What's your preferred age range for OCs?

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Pretty much what it says on the tin, as always! I was wondering about this since I see that many users seem to have a preferred age range, or sometimes an exclusive age range for their characters! What's yours?

(I'm of course talking about physical/mental age here, keep that in mind if you mostly have immortal OCs haha-)

Also please stay nice in your replies! Having preferences is 100% okay, but don't insult people of a given age range (ie. "elderly people are ugly", "minors are boring"), whether you're referring to real life people or just characters. I want this thread to say enjoyable to read for everyone, no matter their age or the type of characters they write.

My answer:

My current one would be 10 (ie. Tobie) - 30 (ie. Moroni), I guess! Even if I have some characters who are younger or older than this range, they are usually way less developed and often serve as being my other OCs' relatives only (parents, children, younger siblings, etc.).

If I should make my range more restrictive, I guess it would be 15-25, since I tend relate to characters within my own age range more (or slightly younger ages I still have a clear memory of), but that's more a preference for super self-indulgent OCs than anything! I feel younger teens/children pretty fun to write, but I'm a bit less confident with adults since it's not really something I've experienced yet, but I'm not closed to the idea of young adults!

This range will probably evolve as I grow up; I remember that when I was younger (9-11), all my mains were my age, and even side characters who were around 15 were super difficult to me to write, and ended up being super stereotypical angsty and rebellious teens lmao


my age range for my characters atm is like... 8 years old to ... i think my oldest is over 160? but technically speaking my oldest would be in the 70s range

my preferred range however is 18-28 :0 idk it's probably super obvious but i pay WAY more attention to my characters in that age range compared to the others 😅 my characters tend to age as i do so that's probably subject to change as the years go by (like back in early highschool all my characters were mostly 14-16 but they're all a lot older now)


my age range is normally 25-50 HAHAHA,,,, teenage ocs are guilty pleasures but i prefer to have oc’s that are older and adults!! I dont often like roleplaying children unless its homestuck? rping kids is weirdly hard for me because theyre such whacky lil cretins.

Not to mention most my rp’s and worlds are rather violent and im squeamish when it comes down to kids in bad situations,


Oh, interesting, I did some calculations and it seems like their ages average out to 24. Not because I have a lot of 20+ characters, but because I have a lot on either side of that line: younger teens and 30+ year olds. Many of the ones I haven't posted are even older, too, but I'd say I really like writing tweens/teens (12-18) and mature adults (30-50).

I went and made a chart lol



most of my OCs are canonically thousands of years old but they would look around 20-30? I tdid try making some younger characters to sort of get out of my comfort zone


I feel like a large majority of my OCs falls somewhere between 13-23, and funnily I think I really seem to avoid characters who are 16 or 17; they're usually always either 15 or 18 instead. I don't think I really have a big preference in a way I'm comfortable writing just about any age (even older characters, despite what my TH galley might suggest), but I have the most fun writing tweens and young adults. I guess I enjoy the age range where you're sort of in the middle; between a child and a teen, or a transition to a "proper" adulthood, because a lot happens in the minds of people who're living that kind of stage in their lives.


Thanks everyone for answering so far, it's very interesting c:

circlejourney Ooh the chart is a cool idea! So I tried to make one even tho it's preeetty loose haha (like I ignored super underdeveloped characters, and gave approximations for non-human characters)


(Thanks to the Le Club des Treize cast for messing with my stats with all these 6th graders lmao)


This is such a good question? I think for me it would be late 20s-50s with two averages around 27/28 and 47-52? I don't really like working with teeangers (anymores) and I feel like the thirties are a bit of a boring period in life because you're not really old or young enough to have anxiety about the topics I like talking about (Usually health from old age or of loved ones naturally dying or anxiety about not knowing what you're doing since you're just getting into the swing of things).

Tbh I just like older men and spunky young adults?


For me, I guess late 20s-early 30s? I have a few characters who fall outside that range, but that's where most of them live.


My oldest (in terms of creation) OCs tend to be mid-late teens because anime school tropes, but most of my currently active ones seem to be in their 20's-30's (I only have set ages for an incredibly small collection of OCs) because adulthood has a broader spectrum of life conflicts than childhood or teenage-hood. Even though most of my characters are in a "magical" world, most are mundane people who use"'magic" for everyday things and live lives on their own, away from parents (mostly because it's difficult to have family with CS), and are dealing with love, money, work, and whatever else I can drop on them. Including wild monsters. I have some that are outside of that trend in both directions (and some deity characters with 3-4 digits in their ages), but I prefer to stick into old-enough-to-be-on-their-own and young-enough-I-can-draw-action-and-don't-have-to-draw-wrinkles...


most of my characters are teenagers! though i have a few oddballs here and there concerning age, most of my characters are 14 - 24. i'm not really that interested in making that much older characters unless necessary.