show me your blinding/peek-a bangs !

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hello. my name is cati ! i love characters who have blinding/peek-a-bangs !

i always think it's a really cute design choice for characters, and the way it can be covered is very flexible imo. i have several of my own.
if you don't know what i mean exactly, here's a couple of examples !


bonus points to provide why they chose such an obscuring hairstyle !!! especially if its literally just for style and there's nothing special under their bangs.
i'd also like to know if there's any point in time in their story/development/etc. where they stop having such a hairstyle, whether that be because they fell out of interest for the style, overcame possible shyness, etc.

i guess i'll start off ! some characters i have with peek-a-boo bangs are takao (shyness), mocepheus (style choice), and noel (to cover up scars) !
hitotoki, found on my side, has blinding bangs, as he's tired of people calling his eyes pretty.


I have Allegria, Menthol and RAW. They all have long side bangs! Neither of them have anything odd under their bangs, it's more of a stylistic choice (for Allegria it's there to accentuate the intensity of her eye? and for RAW it's for shyness. Menthol is just like that haha)

I think out of all of them, RAW is more likely to drop the hairstyle... I don't think they will cut it, but they might stop covering their eye at some point (just tucking the bang behind their ear haha) That would be a big character development statement! But we're not there yet, not yet


Bell has overgrown hair that covers her eyes, and she doesn't want it cut.

Chasan's hair covers his blue right eye (he has heterochromia). For some reason, whenever the blue eye shows up on his video camera (Chasan likes to film himself and his weapon stash), the camera breaks, and Chasan doesn't want to buy a new one.

Masami used to have long hair, and the part that covers his left eye was kept long after he cut his hair because he thought it was cute.

Vax Zynderkoff Kirbygal

I like this type of bangs so I'm surprised this is the only oc who has it XD It's probably very inaccurate for his time period but I didn't care when making his design and plus it's kinda old and I didn't want nor feel like redesigning it xD Pretty much a style thing for him 

 Maerin Sue 5inthemorning

Maerin's hair tends to cover up one side! It's not in every pic since her hair is just barely long enough to do so, but it's definitely purposeful. She's shy and especially self-conscious about her bright pink eyes, so covering one up does help some, but she's... unfortunately too practical to just go full blinding bangs, as cute as it is.........

Njal Jansen Caine

Oooh I LOVE these types of bangs tbh 

Aside from Njal, Kipinä also has a similar aesthetic going on. Rose is a very borderline case because while I do imagine his hair covers most of his eyes they aren't like fully hidden

Roxy Vega / Novadash Orion_Overdrive

I've always found this hairstyle hard to draw for some reason ^^;

Roxy has her hairstyle out of necessity. She comes in contact with some alien power and one of its side effects is that it changed the color of one of her eyes and makes it glow, and so she tries to hide it under her bangs. Later on the glow gets more obvious and she has to wear tinted googles.

Shay Imorb

Shay has an "eye freckles"?? or I guess a birthmark on his eye that he's self conscious about. He eventually cuts his hair when he gets more comfortable with his appearance, but it takes a while. 

Lilac Star Sapphire CirrogrondLions

Just one of my Sapphires has those bangs. Tiff has em too

Kazana clockwork

she started wearing her hair like this to hide a nasty scar where her eye used to be. eyepatches would just remind her of the fact she's missing the eye and make people ask questions

mina zinnia

oh this thread is for mina

she's from an indefinitely inactive game project but she's also my daughter since like...... 2013
im actually surprised i don't use this type of hairstyle for my human characters but for my furries i overuse it SO MUCH its my fave hairstyle

Claude Trinidad Blais Beefy

He currently has blinding bangs! Originally because i liked the aesthetic but it does match his character in the sense that he keeps to himself on the outskirts of society + is unkempt enough to rarely get haircuts. When he was younger he was never allowed to grow out his hair so as soon as he was free to do what he wanted he just... Let it grew.

Later in life he shaves his head again to fit into a more business ready world rip.

DDoS MelancholyHill

Design-wise, I love the blinding bangs, it just feels powerful and mysterious (unless its for these two kids who are just angsty teens, but what can you do?)

DDoS'll tell you it's just how she was built / how she likes her hair to be, but in reality she fucked up pretty bad and lost her left eye and doesn't want anyone to know. Building her public facade on being perfect is important to her, even if she's literally rocking a glorified "can I speak to the manager" bob

Willow koteosa

I have three, Willow, Wisteria, and Alice !!! Willow+Wistera do it for ~the mystery~ they think it makes them look alluring, Alice does it to hide some nasty scars + a demon eye

I want to make one with hair covering both eyes but I haven't gotten to it yet ...