show me your blinding/peek-a bangs !

Posted 8 months, 4 days ago (Edited 2 months, 8 days ago) by cati

hello. my name is cati ! i love characters who have blinding/peek-a-bangs !

i always think it's a really cute design choice for characters, and the way it can be covered is very flexible imo. i have several of my own.
if you don't know what i mean exactly, here's a couple of examples !


bonus points to provide why they chose such an obscuring hairstyle !!! especially if its literally just for style and there's nothing special under their bangs.
i'd also like to know if there's any point in time in their story/development/etc. where they stop having such a hairstyle, whether that be because they fell out of interest for the style, overcame possible shyness, etc.

i guess i'll start off ! some characters i have with peek-a-boo bangs are takao (shyness), mocepheus (style choice), and noel (to cover up scars) !
hitotoki, found on my side, has blinding bangs, as he's tired of people calling his eyes pretty.

Inroch TenMomentsTill

She can't be bothered to try to pull all of her hair back.

Leslie Poodlette

Leslie's pretty introverted and keeps to himself so his hair is his little hidey-hole uwu He commits to keeping both eyes covered~