Okay so it's a weird thought probably. What vehicle does your OC represent? or what would they drive if they lived here?

If your character owned a vehicle or drives around in some way, what would you see them 'driving'. If your characters don't live in a world where such things exist, or it's fantasy/old era etc, you can toss them into our own modern era world and have a 'what if they lived here' scenario. 

Some examples: (taxi, convertible, punch buggie, a steam train, submarine, batmobile, limo, jet, rocketship, plane, trolly/bus, horse drawn carriage, sports car etc) 

Feel free to get as specific or as vague as you like!  (right down to the car model, time era, country origin, or type/colour etc.) any type of vehicle/creation that gets you from point A to point B. If you want to just provide a picture, that's fine too!


For my character, Char-

I think he'd own a ton of cars, but he'd be one of those tools that drives a loud ass car- like a fancy, black and red Ferrari. And he'd drive it through a suburban neighborhood blaring music full blast with the windows down- at 3am in the morning, all while wearing shades... because he can. whatajerk


Dawn Snow (Experiment 888) Dangerine



Enoch "Cheshire" Chalifour Walrushi


The man is very old fashioned.

Justine derisyan

Type E jaguar, classy classic


Acharon Gavriil NostalgicAstronaut

Acharon drives a crappy 1988 Honda CRX Si.
Although his story is set in the future, he's a little obsessed with the 80s and sought his baby out. 

Aren xmoriartea

She'd have a bike. She'd need something that allows her to just drive with her own rules and get risky, definitely making turns and things that if her reflexes were off by a second it ends in disaster. (Deeper purple lights on her bike of course)


 ★ Elliott ★ GeckoSauce

My sona Elliott drives a Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby 2013!

Specifically in blue (either white or black stripes).

It's my absolute favourite car (which I am already putting money asside to get one in my late 20's or 30's hopefully).

I can't afford one yet, I have to stick with my current car •.•

However, Elliott is my sona so it's only right he has one.


Scallywag CheesyWotsits2

Pirate ship all the way!!

Ophelia VincentVanGoat


Ophelia would indeed drive the Digitank from Megaranger in our world. If she ever was able to get to ours, that is. She's a one of a kind universe hopper, we live in a socie...Universe. But due to some stuff she technically could never get in this one...

Plus I mean come on, the Digitank was cool, got a kicking insert song, and well yeah it's one of many she's converted to a personal universe traversing craft. But I figured leaving just one Tokusatsu vehicle would be enough.

Bran Fallroad FellowPigeon


I can definitely see Bran driving (and living in) an old campervan

Reimfred Waltz

I'm actually dying to see him riding something like this, now. banishes modern AU thoughts from head


Peter Jensen cyantrashcan

peet already lives in our world, so he'd drive this:


it's a porsche, so he'd never be able to afford it (yet) lmao


jae pulls in cash so he'd probably ride a ton of tesla models bc
1) he wants his car to dance
2) he wants to go from 0 to 60mph real quick

Card image cap
this is the s model but he'd probably customize it to be all black, so he'd get those arachnid wheels

another one hed probably ride is a bugatti chiron just bc its... its nice...... he'd get one thats black w a blue accent Card image cap

Souma Toramiya Kazeun

Souma already lives in our world, specifically 90's Japan, so he already has a car! He drives a Nissan Skyline GT-R R32!

Specifically in the color, Midnight Purple!


This my absolute favorite car which is why Souma ended up with it ^^ I'm hoping to be able to own one of these some day!

Dominus darkrai

dom pulls up in a pink lamborghini aventador playing vroom vroom by charlie xcx at /FULL/ blast


Dominus darkrai

dom pulls up in a pink lamborghini aventador playing vroom vroom by charlie xcx at /FULL/ blast