Show me your lesbian characters!

Posted 5 months, 14 days ago by Pachuuu

idk if there is already something like this already but im too Gay to throw money at this site just for the search

I know there's an lgbt thread, but I'm looking for lesbian specific characters!

I absolutely love lesbians w all my heart so!!! Please show me em!!!tumblr_mngdmpP3i81qda511o1_540.gif

Seraphina Princess-of-Hades

A very gay goat angel waiting for a demoness to sweep her off her feet.

Quintella Prismakry

A gay Gothic Lolita waiting for a knightess in not so shining armor to sweep her off her hooves

fran suomaa

all of my girls are sga but fran here is my favorite child...

Glittercore idiot

I'm bi, can i choose myself? .w.

Jokes aside, i think this is the only LGBTQ+ character i own whl is female.


I have 2 straight up lesbian characters and one that is bisexual/pansexual

My Lesbian characters: Moeri, my sassy girl and my sweetheart, Mina.
My Bisexual/Pansexual (as well as poly but eep) girl is currently in just a lesbian relationship with Mina. It's my main OC 

Clementine Ari-gator

Pretty much all my female ocs are lesbians cuz...I project onto them

But Clementine is definitely my favorite lesbian <3

Trish teratris

A majority of my female characters are lesbians because I'm a lesbian and I'm so thirsty for content.   

I try not to play favorites, but then there's Trish. She is a personal favorite of mine because of the creative energy she gives me and the enjoyment I have developing her character/story I've written so far. 

I love her so much...     

♡Minnow (Account Mascot? :O) softy-soft

;)) she the biggest gae around

Lex vampyric

heres my main lesbiab... im love her. i think shes futch?

other honorable mentions (please ignore the ugly profiles i need to redo them): (long hair butch) (high femme) (yandere oops, also femme) (femme) (butch) (futch) (butch)

Scorpi FeralRei

Most of my charas are bi or pan but Scorpi is definitely a lesbian!