Okay so it's a weird thought probably. What vehicle does your OC represent? or what would they drive if they lived here?

If your character owned a vehicle or drives around in some way, what would you see them 'driving'. If your characters don't live in a world where such things exist, or it's fantasy/old era etc, you can toss them into our own modern era world and have a 'what if they lived here' scenario. 

Some examples: (taxi, convertible, punch buggie, a steam train, submarine, batmobile, limo, jet, rocketship, plane, trolly/bus, horse drawn carriage, sports car etc) 

Feel free to get as specific or as vague as you like!  (right down to the car model, time era, country origin, or type/colour etc.) any type of vehicle/creation that gets you from point A to point B. If you want to just provide a picture, that's fine too!


For my character, Char-

I think he'd own a ton of cars, but he'd be one of those tools that drives a loud ass car- like a fancy, black and red Ferrari. And he'd drive it through a suburban neighborhood blaring music full blast with the windows down- at 3am in the morning, all while wearing shades... because he can. whatajerk



Ooooo this is a fun one!

Orion, who can barely afford a car in the first place had to scrounge up as much cash as he could find to buy a car that at least works. He's got this car but it's very much used and well loved, often times he can't even get it started up.


Charlotte is responsible for biking to theatre rehearsals with her heartdoll to watch over her, she loves a classic vintage bike.


Sapphire zinnia


Monica sonikkuruzu

Two Corsas in a row! (Sapphire's is the Corsa B and Monica's is the Corsa C)

Monica drives a light blue pre-facelift Vauxhall Corsa C.


Momoko Tomo Megina

Definitely a moped.


Captain Jas Faulkes WhiskeyWorks

Makin' my way downtown~


Rudy Demonite

Taur characters are practically vehicles themselves, but.... Scooters


my toenails soup-medic

shoes :)

Roswell Butcher fizzelston


Jian • 지안 jjeongup