Show off your avians

Posted 8 months, 2 days ago by Ezekiel lilac-obsidian

its birb time

Captain Riptide hedgemaze

Angry birb

♡Smolder♡ TheStrayCat

I didn't know this was a thing 8) have my zappy boy! 


Altair the Cockatiel and Chime the Kenku

They're both magical birds

Piopiomi Tsubame Bluesulfur


Mortimor Violante ★ RoseNines

You're lookin' at the best bird around these parts.


I have a few but just dropping the main butt here •.•

I'm still drawing out his 'character' version but he'll look pretty much the same.

Chief Engineer, Rakeel Rubybeam

This guys an alien but I still think he counts! 

Mom syskey

Have my godly.. mother? Idk what I should be able to call her.