Show me your sexless characters!

Posted 4 months, 16 days ago by Chie GeckoSauce

Show me your sexless characters! ★

By sexless, I am meaning characters/species characters which are born without a biological sex.

They are born without reproductive organs but may choose which pronouns they want to go by.

If your character is a species of your own, leave some info too! I'm always interested in reading about others species. 

Chie (which is above) is my only sexless character and my own species. He goes by he/him pronouns! 

Waltz Caine

Waltz and by extension all the 7 heavenly instruments are sexless in their humanoid form, and out of them I also have Hymnos uploaded 

I also have Fyren and Harmonia who are sexless, Fyren because they're a divine being who has no need or purpose for reproductive organs, and Harmonia because that's just how she was created



They are all pretty! You've put quite a bit of effort into their profiles too :)

Harahel Judas-la-Carotte

All my angels and demons are sexless in my lore! Demons are just "transformed" angels in my universe so that's why c:

(Posting IC as Harahel as an example, with no other reason that he seems to be one of the most popular, lmao.) 

[King] Poyo Kirbygal

I... I think he counts... :') 

I also have androids Lloyd and Leroy who go by male pronouns but probably won't have anything down there s o ;; hope that counts too ;;;;; 



Oh wow they are all so pretty too! You have some nice designs there ^~^


Of course he counts!

That is true though, I don't think they'd have anything downstairs >.<

Oruya meroji

oO they're all pretty! 


Oruya was created without biological sex! they don't really care about pronouns either~



Ahh I love your characters design! 

Akh wanderways

I have this strange ghost-ish boy who's genderless!


I only have two sexless characters. Both can reproduce though if they change their outer (and inner) appearance


I have three! 

My boy Gigamigo (is referred to with he/him pronouns):

My baby Cookie (is referred to with they/he pronouns):

And a mascot for the amino I run (is referred to with mostly they/them pronouns, sometimes she/her):



Oh I love his design!


They seem interesting how they can change their appearance :o


Aw they all have really nice colours, I particularly like cookie!


Chie is super cute op!! and so many pretty characters in here ~<3 Special shoutouts to Harmonia and Akh I love their designs omg...

Greyhands has only one opening on his entire body, the pseudo-blowhole below his "ribcage;" the rest of him is smooth, almost like paper, and he doesn't technically have to wear clothes but All (who technically has a sex despite having no organs) likes dressing him up. He's fine with any pronouns just like he's fine with any name.

I also have Perry who goes by he/him or they/them - since he doesn't know what (or why) he is, he also doesn't know if he was born and his sexlessness is just a biological anomaly or if he was somehow created this way on purpose? Either way he knows he won't be having biological children and that's fine by him!

 Ashie PaperTsubaki

This kid (who aint a kid) is sexless. They're a candy corn demon. They're born without a human sex but they are compatible with humans reproductively. 

They tend to lean slightly male presenting but they are relatively neutral.