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I've seen similar posts before, but I think they've all come and gone, so why not make a new one!
Got single OC's who need a cute ship?


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Feel free to post as many characters as you'd like, but don't spam the thread.
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[ Post Using This Form ]
Character: [ about the character- name, species, anything you'd want the reader to know at a glance! ]
Partner Preferences: [ any specific thing you're looking for? species, gender, age? anything! ]
Details: [ roleplay, headcanons, art, what're you gonna do with this ship? any expectations or huge no-nos? ]
Contact: [ PM, discord, etc. ]

Example Form:
Character: Bob is a demon from outer space, he's very old and wise. He loves poker and the color yellow. He cries a lot.
Partner Preferences: Looking for another demon for Bob to love that contrasts his cold personality!
Details: I only headcanon, and draw art, I plan on commissioning art of Bob and his new lover as well.
Contact: PM please.

Alec Allons

What a neat idea! ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

Character: This is Alec! He's a young fledgling part of a small coven of vampires, all connected somehow during WWII. He's part of the Canadian army and is currently situated in a position located in France. I suggest reading his profile to get a better grasp on his personality

Partner Preferences: Male, preferably either another vampire or a human.

Details: I'm big on roleplaying and getting art of our characters! If you'd want to, half of the other vampires belong to my friend so doing a 3x3 RP would be nice too at some point. Please note that when classes start up for me again I will be slow to reply.

Contact: PM me and we can give each other our Discords.

Alexei Imorb

Character: Alexei has been in several RP groups that never really got off the ground. He's a soft grump who is musically inclined. In the first RP he was in he had an ability called "Perfect Pitch" which essentially let him hack stuff with very clear tones of his voice. I'd be interested in bringing it back if I can??

Partner Preferences: Gender doesn't really matter. Maybe someone older or anyone who could be the voice of reason.

Details: Mostly headcanonning and art. Maybe RP Lite? I'm rusty with RP besides DnD tbh. uAu 

Contact: PM for discord. Or whatever other platform you'd like to talk. ;0 

 Pending on DA hadou

Character: This guy's an eel-merman who's used to being secluded to depths of the ocean. Even though he doesn't have much company down there, he's super sweet and pretty dang lonely. He lost his arm at a young age, so he honestly doesn't even realize it's gone, and has learned to live perfectly well without it! He works in basically any time period, or setting as long as there's a salt-water area for him to be in! 

Partner Preferences: Other mermaids of any gender! He's honestly not too picky pff poor guy.

Details: I'm down with rp, hc or just chatting, I'm a big fan of drawing my rp partners characters =v= I'd def love to commission some art of them together as well!

Contact: PM me for my discord!

Amadeus Seiden


Amadeus | Human | 25 years old

Born from a wealthy catholic family, Amadeus grew in a protected and priviledged environment, being given a too naive and too optimistic vision of the real world. This made him a pure, sweet, naive and innocent boy, the eyes full of stars and glitters, the mind full of hopes and dreams. Now deep in dept following the bankruptcy of the restaurant he had opened, he lives a semi-precarity. He is still a sweet, affectionate, helping, amiable ad caring man. Giving great importance to morals, he acts straight, honest and reliable. However, he is still somewhat immature, often acting naive and childish. He also is really sensible, being easily hurt by people's look and words, and having no endurance against needs, fear and anxiety. He is like a fragile fledgling who was too hurry about leaving the nest even though he knows nothing about life nor how to defend himself.

Partner preferences

Species : Humans are preferred. Kemonomimis can be fine as well.

Universe : Modern, realistic universe. No fantasy characters, no magical powers.

Style : Male only. Has to be somewhat masculine, no girly or cutesy characters.


Even though I'm posting this, I'm not looking to ship him with the firt that asks for it. I'm looking for a committed, long-term and monogamous relationship (I don't want multi-ship). I'd like someone I can discuss with on a regular maner, to headcanon, talk about our characters, to roleplay (casual roleplay only, I'm not into 70-lines-long replies), and things. Like, please, don't stay a perfect stranger to me if we are going to ship our characters.

Important note : I do not like to force love into my character. Just because I am interested in your character does not mean the ship will work. I have to "visualise" it, preferably through roleplay, to have my character fall in love by himself.

To contact me, just PM me

Beryl LunaticTimekeeper

Character: Beryl is a blind bookling (cs) - he's very shy - even around those he's comfortable with he can seem timid. e's afraid of human children - as his previous owner was a child who cut his pages causing him to go blind.

Partner Preferences: Any gender - preferably humanoid characters. I'd like someone who would be likely to help him come out of his shell a bit more

Details: roleplay, headcanons, art all part of the package~ I'd like to become friends with my rp partner(s) and I prefer not to multiship.

