Show off your avians

Posted 8 months, 2 days ago by Ezekiel lilac-obsidian

its birb time


Arisaka and Armadeus are two cool warking Chocobo twins and my only Avian characters. Well heck, I need more. Birds are bueno.

Eoryth Xelephise AlleycatIrony

not sure if eoryth 100% counts but he's basically a bird in a humanoid body

Baz Orca

Have a crow boy as well as an alien velociraptor girl.

Koli Mashter-Potato

Does gun bird count?


Here is my feather OC's

B.J. Ragers

Have a blue jay greaser!

Leona Rynnu

Birbs???? BIRB GIRL! ♥♥♥

Thanatos lophiusdragon

sleepy and edgy birb

*Shetra Ka'ris* Fokron

does it count if they're only part avian ; u ; ? (they have feathered wings, tailfeathers, and bird-ish hands/feet)

Bruno HowlingCat

A good ol' baby birb,,,

[Gellow] Sakura Historia

The birb I like the most

Unibirb kittyee

Birbs are hard for me to draw so I don't have too many but I've got my favorite one Unibirb and also Phoenix and Juane!

Fossil Polymorphus

How about an undead bird in a fursuit?

Indigaux lilac-obsidian

bumping with indigaux 

Kiva FoofyFaun

Is a phoenix/griffon hybrid okay? He's like, half spicy bird.