show me fancy edgelords

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago (Edited 7 months, 29 days ago) by Thanatos (Spirit Thanatos) lophiusdragon

we all know that trope where the heroes encounter the villain and he is doing something fancy like playing the piano ominously

but what about ocs?

is ur edgelord oc one who would have an overly fancy home?

how do they merge their fanciness with edginess? are they pretentious and speak in a formal manner? do they reject non-beautiful aesthetics in a snarky manner?

do they actually like fancy things or is it just a facade?

Thanatos is an edgy death god who LOVES pretty things. He enjoys the finer things such as gothic aesthetics, classical music, the fine arts, etc

Fia Vallier (Evil AU) sixofswords

oh, her? the blood mage noble? who leans very heavily into her fallen angel & queen theme? who only wears expensive dresses? who refuses to live anywhere without an extensive fancy library?

Sable Artois RedTide

Oh you know... I feel like this thread was made for her, hahah.

Sable's the type of person to sit in her study at leisure time, reading books and drinking red wine while contemplating how to ruin lives all at the same time. Runs a company in the underworld called Misery Inc., clients being other underworld entities who need some of the "goods" to help them terrorize the overworld dwellers. Very condescending, yes...

She was deliberately birthed to be a powerful witch-demon, but despite that she still has a long way to go if she wants to impress her father. It doesn't help that the way she runs her business can get out of hand half the time with obnoxious family members and randos she's picked up for hire... So despite being all high and fancy she's not immune to bullshit which ALWAYS seems to find a way to get to her.