Show me your Pathetic and Weakling Ocs

Posted 7 months, 24 days ago (Edited 7 months, 23 days ago) by Malka aaawhyme

I didn't see this anywhere, so hopefully I'm not making a double thread

Show me your characters that would do poorly in a fight, or are horribly weak in some way. 

Perhaps they are strong in other ways, in intelligence or have a stellar sense of fashion, or are an excellent silvertongue and can get themselves out of any situation etc.  but physically they would not do well in a fight, they'd trip over themselves or turn and run the first chance they get, they might flee from a battle because they are afraid of getting so much as a scratch or simply don't know how to throw a punch. 

Maybe instead of physically, they are weak willed and can't control themselves from stealing objects when someone isn't looking or they must hit on every pretty face they meet.

Feel free to list the weaknesses (and if you want to include strengths too) /pros/cons of your character if you want!

Or write/describe a scenario showing the character's weakness

Show me your pathetic characters!


I'd say that Malka is my physically weakest and pathetic character in terms of their strength. Sure he has a powerful enchantment ability, he gets people to do whatever the heck he wants because they fall in love with him! 

Without that power, he couldn't hold his own at all. first sign of trouble and he panics if he doesn't get his way, or if his powers don't work the way he wants them to. I doubt he even knows how to cook food or dress himself properly without someone's guidance. He depends too much on other people and on his own magic abilities.


Alright, after reading all your guys' amazing, cowardly and pathetic ocs, I want to witness a battle royale where they all try to fight each other. come'on, it'll be hilarious. I promise.

Zeus Magniventris

He got defeated in battle by a bottle of water once.


just pretty weak & pathetic in general,, considering they're a roach ..

Spencer Patch Roxysm

This is my spider character, Spencer. He's the short, nerdy, wimpy type. Very easily intimidated and quick to flee much like the species he is based off of.

Aypos cosmic-cockatoo

Aypos is the weakest of the Gods, but that still makes him a lot stronger than humans. Pathetic, though, is a quality he has in spades. He was only promoted to God because the higher-ups thought it would be funny, and he's a complete moron who defeated himself in the civil war, losing his prestige, following, and whatever scraps of dignity he had left.

Haze AeroHail

Haze, despite being some form of demon is a harmless universe traveler. He journeys with an even smaller (but less weak maybe????) mute travel buddy!

He's a pacifist and avoids confrontation of any type. He's also still a child so he's generally just smol and weak and a huge crybaby. 

Zeek AeroHail

Zeek is a fairy, and in my universe fairies if they keep healthy, get enough sunlight and water and keep training can be very powerful!

Zeek did none of the above. 

He's very knowledgeable about the internet and computers but a slight breeze could beat him.

His biggest weakness though his his tendency to develop feelings for all the beings he happens to interact with. Especially developing feelings for all the wrong people.

Dr. Jamison Bailey mindbite

JAMISON is incredibly smart and resourceful, but. not only is he a complete nerdy type, he's also very sickly due to his hereditary illness (an amped-up version of iron deficiency anemia)

he can hold his own in combat with long-range and magic, but too much exertion can cause his symptoms to be exacerbated-- he's also prone to a few panic attacks. deck him and watch him go flying