Okay so it's a weird thought probably. What vehicle does your OC represent? or what would they drive if they lived here?

If your character owned a vehicle or drives around in some way, what would you see them 'driving'. If your characters don't live in a world where such things exist, or it's fantasy/old era etc, you can toss them into our own modern era world and have a 'what if they lived here' scenario. 

Some examples: (taxi, convertible, punch buggie, a steam train, submarine, batmobile, limo, jet, rocketship, plane, trolly/bus, horse drawn carriage, sports car etc) 

Feel free to get as specific or as vague as you like!  (right down to the car model, time era, country origin, or type/colour etc.) any type of vehicle/creation that gets you from point A to point B. If you want to just provide a picture, that's fine too!


For my character, Char-

I think he'd own a ton of cars, but he'd be one of those tools that drives a loud ass car- like a fancy, black and red Ferrari. And he'd drive it through a suburban neighborhood blaring music full blast with the windows down- at 3am in the morning, all while wearing shades... because he can. whatajerk


Rusty Graffiti

rusty would definitely drive a busted up ford f-150 with pipes coming out the back and a poor paintjob peeling off of it, complete with douchey oversized wheels

Ryn Aarix

i was going to answer this seriously but then i realised i know nothing about cars so here

Heather James sonikkuruzu

Heather drives a white 2014 Fiat 500 S.


Nijiraios Mikaru-Nijillis MagicaeDraco

"I'd drive something like this! It's pretty."

Leika Van der Khansen fizzelston


Fusha Vinqou


Paws at 9 and 3 o’clock positions..

Arrow Finches

He doesn't drive....just public transit and walking.