Okay so it's a weird thought probably. What vehicle does your OC represent? or what would they drive if they lived here?

If your character owned a vehicle or drives around in some way, what would you see them 'driving'. If your characters don't live in a world where such things exist, or it's fantasy/old era etc, you can toss them into our own modern era world and have a 'what if they lived here' scenario. 

Some examples: (taxi, convertible, punch buggie, a steam train, submarine, batmobile, limo, jet, rocketship, plane, trolly/bus, horse drawn carriage, sports car etc) 

Feel free to get as specific or as vague as you like!  (right down to the car model, time era, country origin, or type/colour etc.) any type of vehicle/creation that gets you from point A to point B. If you want to just provide a picture, that's fine too!


For my character, Char-

I think he'd own a ton of cars, but he'd be one of those tools that drives a loud ass car- like a fancy, black and red Ferrari. And he'd drive it through a suburban neighborhood blaring music full blast with the windows down- at 3am in the morning, all while wearing shades... because he can. whatajerk


Kasen CatalystAristarkh

Dirigibles. No doubt.

Ya know in kindergartens they asked you what you wanna be in the future? This boi wanted to be an airship pilot, preferably for the old kind.

.... I mean, a boy can have a dream right?airship.jpg

Robert Paint RobbieOfHyrule


A restored British Spitfire from his younger days. He's more skilled in one than any other known british craft to date.


Chit probably doesn't have the money for a car like this lmao! I don't know why. But, I can so see him falling in love with a gold jeep! He'd just love how huge and powerful it is. And, best of all, it's in his favorite color! I guess for a chill guy, he can be really fancy! 


But, judging by the fact that he isn't a very rich guy, he probably drives something like this lmao!


Pyre RadiantRaindragon


Pyschedelic Smart car. :D

Kaii Blackblood phoenixoftheparadise

Kaii drives whatever she can hotwire tbh, but she does have an old Volkswagen Bus that she and the two other members of her flock basically live in. Since she's been able to steal hefty amounts of money from her rich scientist grandfather, she was able to buy the van instead of hotwire and steal it. Sometimes flying places is too exhausting and unsafe, so you gotta have a backup plan.


Shai Blizz

Cars are super important to my mainverse story so of course this idiot drives an old muscle car.

*slaps down a 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A in Plum Crazy Purple*


Atlas Sourdoe

THIS but in cyan blue!
He would definitely want something fast, and something that glows
Maybe a little more cover over the wheels or bigger wheels but def something along these lines.