show me fancy edgelords

Posted 7 months, 15 days ago (Edited 1 month, 26 days ago) by Thanatos (Spirit Thanatos) lophiusdragon

we all know that trope where the heroes encounter the villain and he is doing something fancy like playing the piano ominously

but what about ocs?

is ur edgelord oc one who would have an overly fancy home?

how do they merge their fanciness with edginess? are they pretentious and speak in a formal manner? do they reject non-beautiful aesthetics in a snarky manner?

do they actually like fancy things or is it just a facade?

Thanatos is an edgy death god who LOVES pretty things. He enjoys the finer things such as gothic aesthetics, classical music, the fine arts, etc

Diablo VulpisLux

Dia here is a fancy edgi boi.

He likes to call people darling alot and dresses in posh outfits 99.9% of the time. Hes an aristocrat and he wont stop gushing bout his boyf cipher.

His personality is basically if mettaton was posh XD

Cemlys bogonvogon

Homicidal, manic ex-eldritch abominations gotta waltz and dress up in high fashion too. Cemlys barely even walks anywhere - he either floats or leaps. 

Serana Duskblood phoenixoftheparadise

I can't go into too much detail yet because i have dnd friends that use toyhouse so I don't wanna spoil anything if they come on this thread, but Serana here is a Blood Elf Rogue, Blood Elves are like, naturally fancy edgelords, so. Also she has a really fancy cape?? But yeah my friend is running a WoW-ified version of Princes of the Apocalypse so my gal is a fancy edgelord

Grist gravesight

grist values his aesthetics. his realm is a cathedral, outside of nightmares he stalks around in dark ornately patterned coats and robes