Show me your lesbian characters!

Posted 3 months, 9 days ago by Pachuuu

idk if there is already something like this already but im too Gay to throw money at this site just for the search

I know there's an lgbt thread, but I'm looking for lesbian specific characters!

I absolutely love lesbians w all my heart so!!! Please show me em!!!tumblr_mngdmpP3i81qda511o1_540.gif

fluke . lovebug

fluke wants to kiss some cute girls >:0

cherry kiss 🍒 love-sick

she's bi, but she's leaning more to the lesbian side!

Alara Skweekii

i lov my gay half-dragon daughter 💖

i actually have 2 more lesbian daughters that are actually in a relationship: Skweekerz and Dulciel!

♡ Nemesis (n3m3515) Stjerneskud

I have a lot!! But Nemesis is probably the biggest lesbain of them all, heh.

Parah El-Hashem Lonestarcelt

Punk trans lady lesbian here 

Shizuki Kishi Lonestarcelt

Tiny engineer of an ace lesbian whose been in a relationship with her girlfriend for about seven years I wanna say. 

 Riley Shepard Mudzi

Most of mine are pan but I do have these ladies :3 

Era Fey

Era is one of my lil gals........

also have these gals!!



Here's who currently have a profile!

Charisma (Bisexual, women-leaning performer)

Anya (Lesbian Mafiasa)

Malai who is dating Penelope

Remiel Miris autophagic

Remi is a lesbian but she’s definitely not 100% to terms with it. Whenever she tries to explain, all she can manage to say is just “g-girls”


valid asfuc