characters with physical disabilities !

Posted 10 months, 23 days ago (Edited 10 months, 23 days ago) by zinnia

i swear there was a thread like this but i couldnt find it so you know what that means baby
lune get out

i dont really see a lot of characters with physical disabilities outside of like... needing glasses so i wanna see some !

characters with prosthetics count !

you can say as much or as little as you feel like, i just wanna see some cool disabled characters because i just..... never see them and it makes me sad

as always black out anything sensitive !


Alan and Erin are both near-sighted, so they wear glasses. 

Axel and Darren also have problems with their... well, eyes (as in one each) but it's more extreme for them since they were literally ripped out, permanently rendering them blind in that side. (At least the eye they both have left works fine so... that's good, I guess?)

Laura is both deaf and mute, and has to use sign language to 'talk' (either that or carry around a notebook at all times to write stuff down)

Carlos is partially blind and deaf, and was born with an under-developed back leg so he has a bad limp

Mizu was born completely blind and has never been able to see