Contact: Pm me or hit me up on discord (nightmare#9592)

Anon Feliii

Ooo what a neat thread! I wanna ship this bab real bad but I’m picky since I love him a LOT ;v; I’ll definitely come back with more of my babs next week ovo!

Character details: Very kind and soft big boi, terrified of older humans, usually watches over and helps children. Very pacifist, would only fight to protect an innocent. He’s very touch starved so he’d probably be extremely physically affectionate (big warm cuddle boi), he’d be VERY protective over his SO, maybe a little bit too much. Other then being overprotective his other downside would be he really doesn’t fight to protect himself, and puts himself in harms way while refusing help very often. But overall he’s kind and gives really good hugs.

Partner preferences: I really want to ship him with a human, to add something in his story where he learns to become less afraid of humans because he loves his SO so much, esp if they would help him with it ;v; but honestly any character who doesn’t do harm to innocent others and isn’t evil or rude I’d consider! He’s pan but with a small female preference, sweet boy just needs someone smol, cute, and anything but mean lol.

Details: I’d love to headcanon! RP is cool too but I’m not too great at it ;v; if the character is someone I think I can draw I’ll definitely draw em together!

Contact: PM on TH or note me on DA

 ⋉Raphael hadou

Character: Rath's a monster boy/demon who works as a DJ! Rath is an introvert at heart, but an extrovert in practice. He spends a large portion of his days in busy clubs or parties, even if he feels most comfortable at home. He's very laid back in the presents of others, but one on one he's more anxious, and attentive.  He almost prefers large groups of people so he feels the attention is split equally, and he can hide behind the crowd. 

Partner Preferences: Male/non-binary humanoids or monsters! Maybe someone with a bit more motivation and energy than him to shake him out of his shell.

Details: Mainly down for head canons and chatting. I'll probably draw and commission art of them if that's cool! I'd be down to do some casual rp as well, but I'm a little busy lately! 

Contact: PM me for my discord!

 Cypher jellolas

Character: Cypher is a temporary name first of all;; but they're a summoner of demons! They don't disclose such information when it comes to others and actually works as a wedding photographer. Cypher has a macabre interest in the supernatural and dead things,, has an almost superiority complex when it comes to other humans however. Cypher is very distant when it comes to others, oftentimes holding them at arms distance until they grow fond of them; upon which they are very kind and loves to leave little gifts or 'charms' of protection. Cypher owns a profuse amount of religious paraphernalia but just because they love the aesthetic.

Partner Preferences: Any supernatural species would be P E R F E C T. 

Details: I would prefer to headcanon and chat <33 i love drawing arts of ships too ! I don't mind casual rp'ing but I'm really.. slow...

Contact: Dm me and if you have a discord I can throw that at you!! <33 

Zaleos muwi

Character: This is Zaleos. He’s a demon and a former angel. He is an insecure boy who tries to look cool but he’s really just somebody who is searching for his way. Attention seeker, affectionate and kind of bold and flirty in a boyish way.

Partner Preferences: More comfortable with girls but a cute boy would be okay too! The only type I don’t see him paired with are muscle manly men and non-humanoids. I don’t think anthros work either. Just a gentle soul who can teach him how to love uwu. Character wise he’s into the girl that he can tease and be the DOM BOI over but has a bit of a fiery side.

Details: Headcanons and casual chat mostly! It will _probably_ be an AU ship though, so any setting is fine. I used to roleplay tons but I’ve gotten rusty and not really interested anymore unless it’s just a one off casual thing that isn’t multipara

Contact: Hot single near you, leave a PM!! ;););;;$$)))

Venrick moshiboi

Character: Venrick, he’s a half human half lizard monster boyo. (Spooky) He’s very grumpy but likes soft cuddly stuff when no one is around. (He’s addicted to coffee and coffee flavoured food.)

Partner Preferences: Preferably male, Human, monster- or anyone humanoid is fine. My boyo is 22 so an OC of similar age.

Details: No NSFW, Maybe roleplaying, I may occasionally try to draw ship art.

Contact: PM, discord- moshiboi#5526

Fenrix Nata

Character: Fenrix. He's a sweet, kind-hearted dude who has a strong sense of justice. He refuses to stand by while someone else is being wronged, and often that gets him in trouble.
Partner Preferences: Mostly looking for human/humanoid dudes! Not picky about personality traits, tbh.
Details: I sometimes RP, but I prefer HC! If I get the time and a good HC, I'll try and draw the couple. All ships are meant to be AU, so I can ship him with multiple character's.
No's: Underage users and characters. Sorry >~<
Contact: PM ^^