //shot


Also forgot to mention you inspired me to make not one but 2 more OCs (the fancy edgelord #2 needed a sister and pastel aesthetic apparently w/ a really cute n' small dog i dunno man)

Navin Meinam AlleycatIrony

oh u mean nemura lmao? grumpy, angsty, villainous edgelord who only wears fancy/formal clothes and talks very wordily w/ a formal tongue - but is also an asshole


Fancy Vampire edgelord who thinks he's better than everyone else XD.

Lucifer Judas-la-Carotte

Ooh does he count lmao

Larsale Falkor Malniet

more angsttm than edge but ye

1. Joseph Clifton cowboyskittles

this boy,,,

Vincent chirpy

This is my boyfriends character, but he is the fanciest edgelord I know. :D

He was supposed to have all white feathers but we changed them last minute.

Umbris galaxycreations

This has Umbris written all over it. Dark colors,"bad past",distant but not as terrible as they could be. They have a soft spot but it takes patience and generally Umbris willing to open up.




Bastien is my biggest most fancy edgelord. 

His theme is aristocrat, but he was definitely based off The Beast from Beauty and The Beast. So he's dark and brooding and has a temper and hates people etc.  But he dresses fancy!