Share your OC alignment charts 📊

Posted 6 months, 27 days ago (Edited 9 hours, 28 minutes ago) by circlejourney

Note: necros on this thread are 100% OK! I periodically revive it myself every time I see a good chart anyway. - a proud proponent of necromantic arts

Because I can't possibly be the only one who's addicted to filling out all these dang alignment charts for all my characters. Be it a classic D&D alignment chart, that McDonald's meme, the jock/nerd/prep/goth chart, or even your own—if you've made one, whether filled or blank, share it here!

And for those who haven't got any, here's a collection to get you started:

More in this Pinterest collection!


Volans that template is fantastic


also this one2YwhwCd.png


its 1:30am



my OC children uwu